STOCKHOLM SYNDROME ON STEROIDS! Swedish women don Islamic headgear to show solidarity with Muslims following deadly Muslim terror attacks in Brussels

By BI: Braindead Swedish women are showing their support for the most misogynistic culture on earth by taking selfies in hijabs after the Brussels bombings.


From the hijabuppropet via Gateway Pundit website:

The violence against Muslim women has increased, and this is extremely worrying. Their basic rights are not being respected, their civil rights are being respected. And we need to put a stop to this. Being called names in the streets, getting their scarfs/hijabs ripped off their heads, and being slandered has become a daily routine for many muslim women.


We have set out to arrange this walk because we can not allow this behavior any longer in our society anymore. Come and show your support, at Friday the 26, 17:00

WOW! Women have absolutely no rights under Islam and these braindead women are holding a rally in support of the barbarians.