The Most Fascinating Bible Prophecy Reveals The Muslim Caliphate Will Revive And Invade Europe But God Intervenes With Plagues And Swarming Locusts And Defeats Them

1272-bellBy Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) 

Allah has 99 names; locusts lay 99 eggs; and the Muslim prayer beads have 99 beads. It was a specific locust that invaded from the Muslim world and it will be the same locusts that invades them in the end. Many ask: why in Revelation 13 John spoke of two beasts and not just one? This will be the most amazing study ever.

The secrets of where Islam comes into prophecy and how it invades the West is easily revealed once we examine that Apocalypse was written for the entire Church Age.

The Christian world will soon be invaded by Islam, especially Europe. Revelation 13 speaks of two beasts arising with one lasting 1260 lunar years having seven kingdoms and another lasting 1260 days which invades Europe. We will explain both in such detail that will amaze the most ardent skeptic. The plan is simple. Islam is planning to send an army to invade Europe and help their 20 million muslims living there who are winning a demographic Jihad to end Christendom. It is not as if Christianity is doing well there, but God will repeat a history well etched in the Apocalypse of John that studying it will give us many clues of things to come: locusts, famines, where they hit and how this Muslim plague finally ends when God sends famine, locusts and disease in many parts of the world. Enter an amazing prophetic study.

Prophecy for me is easier to decipher than reading man’s attempts interpreting it. I see such an invasion where prophecy starts in Revelation 9. A mysterious “fallen-star,” obviously the fallen angel Lucifer brings out of the “bottomless pit” Arab and Muslim locusts  “there came out locusts upon the earth”. They are not even grass-eaters: “And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree: but only the men who have not the sign of God on their foreheads.” Watching the news I see Europe invaded by Muslim locusts spitting at and raping a liberal society that has long ago abandoned God. In Revelation 9 God has His angel “sound the trumpet” and announce the devil’s scourge upon the fallen church “who have not the sign of God on their foreheads”.

Apocalypse is so easy to interpret as you shall see. As these Muslim locusts march on to “wear out the saints” (Daniel 7:25) they can never spiritually kill them. This continues until “the earth help the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river, which the dragon cast out of his mouth” (see Revelation 12). And before the earth swallows the locusts, God sends real locusts, the four legged grasshoppers. I will explain this later from a recent history that will boggle the mind.

The Arab and Muslim locust, from the “pit” they come and to “the pit” they go. We see the same cycle in Ezekiel 28-32 as well as in Revelation 12:16, the locusts are “swallowed up” by “the “pit” (the earth) 1260 days later (Rev 12:6). We will see how this 1260 years matches so many issues.


A simple search of “the pit” in the Bible we find it replete with repetition of “the pit” in Ezekiel 28-32 with precision regarding the very national makeup of these locusts: “Sidonians” (Lebanese), Ezekiel 28: 20-24; “Egyptians”, Ezekiel 29:9; “Cush” (Somalis, african), “Put” (Tunisians, Moroccans), “Lydians” (Turks) and “Arabs,” “Assyrian [Syrians, Iraqis]”. Just search the Bible for “the Pit” and see what you see invading Europe on television these days. Christianity spread from east to west, the east has already been plundered by Islam and the west is what is left and is why the cleansing takes the same course: “For as lightning cometh out of the east, and appeareth even into the west: so shall the coming of the Son of man be.” (Matthew 24:27)

It is that easy.

These locusts are making Islam part of Europe’s fabric and structure while destroying it from within. While the prophetic schools divide on whether Islam will represent the Antichrist or will it stem from the European Union is an issue of continual debate, but in this research we will unravel another old kept secret which will clear the runway; the Muslim Caliphate fits the seven headed beast of Revelation perfectly. While Revelation 9 is about the apocalypse, it is a repeat of history. As we understand this history, we can also understand how Armageddon unfolds. From when Muhammad’s Arab invading locusts went after the church is also how the Antichrist repeats history.

The word “Arab” related to the Hebrew word for locust “Arbeh”. They flooded Christendom beginning in 629 A.D at the Battle of Mu’tah when Christian Heraclius soon faced Muhammad’s locust invasions. The “star” of Revelation 9, Muhammad, possessed by Lucifer, gave his famed speech just as John prophesied telling his warriors “do not hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree”.  Muhammad ordered the war on the Christians proclaiming “… Do not be treacherous or kill a child, a woman, an old man, or a secluded worshipper in his solitude. Do not cut a tree or a palm tree …” The scourge began as punishment to the eastern church which was steeped into the Monothelite heresy and compromised with Islam’s iconoclasm (1).

