CANADA: But is he a Muslim? Terrorist arrested after knife attack at Canadian Forces recruiting office…of course, he’s a Muslim

By BI: It took more than 24 hours after the suspect was in custody for the new left wing Islamo-pandering Canadian government to admit that the suspect is a Muslim. In a highly unpopular move, Prime Minister Trudeau has just welcomed in 25,000 Syrian Muslim alleged ‘refugees’ into Canada with promises of many more to come.


CNS News Police say a 27-year-old man has been arrested after walking into a Canadian Forces recruiting office armed with a knife and allegedly stabbing two Forces members in an incident that is being investigated for possible ‘terrorist’ activity.


Toronto police are looking into whether a double stabbing at a military recruitment center might be terror related. Police Chief Mark Saunders said a man walked into the center in the northern part of Toronto around 3:30 p.m. Monday, pulled out a knife and attacked a uniformed Canadian Forces member.

Saunders said others were able to take down the suspect but a second Canadian Forces member was stabbed in the process. The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. He said the suspect made “unspecified comments” that led police to look into a possible terror connection.

UPDATE 1! A brazen knife attack that sent two Canadian soldiers to hospital was disturbing enough, but police sources say it was the attacker uttering the word “Allah” that prompted Toronto Police to call in terror experts. “Some heard him say, ‘Praise Allah’ and others heard ‘Allah.’ a police source told the Sun. “Several heard the man use this terminology. It’s not something you take a chance on and this is why the call was made to the police agencies who handle terror issues.” SOURCE


UPDATE 2!  Ayanle Hassan Ali, (Montreal-born but likely a Somali Muslim) accused of stabbing at Canadian Forces centre, facing 9 charges. According to Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders, Ali said, “Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and kill people,” during the attack. SOURCE

  • Three charges of attempted murder.
  • Two charges of aggravated assault.
  • Three charges of assault with a weapon.
  • One count of carrying a weapon dangerous to the public.