Gang Of 17-Year-Old Muslim Thugs Beat Up 9-Year-Old German Boy For Fun And Attack His Parents, German Police Come And Beat Up The German Boy’s Father And Say That It’s His Fault Because He Provoked The Muslims

This video has been working its way around the German and European Media. I have transcribed the entire text below. Folks, this is the future of America and Europe if we are not careful- these Muslims are coming to kill us, our children, and rob our civilization and the government is enabling it. The traitor Merkel has blood on her hands over this. 

Watch this video an listen to her describe the situation and her plea- to share the video and tell the world about what is happening because the German government is covering this and many more incidents like it up. After all, how would you feel if this was your own child?

Hello, dear people. I want to tell you the following.

My son, Tyron, played soccer on March 12th for the MSV Ludwigschafen.

After his game he and a few of his friends from the team walked over to () to play more soccer, unauthorized.

“Asylum seekers” showed up. After a short time, fights broke out because of a “foul.”

A 14-year-old punched my son in the face with his fist. Tyron defended himself. Four more “asylum seekers” attacked Tyron. His friends managed to pull three of them away. The 14-year-old and a 17-year-old were still on top of Tyron. The 17-year-old was the brother of the 14-year-old.

The 17-year-old pushed Tyron to the ground and with his hands started to choke him and the 14-year-old kept punching Tyron in the face.

His face is all swollen up, completely blue, everything swelled, hematoma.

When his friends then managed to pull those two away from Tyron, they called me and said that five “asylum seekers” attacked Tyron, that he has a black eye and his face is all swollen, that we had to come.

My husband called the police and said I needed a squad car to () street. My son, who is 9-years-old, was jumped by 14 and 17-year-old “asylum seekers,” five of them ranging in age from 14 to 17. He was beaten.

The cop said to my husband, get your son, come to the police station to file a report. My huband said, ooookay? My husband went to his wardrobe, got out his alarm gun from Silvester (New Year’s Eve), but it in his pocket.

If we’re honest, we all know what it looks like presently in that street, and not a soul would walk in there without self protection. We did try to call the police; they didn’t want to come, and therefore my husband didn’t see any other choice.

We got in the car, my husband and a friend, got in and drove out to () street, picked up Tyron, got him in the car, then we tried to find the kids who did this.

Tyron’s friends were still there, we walked (), wanted to set this straight, then the mother came down and those kids were there too. The mother was yelling the whole time. Nobody understood- she didn’t speak German, and the kids too only spoke broken German.

Within thirty seconds there were suddenly 20 “asylum seekers’ standing around, and suddenly pieces of wood and broom sticks flew out of the windows, and my husband, as the 17-year-old walked up to my husband, he pulled his alarm gun, but he didn’t point it at the guy, he only showed it for deterrence.

What did the 17-year-old say? Shoot shoot shoot shoot!

My husband was perplexed, put his gun back in his back pocked and said “two minutes.” He went to the car. In the meantime the mother of one of my son’s friends arrived. She as well had already called the police. The police asked her, “Well, is there an actual fight going on now?” She said “Oh yes, there’s a fight right now, please come quick.” Yeah. Only then did the police show up. With two ambulances, because that woman’s daughter was also injured when the 17-year-old grabbd her and threw her against an iron bar. She got hurt on her back and shoulder. She was in one ambulance, Tyron was in the other one with a suspected cheekbone fracture and a punctured eardrum. We were at the hospital for two hours. Thank God, only intensive bruising, hematoma, but no fractures, and his eardrum was intact.

The police officer on location said we shouldn’t set our hopes so high, because of the report, because it was battery it was not going to go anywhere.

We arrived back home, we go to bed, all is normal. Then in the morning at 8, my doorbell rang like crazy, and it rang and rang. I went to the kitchen window to see who’s at my door. There was a white delivery van with tinted windows, Mainz license plate, and two men.

“Uh, is that your car, sorry we hit it, would you please come outside.” I said “One moment, I’ll send you my husband.”

My husband looks, then opens the window, checks around and says “You hit my car?” “Yeah we accidentally drove into your car. There’s a small scratch, just please come on out.”

That was very suspicious. He called the police on his cell and said “Listen we live at () street, there’s a white delivery van with Mainz license plates at my front door, two men, they’re wearing black gloves. Do you know anything?” “No, we don’t known anything, stay in your apartment. We will send a squad car out to you.”

My husband in the meantime is standing in the stairway and said “You can talk to the police on my phone, they said we shouldn’t open the door.” So they got fed up, they opened their coats, and on their shirts it said POLICE. And eight, nine, ten men stormed out of the van, Federal Border Police!

There they stood, suited up in camouflage, with their orange protective goggles, totally armed to the teeth at our front door. My husband said “The police told me not to open the door.” So when my husband still wasn’t going to open the door, these gentlemen went to the van, got out a battering ram, and they were going to ram open our door! Then my husband opened the door, three officers walked in, threw my husband to the ground and tied his hands with cable ties. Then they stood up and asked him “Do you have a gun?” He said “Yeah, no problem. I have an alarm gun. I can give it to you. Why this drama? You could have just asked me and I’d have given it to you.”

This is what happened, but the order states it differently. Facts are being twisted, that he was on the playground, that he searched out this family, that he pulled the gun and pointed it at the 14-year-old and threatened him, which isn’t true either, and the report from us against these “refugees” for bodily harm of our son was considered questionable. So at our house they create this big fuss, came here at 8 in the morning with Federal Border Police, because of an alarm gun.

Uh, in our federal basic law it says we have protection of integrity. I doubt my son looks as if his integrity was intact. I don’t know what I should do. Should I go public? Since the incident, my son doesn’t want to go out alone anymore, he doesn’t want to ride his bike alone anymore, he only wants to be with us, at night he has nightmares about it. He sleeps restlessly, he screams, he fights, he kicks and flails around. I am very concerned for my child, and there’s a police report filed against my husband for threatening someone. I don’t even know if that is a threat, I mean, he didn’t aim the gun at anyone. He had it there as a deterrent, but which of course didn’t help because they weren’t even afraid. I am completely overwhelmed.

My husband is not a blank page. He is on probation. If he would have acted like he used to years ago, then this would not have ended this way. We tried to go the normal way, with the police, We called them first, but we were just left high and dry by them. And we don’t want that my son has to look like this, as an isolated incident, then filed away back in the drawer with 20,000 other isolated incidents. Because that’s exactly what they do. Keep it secret, don’t let anythign leak to the public, all just isolated incidents.

Please, please, please share this video, send it maybe to some station where there’s still a possibility that this could go public. I want this to get around, and I want everyone to be able to see it.

Thank you very much, and wish you a good day, thank you.