The initial invasions continued from 629 A.D to 633 A.D., one year after Muhammad’s death the Muslim locusts entered Jordan massacring Christians in Kerak and in 636 A.D under Khalid bin Walid they crushed the Byzantine army at the plains of Megiddo (Armageddon) at the battle of Yarmuk. They then entered Jerusalem occupying it in 638 A.D. Amazingly, 1260 lunar years later in 1880 Russian Jews began flocking into Jerusalem, 1260 lunar years after Islam occupied it.

Heraclius eventually lost Syria (640 A.D.), Egypt and  Byzantine Mesopotamia to the Arab locusts and the wars continued throughout all seven Muslim caliphates until 1260 lunar years passed and the tide turned in 1871 A.D all the way until Allenby’s decisive victory at the same place where Islam entered: at Megiddo and in 1918 Christian Allenby forced the Turks to relinquish control of Jerusalem to the British. Thereafter he was often referred to as Allenby of Armageddon.


Battle of Megiddo (1918) at Armageddon

So from when Muhammad gave that speech in 629 A.D (1871 – 629 = 1260 lunar years). In 1871 A.D, Turkey was struck with one of history’s worst famines and then followed by one of the world’s greatest locust invasions sent by God three years later in 1874 A.D, 1260 lunar years from when Islam did its first occupation of a Christian country invading Syria at 633 A.D in the Siege of Damascus. And then the locusts hit the Ottomans again in 1915 blocking the sun in Jerusalem with massive locust invasions in the United States right after when it declared U.S. neutrality in World War I in 1914 refusing to fight the Muslim Ottomans. During these times and before Communism the U.S. abandoned Russia which was fighting Japan and the Muslim Ottomans. The U.S. as we see today, cozied up with the Ottomans in the beginning to later declare war on the German Empire and its Muslim ally on April 6, 1917. In the coming Armageddon they will turn their backs on England and Russia including supporting the Antichrist against Russia and only turn around in the end.

As Islam began to lose its grip from the Christians, God punished everyone who harmed the seed of the woman. But before we take you on the epic journey of prophecy and history, we must explain why this is not told to you and why we have so much prophetic confusion.

Christianity expanded for six centuries then began to suffer setbacks; two more sets of six centuries each while losing territory to Islam’s seven successive caliphates which sent a torrent of Muslim floods. This is what I call the lost prophetic history of the 7 Islamic Caliphates which was prophesied in scripture. It was lost because many view Daniel squabbling over which verses were historically fulfilled and which verses   are still future while ignoring the dual and the triple nature of fulfillments. They do the complete opposite when it comes to the Apocalypse of John where prophetic verses have been fulfilled and they think it all happens only in the tribulation period. It is here where we need to do some homework.

Truth is that prophecy includes both past and future. John in Revelation 13 includes past empires and Daniel speaks of expeditions fulfilled by Antiochus who persecutes God’s people Israel, that also resemble the expeditions of the seven Caliphates who also persecuted God’s people, the Church, for 1260 lunar years. They also resemble the future expeditions of the Antichrist which he persecutes the church for 1260 literal days as God speeds it up “lest no flesh is saved”.

Indeed, there were four heads (Daniel 7) and four metal composites (Daniel 2) that came against God’s people Israel and there was also a fifth element; the feet; and then a sixth element; the clay and iron as ten toes at the bottom. Yet Daniel says we only have four. As Challoner Notes explains:

Four great beasts: Viz., the Chaldean, Persian, Grecian, and Roman empires. This is by no means excludes what some rather choose to understand the fourth beast of the successors of Alexander the Great, more especially of them that reigned in Asia and Syria for the people of God Israel, but then it too has “Ten horns: That is, ten kingdoms, (as Apoc. 17. 12,) among which the empire of the fourth beast shall be parcelled. Or ten kings of the number of the successors of Alexander; as figures of such as shall be about the time of Antichrist.”

When we read “Another little horn: This is commonly understood of Antichrist. It may also be applied to that great persecutor Antiochus Epiphanes, as a figure of Antichrist.”

When it comes to God’s people, what we will find out is that there are not just double, but even triple whammies (Israel, post-Israel and then the Antichrist). Prophecy at times reflects God’s triune nature with tri-fulfillments all struck in one reference. I like how the Douay-Rheims Challoner Notes explains the beast in Revelation 13 as:

A beast: This first beast with seven heads and ten horns, is probably the whole company of infidels, enemies and persecutors of the people of God, from the beginning to the end of the world. The seven heads are seven kings, that is, seven principal kingdoms or empires, which have exercised [in the past] or shall exercise [in the future], tyrannical power over the people of God; of these, five were then fallen, viz.: the [1] Egyptian, [2] Assyrian, [3] Chaldean, [4] Persian, and [5] Grecian monarchies: one was present, viz., the empire of [6] Rome: and the seventh and chiefest was to come, viz., the great Antichrist and his empire. The ten horns may be understood of ten lesser persecutors.

