OH, HERE WE GO! “Je suis Brussels” and the requisite sidewalk memorials to the victims of the latest Muslim terrorist attack

By BI: Yes, that’s all it takes. Put a  flower on the sidewalk, light a candle, leave a teddy bear, and suddenly everybody feels better again…until the next terrorist attack. I call it crap. Forget the damn flowers and “Je Suis Whatever” signs, start demanding that your governments stop taking in Muslim freeloaders and jihadists posing as refugees. Then you won’t need these stupid feel-good memorials every few months.


The ridiculous headline from the UK Daily Mail today reads:

“Take THAT, terrorists! Cartoonists show famous Belgian statue URINATING on ISIS as the internet unites in tribute to the bomb blast victims.”

Social media users around the world have paid tribute to the 34 people who lost their lives in a series of blasts across Brussels by sharing cartoons that undermine the terrorists responsible.


In a symbol of mass defiance, hundreds have posted images that show the boy from the city’s iconic Manneken Pis statue – who is depicted urinating into a fountain – relieving himself on ISIS fighters.

Brussels Airport And Metro Rocked By Explosions

They have also adopted the phrase ‘Je suis’, which became a hallmark of support for France in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, using #jesuisbruxelles in a show of solidarity with Brussels.


Others tweeted pictures of Tintin – one of the country’s most popular exports – mourning those who lost their lives in blasts at Brussels Airport and a crowded Metro station.

Other images showed the flags of France and Belgium standing together as the French illustration labelled ’13 Novembre’ – the date of the Paris attacks – places its arm around its Belgian companion.


Many were simply love hearts drawn in the distinctive Belgian colours of red, black and yellow, while others had ribbons inset. Another showed the legendary Belgian creation Tintin crying a solitary tear. The caption read: La belgique pleure ses enfants, which translates to ‘Belgium weeps for her children’.

The French ‘Je suis’ hashtag first gained international popularity in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks on January 15 last year.


It again resurfaced following the Paris attacks in November, when ISIS terrorists murdered 130 people in coordinated gun and suicide bomb attacks.

In the wake of the two atrocities, thousands attended rallies carrying placards bearing the phrase, while it was also used on social media as a focal point for tributes.


Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo today announced the Eiffel Tower will be bathed in black, yellow and red light in homage to ‘the victims, their loved ones and all the people of Belgium’.

‘Today Europe is targeted at her heart,’ Hidalgo said. ‘Once more it is basic values that are attacked: freedom, humanism, tolerance and unshakeable commitment to democracy.’