Prophecy encompasses all times where God’s people suffer the threat of beasts “from the beginning to the end of the world”.

Once we apply this rule, we can see clearly how God speaks, before the time and within the time and beyond that time. This is why we find John saying the beast was, is not and yet is. (Rev 17:8, Rev 13:5-6)

This is how we find God’s signature which should aid us to eliminate error and cease to view prophecy with the tunnel vision most get tied up with.

So are we changing how Daniel is viewed? No, Daniel 7-8 definitely speaks of Darius the Mede (lower horn), Cyrus the Persian (higher horn that came up last) Alexander the GreatPtolemy, Seleucus, Cassander and Lysimachus (Alexander’s generals) Antiochus Epiphanies and the Ten Caesars of Rome.

But likewise, the threat to the church encompasses the same composites. In this essay what we will find out is that we also had the four heads of the infamous Caliphate empires that were the sole persecutor that threatened God’s people whom we rarely examine. Why do we ignore the seven caliphates?

The answer is simple: the Protestant-Catholic divide. This is not the history that many in the West are accustomed to, that plus the Puritans did a job in being Papal-centric. But who can deny that Islam was the greatest persecutor of God’s people during the church age? Yet the period of prophecy from the seventh centuries onwards is silenced due to the focus on the papacy where they were continually twisting and jimmy-rigging the text to fit the Puritans anti-papacy interpretations.

And since no honest historian can deny 12 centuries of Muslim persecution of God’s people by the seven caliphates of Islam, should we then believe that Daniel and John dropped it and that God just left the church hang to dry?

Always keep in mind that the beast “was” and “is” and “is not yet” (Rev 17:10). It was as for Israel, it is as for the church during John’s writings and “is not yet” (for the church at John’s time) but as post Roman  which last 1260 years and it also occurs again in the end for 1260 days.

And now we begin to understand why we see this beast popping up twice in Revelation 13. It was written by St. John, so it cannot be solely addressing God’s people Israel but the church age. Keep in mind “The seven heads are seven mountains upon which the woman sitteth and they are seven kings [kingdoms]” which were all, regardless that they are kings, were ridden and were subordinate by exclusively one single whore: the city in Mecca, which was and still is geographically within ancient Babylon. When we think Babylon, we need to stop looking at modern maps where Iraq is separate from Arabia. In ancient times these (Iraq and Arabia) including the Sinai were all “Babylon” as Paul even calls the Sinai “Arabia” (Galatians 4:25). Stop using the maps drawn by colonial powers.

Remember, the woman (Mecca) is the sole rider the beast submits to with seven heads which are the seven Caliphates. These are: (1) Rashidun (2) Umayyad (3) Abbasid (4) Fatimid (5) Ayyubid (6) Almohad and (7) Ottoman.

And who spiritually ruled and rode all these caliphates? It all starts in Mecca; the poison is from Mecca; the locusts came from Mecca; and the “mouth of the lion” is from Mecca-Babylon; and the blasphemies are Meccan and it all ends up in Mecca’s destruction where the beast burns the harlot. John was taken to a desert (Rev 17:3) surrounded by many waters and Isaiah 21 clearly told us this is Arabia “desert of the sea” (v. 1). And today it is literally called “mount Babel” with the seven tower structures uniting all the Muslim nations under one language.


Few focus that Islam came and will come again as a ‘double whammy’ and as it was “seven heads” with “10 horns” which are the “ten crowns” of the anti-church Caliphate; this first beast that received a deadly wound and is currently arising from the earth (the pit) will come again as the second beast.

This first beast, this seven-headed caliphate will revive again as the second beast, but this time, it will stem as two crowns with “two horns,” “acting like a lamb” while “speaking like a dragon” (one Shiite horn from Persia and another Sunni horn from Turkey) as mentioned in Revelation 13:11 and Ezekiel 38.

This dragon is the same dragon in the previous chapter in Revelation 12, the same beast that received the deadly wound: “And I saw one of his heads [the seventh] as it were slain to death: and his death’s wound was healed.” It “comes up out of the bottomless pit, and go into destruction [swallowed by the earth]”. It is healed to become the eighth: “And the beast which was [Greco-Roman], and is not [at John’s time]: the same also is the eighth [the coming Antichrist], and is of the seven [the seventh], and goeth into destruction.” (Revelation 17:11)

“And all the earth was in admiration after the beast” this would be the last one (the revived seventh) wounded head which is the Ottoman Empire which took the mantle from the Roman Empire. This came up (as the seventh) encompassing the Four Muslim Caliphates (four heads); all in one and was centered in Greece (Asia Minor) as the “Leopard” of Alexander’s realm.

As the dragon-beast spewed his flood (Rev 12:15) which are the Muslim locusts from the bottomless pit (Rev 9:2) to persecute the seed of the woman (Rev 12:17): “that he might cause her to be carried away by the river”.

The devil’s whole purpose with the flood is that he wanted the church to blend in this torrent and get carried away by the river of Islam to convert and worship him abandoning the Trinity (1 John 2:22). Here are the two threats (beasts):

“And I saw a beast [first beast] coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy.” (Revelation 13:1)

“And I saw another beast [second beast] coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon.” (Revelation 13:11)

Please note, the seven heads (seven Caliphates) have been swallowed up by the pit and comes as the second beast “another beast” back from the earth (the pit). We shall explain that later.

Here we will investigate from solid history how each of the seven heads (Caliphates) is counted from the first to the seventh. We count as each was taken over by the next, while we also count each appointed crown (or Caliph/horn) keeping in mind that each crown is transferred to the next Caliph. And then we will examine the last beast: the lamb with two horns. To each we will give the briefest summary how it persecuted the woman. This is another subject of a thousand pages my son Theodore Shoebat has spent five years preparing in his coming new book just to prove our case.

These invasions add up perfectly to the Four Main Caliphates (Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman) yet there were also  seven caliphates (Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid, Ayyubid, Almohad and Ottoman) and ten crowns which represent the seven caliphates that also arise in the end as two horns (Turkey and Iran).

4c copy

It is here where we answer a common question of the two horned beast. Many ask: why in Revelation 13, John spoke of two beasts and not just one?

The reason so many misunderstand this prophecy is simple: they focus on prophecy as strictly for the ends of days as if God cared only about the Christians in our time and as if He cared little to help the Church throughout history. Apocalypse is not intended only for the end times but for the entire history of the people of God especially during the church era.

Once you read Revelation 13 and Revelation 17, pay close attention. What John was saying can be summarized in that John includes the historic threat to all of God’s people; Israel (the Jews) and post Israel (the Church). So when he says of the seven headed beast “five have fallen” (Rev 17:10) these are pre-church which also includes Israel. Then he says “one is” (Roman, during the church) yet refers to another “the other that is not yet” is regarding the church age after Rome was converted and lost its empire. This church age suffers two beasts (two massive threats);  one comes as a “seven headed beast” to also come again as the second beast in the end as “a lamb with two horns”; which is the “the eighth” kingdom of the Antichrist’s empire.

God does not instruct only a select group. Church history has already endured the first beast (which will revive again):

“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the [Mediterranean] sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. [denies Father and Son (Trinity), see 1 John 2:22]”

This beast (controlled spiritually by the Arabian harlot city, Mecca) made war with the church specifically at the Mediterranean region (the Sea): “it was given unto him to make war with the saints,” and “to overcome them” and it ruled “over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations”.

This empire used the sword and whoever gave allegiance to it ended up on the side of the dragon, swept by the river that spewed out of the dragon-beast and is bound to hell. It used the sword: “He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” It also requires the “patience and the faith of the saints” to endure till the end (by death or victory) in order to be saved. No patience or endurance; giving up; or accepting the beast to spare one’s head from amputation; means spiritual death; while having our heads amputated means victory. (Revelation 20:4) For decades we warned of the coming beheadings, where people wrote us off, and today we are so accustomed to it is becoming a daily occurrence.

Then when one continues reading John then ‘pop’, we have yet another beast:

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth [the grave]; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon and it exercises all the power of the first beast [which went to the grave] before him … whose deadly wound was healed [coming out of the grave of the dead].”

The first beast comes out of “the sea,” which are multitudes of nations, tribes and different tongues within the Mediterranean region then is “swallowed by the earth” (Rev 12:16) and the second beast resembling the first beast comes out of “the earth” after it was swallowed by the earth having received the deadly wound. So the last one (lamb with two horns) comes in 2 powers: Sunni (Turkey) and Shiite (Iran) as described in Ezekiel 38 with the hordes from “Meshech” (Turkey), “Persia” (Iran) and “Libya” (North African hordes) including Sudan and Somalia “Cush”.

To presume that the two beasts arise at the same time in the last days presumes a major problem, that an entire seven headed empire is destroyed within 1260 literal days and then remerges again instantly. This renders this interpretation absurd. But if this first beast by the time of the Antichrist is viewed as historic and then the second beast (lamb with two horns) calls for its revival after it received a deadly wound which is exactly what John says, this would make perfect sense.

Therefore, the second beast is exactly the seventh (revived). It spans for 2520 days (7 years) from its resurrection where all hell breaks loose after 1260 days. It is the little horn because its lifespan is very short and it is a lamb with two horns because it is Persia (Shiite) and Turkey (Sunni). It is this empire (which represents the previous seven heads) which will “mark their right hand, or in their foreheads and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” and they will make an abomination mark on the fallen Christians as well.


Muslims in Turkey with Allah/Muhammad on their right arm

The second beast is a “leopard [Asia Minor] bear [Persia/Iran], and a mouth of a lion [Babylon/Arabia]” and it will rule for 1260 days and commits the abomination of desolation banning Christians from communion.

It is ruled by the harlot spiritually which is Arabia where the locusts sprouted and is why all verses in Scripture when speaking of Babylon it addresses literal Arabian districts “Tema” “Dedan” “Kedar” “Dumah” and “Arabia” and even every occurrence where we see “Babylon is fallen is fallen” in Revelation 14 and 18 it addresses Arabia with the same rendering “Babylon is fallen is fallen” in Isaiah 21 which strictly addresses Arabia.

This duality “is fallen is fallen” is obvious since we have two falls: “is fallen is fallen”. It fell when the first beast when Arabia betrayed the Ottomans in World War I, the Ottomans began to lose their seat and so they shelled Mecca and the Black stone during the rule of Sharif Hussein (the first fallen). And so it will be when the Ottomans revive, Mecca will be totally destroyed, but this time by Persia (see Isaiah 21). This would make the beast with both its historic and future composites have participated in her destruction; Turkey in World War I and Persia in World War III. This fulfills precisely what John declared the revived beast destroys the harlot and burn her (Revelation 17:16).

Again, we have three years and a half constitutes twelve centuries (1260 years) of this torment the woman had to endure until it ended and the Church was at a temporary peace. And this will repeat with literal 1260 days at the end when the dragon knows that his time is very short and where nuclear warfare cannot endure years so God will shorten the time lest no flesh is saved. 

This dragon was after the sons of God and specifically the sons of Mary who honor and love the woman which started in 632 A.D when all Christians honored Mary. Historically the first beast did not persecute the Protestant church and in fact in the sixteenth century the Protestants cooperated with it during the war with the Catholic League.

The persecution turned around between 1871-1876 A.D. So the persecution lasted 1260 lunar years (1242 solar years) after the first Muslim attacks and from when Christendom (Arab-Byzentine Wars) erupted in 629 A.D.

But before we continue, we need to explain how God intervened. In 1871 A.D, God struck the Ottoman Empire with mass starvation and disease. The loaf of bread was for a denarius. The famine sprouted the Great Eastern Crisis. Amazingly, history even records what the Bible foretold “a quart of wheat for a denarius” and “do not harm the oil and the wine”. In 1871 A.D., even the wheat was extremely rare where “food sold for ten times the normal value” (2):

“Food was so scarce that the little available sold for ten times the normal value. Although the rains came in 1871, there was no easing of the famine, for the farmers had no seed to sow.”

“A drought in 1872 led to massive crop failures across the Empire. Locust swarms denuded Cyprus of crops. A harsh winter led to widespread starvation. Dead bodies were seen on the streets of Istanbul and packs of wolves were observed attacking people in the suburbs.”

“Two pounds [a quart] of wheat for a denarius” (Revelation 6:6) went on to 1915, even a greater famine where locusts invaded Turkey and the entire Levant region. Locusts even invaded the Ottoman sympathizer at the time, the United States (more on that later). Most are unaware, that the United States, John Adams to cozy up to the Ottomans declared in the Treaty of Tripoli: “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”


If this fulfillment is to repeat and as we see the United States today still cozy up to Turkey, this will repeat including the famine.

In Jerusalem the flour was 7 Kirsh (Kurus) per kilo (a kilo makes two quarts). So it is 3.5 Kurus per quart. In 1915, a Kurus is a 2.4 silver coin. This would be 8.4 grams of silver per quart. The daily wage was 12.6 grams of silver for an unskilled worker per day (5.5 Kurus a day). It will be three fold worse in the Tribulation period. 

5q copy

5 Kurus, silver, 6.1 grams average daily wage in 1915

Even the Jews in the Holy Land had to obtain wheat as in the time of Joseph, from Egypt:

“The [Jewish] community was obliged to borrow money from non-Jews at exorbitant interest rates in order to buy wheat for their fold. Their leaders finally decided to send their eminent Chief Rabbi Eliau [Soliman] Mani to Egypt to obtain relief.”

The mass starvation continued even until 1915 to even get worse:

“500,000 people died of disease and starvation in greater Syria alone. During the war this area and Palestine suffered both from a locust plague and famine”.

This continued even in 1930. It is no wonder why in Ezekiel 38, the Muslims invade Israel for food.

Evil always starts with abandonment of nationalism (reverse to babel) and ends by nationalism (aversion from Babel) and the reversion to nationalism was what brought the Ottoman Empire to collapse (3) as we have seen with the Communist and every other empire. It all starts in Genesis and ends in Genesis where the war is between the seed of the woman and the seed of satan is reversed and Babel retreats.

Keeping these principles is key to stop believing in the success of a one world order and we see Europe  reverting to nationalism which will eventually defeat globalism’s European Union, while the Muslim is reverting back to Babel attempting a one world language, one world religion (Islam) and one world government (Sharia).

God’s refinement is by reversing the Babel effect where the two (reverse as in Euroskeptic and unite as in Eurocentric) are colliding together. The Euroskeptic results from the massive Muslim locust invasion and the falling away results in Eurocentric.

So when one examines the first beast which attempted to reverse to Babel and unite the world under one world religion and one Muslim nation (Ummah) this was the Muslim Caliphate all centered and spiritually ruled from Mecca. These seven heads are:

(1) The Rashidun Caliphate (632-661) centered in the harlot city of Mecca and Babylon which had 2 crowns (we will explain that later). So we have the 1st crown and the 2nd crown.

(2) The Umayyad Caliphate (661-750 successor of the Rashidun Caliphate which sent Mecca’s message through the sword of Jihad and even expanded into Europe as the Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba in Islamic Spain (929-1031). This one also had 2 crowns, 3rd crown and 4th crown.

(3) The Abbasid Caliphate (750-945 and 1258-1517) which is the successor of the Umayyad Caliphate. This was the 5th crown and 6th crown.

(4) The Fatimid Caliphate (910-1171) centered in biblical Phut (the Moors) in North Africa. This is the 7th crown.

(5) The Ayyubid  Caliphate (1171-1260) centered in Egypt (see Isaiah 19). This is the 8th crown.

(6) Almohad Caliphate (1147-1269). This is the 9th crown.

All these expansions were then taken by the greatest Islamic caliphate in history, the seventh:

(7) Ottoman Caliphate (1517–1923) which encompassed all and went to perdition, wounded becoming the “sick man of Europe” and then got its “deadly wound” and was swallowed by the earth. This is the 10th crown.

The revived empire (little horn) is the 11th crown.

If you care to read detailed analysis of these seven empires and how they persecuted the church see exhibit (A).

It matters not how we slice it and dice it. From the beginning of God’s people, from Daniel when speaking of God’s people Israel, to the church and its revival, and with the last beast (neo-Ottoman), one beast encompasses all four and seven heads. No matter what scenario one views John’s prophecy, whether from ancient Israel: (1) Egypt, (2) Assyria, (3) Babylon, (4) Medo-Persia, (5) Greece, (6) Rome to the seventh  (Ottoman) or from the Ottoman (the seventh) encompassing all previous six or in the end which is Ottoman as it is the “eighth” encompasses all six as well.

It adds up however one looks at it. If we view it from the inception of the beastly kingdom before the church during Israel, with the four threats (four heads, four metallic statue in Daniel 2), Israel was ruled by “6” empires and even after the church which these seven Islamic Caliphates became the greatest enemy, to its future revival; it is always a “6” ending with one takes all (as the Ottoman took it from the Roman) and another “6” as the eighth takes all in the end.

From Daniel 2, no one crushed all the metallic kingdoms but the iron of Islam. Rome never conquered Persia, only Islam conquered all previous 3 (Gold/Babylon, Silver/Medo-Persia and Iron/Rome) to become the Iron and Clay and stem until Christ destroys the whole structure at the two feet (lamb with two horns) and they all collapse together at the same time and all at once:

“Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold broken to pieces together” (Daniel 2:35).

Once we comprehend a crucial rule that these come together in the end while in the past they were a sequel then it all fits like a glove.

God prophesied man’s destiny from 2000 B.C. to 2000+ A.D. This is key to unraveling all prophecy which so many lazy servants today simply chop off half of our church history to switch it and focus on the Roman Catholics instead, and focusing prophecy as purely Israel centric instead of Church centric.

The timespan of God’s people (including Israel) 2520 years where we last see “Ottoman” as the persecutor of the church:


Once one comprehends what a “beast” is and the multiple occurrences, whether Daniel (for Israel) or John (for the Church), a beast being the main threat to God’s people with three comings in three sixes (666) and  four heads which include seven kingdoms, it will all fit perfectly.

Indeed, no matter how we slice it and dice it, it all adds up, the three Greek symbols being a blasphemy, even with its numerical equivalent and their imprint as Bismillah, or their other hidden secrets, from when Israel began, we had (1) Egypt, (2) Assyria, (3) Babylon, (4) Medo-Persia, (5) Greece and (6) Rome, which ended Israel’s advent and brought in the Gentile Christians and the six empires with ten crowns (Greece broken to 4 crowns it adds to 10 horns). Then even when the Church came after Rome was humbled by Constantine, where Christendom flourished until Islam’s first caliphate at 632 A.D. to the 19th century where the beast began to die and the church turned around to defeat it; it was seven heads with ten horns.  This was the greatest threat (beast) to the church, and it all came from Islam, a deadly theology stemming from Mecca’s mouth trying to bring us back to Babel.

Now we have the last threat when Europe will be invaded.

While all these invasions, one finds that Islam “by peace deceived many” (Daniel 8:25) both Muslims and fallen Christians “swept by the flood”, only the ones who remain till the end of their lives or the age of the beast, without conversion to the dragon’s religion, will be saved. This is the test of the saints as gold is tested by fire.

Even until today if one peruse Islam you find most writ is how Islam was peaceful throughout history where well funded liberal historians speak of a false golden age especially during the Ottomans, and such propaganda is even expressed until now.

“By peace he will deceive many” packs tremendous meaning and expands throughout the generations. The Christian disconnect of the ancient church lacks history and is why he is unable to decipher what is so plain in Scripture.

To show how accurate this is, we compiled from actual historic records how Islam had seven heads and ten horns which included what has been accepted as official Caliphates. Again, no matter how one slices and dices history or the biblical text they match. If we take the four makeup of Daniel’s composite or the seven mountains of Revelation, it all matches. According to history, Islam’s empire are four Caliphates (Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman) comprised of seven (Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid, Ayyubid, Almohad and Ottoman) it is seven in four plucking 3 out of the root.


There are four main caliphates (Rashidun, Umayyad, Abasid and Ottoman) with the other three within this same timeframe (Fatimid, Ayyubid and Al-Mohad) adding to seven caliphates (heads).

The beast is not weakened and continues to pride itself “who can make war with the beast” until 1260 lunar years passed: “And power was given unto him to continue forty and two months [1260 lunar years]” (v.5) Power to do what? “The dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”

The decline of the Ottoman Empire began first through economic collapse between 1828-1908 and got to its height of natural disasters through God’s intervention beginning 1871. To measure the span of invasions by Islam, we calculate from 629 A.D, when Islam started it assaults on Christians add 1260 lunar years = (1260 X 360/365+629 [when the Caliphate began its invasions] we land on 1871 A.D.

On 1871 a severe drought hit Anatolia then in 1873 massive flooding destroyed all the crops and in 1874 massive famine and widespread discontent in the heart of the empire rising the spirit of nationalism and independence by all Christian states under the yoke of the Muslims. The starvation continued to 1915 and  1930 by invasions of locusts as God promised in Joel 1-2 and Christendom countered in victory suffocating what was left in the life of Ottoman Empire. During these times it was called The Sick Man of Europe until it completely died. Most do not consider, the most powerful Muslim Caliphate was European.

During these times one can see that “A quart of wheat for a denarius” (Rev 6:6).

Persia alone lost 2 million from starvation. History repeats and we ought to take note. My grand parents never stopped telling me of these times where the locusts invaded death and starvation followed:

The first culprit: the relentless locust. Following a bad harvest caused by a drought, in April 1915 dark clouds heralded the arrival of swarms of locusts, descending to feed on plants, whether green or dry.

For over three months, the tiny but insatiable creatures devoured whatever had been left behind by the Ottoman authorities, who had prioritised food and grain reserves to feed their soldiers as part of the imperial war effort.

This marked the beginning of a period that is now often just a footnote in the history books: the Great Famine of 1915-18, which left an estimated 500,000 people dead. With a lack of accurate data, estimates range from 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in Mount Lebanon alone.

At this time, the population of Lebanon was estimated at about 400,000, meaning that half its people died. At 250,000, the American Red Cross estimated an even higher death toll.

It was the highest death toll by population of the First World War.

Lebanon’s dark days of hunger: The Great Famine of 1915-18

The harrowing images from Mount Lebanon as death stalked the streets in 1915. Courtesy Archives and Special Collections, Jafet Library, AUB

According to history professor Aaron Tylor Brand, at the American University of Beirut:

 Analysing monthly price lists and climatic statistics of the famine period and contextualising these within the history of famine in the region suggests that the high prices that drove the region towards famine in late 1915 were the product of environmental factors (poor rainfall, a climatic oscillation, and locust attack)

Sami Hadawi, a Christian resident of Jerusalem writes of this time as a time where the Turks brought in sodomy and the locusts:

“In 1915, when the war was at its highest, the entire region of the Middle East, stretching from turkey in the north to Egypt and beyond in the south, was invaded by swarms of locusts, the extent and density of which was said never to have been known in any part of the world. The locusts appeared over Jerusalem about 2:00 p.m, in such density that they eclipsed the sun.”

In his writings, Hadawi confirms what I have said of the days where hyenas roamed in Jericho where we lived and I add, centipedes a foot long and blood sucking bats ended me in the hospital which I still have the mark of it on my forehead.

The land was cursed before Israel was established. Islam brought nothing but locusts that lays 99 eggs, as many as the 99 names of Allah and the 99 beads of the Muslim prayer beads.



The agricultural shortages precluded the collection of necessary taxes, which forced the Ottoman government to default on its foreign loan repayments in October 1875 and increase taxes in all of its provinces, including the Balkans which sparked an outrage culminating in the Great Eastern Crisis (1875–78) and ultimately “the Russo-Turkish War (1877–78) that provided independence or autonomy for the Christian nations in the empire’s Balkan territories, with the subsequent Treaty of Berlin in 1878.”

Everything turned around from 1874. This period was also followed by insurrections from Christian peoples under Ottoman subjugation, culminating in the Serbian revolution (1804–1817) and the Greek War of Independence (1821–1832). This occurred in tandem with the Russo-Turkish Wars and the Catholic Polish-Ottoman Wars, which rolled back much of the remaining Ottoman encroachment in Europe. The final pushback against Ottoman control came with the First Balkan War (1912-1913), followed by the signing of the Treaty of Sevres at the close of World War I.

History records, finally the “threat from the North [Russia]” (Daniel 11:44-45) ended the Ottoman threat as the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78:

“between the Ottoman Empire and the Eastern Orthodox coalition led by the Russian Empire and composed of several Balkan countries. Fought in the Balkans and in the Caucasus, it originated in emerging 19th-century Balkan nationalism. Additional factors included Russian hopes of recovering territorial losses suffered during the Crimean War, re-establishing itself in the Black Sea and supporting the political movement attempting to free Balkan nations from the Ottoman Empire. As a result of the war, Russia succeeded in claiming several provinces in the Caucasus, namely Kars and Batumi, and also annexed the Budjak region. The principalities of Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, each of whom had had de facto sovereignty for some time, formally proclaimed independence from the Ottoman Empire. After almost five centuries of Ottoman domination (1396–1878), the Bulgarian state was re-established as the Principality of Bulgaria, covering the land between the Danube River and the Balkan Mountains (except Northern Dobrudja which was given to Romania), as well as the region of Sofia, which became the new state’s capital. The Congress of Berlin also allowed Austria to occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina and Great Britain to take over Cyprus.”

In 1875 Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Wallachia and Moldova declared their independence from the Empire; and following the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, independence was formally granted to Serbia, Romania and Montenegro, and autonomy to Bulgaria. This was the “bad news from the north (Daniel 11:44) where the “Russo-Turkish War (1877-78) led to further break-up in the western part of the Ottoman Empire”.

The Catholic centric view focusing on the papacy as the beast is a defunct proposition. They assert that the 1260 years in which the Roman Catholic Church warred against the saints from when the papacy was established in 538 AD (the papacy was not established in 538. From the second century the primacy of the Bishop of Rome was widely recognized and accepted) to 1798 AD. The premise is that the papacy was in absolute control of the state as a religio-political power from 538-1798 (1260 solar years) when the Ostrogoth’s were supposed to have vanished out of existence. However, the Ostrogoth’s occupied Rome from 541 to 548 AD. They also assume the end of this supremacy was when in 1798 Pope Pius VI was captured by Napoleon and put in prison and later died that this is the finish line.

While it takes any amateur to refute such falsities, few focus on the secular scientists to observe how God protected the West from Muslim not Papal occupation. If one substitutes ‘climate’ and ‘Ice Age’ with God one would see how incredibly God intervened and protected the Austro-Hungarian Catholics from Muslim Ottoman invasion:

“Combining proxy data such as tree rings with descriptions from historical sources, we can draw together the narrative of natural and human disasters that afflicted Ottoman lands starting in the late 1670s. In 1676, as temperatures cooled across Europe, the southern Balkans entered into a long series of extremely cold winters. Over the following years, drought extended across Anatolia, and famine and plague were reported in Egypt. (In early 1681, however, Mecca witnessed another major flood.) In 1682, Mount Etna erupted again, casting a dry fog over the Mediterranean; I ̇zmir suffered an invasion of locusts; and Crete and Greece witnessed exceptionally cold winters marked by the death of livestock and loss of crops, followed by famine. In early 1683, Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pas ̧a made the unfortunate decision to invade Austria, turning a long-running border conflict into a full-scale war. The events that followed have been narrated before, especially the Ottomans’ historic retreat from the gates of Vienna that summer, driven from the siege by the Polish troops of Jan Sobieski. Historians have generally recognized the Ottoman defeat of the 1680s and 1690s as a turning point in the empire’s history. Yet few have noticed the role of the Little Ice Age … As the Ottomans set out for Vienna in 1683, freezing weather and heavy spring rains plagued the soldiers’ advance across the Balkans. Weather on the Hungarian front turned extremely cold that winter and the next. Following Venice’s entry into the Holy [Catholic] Alliance in 1684, the European blockade and military requisitions brought shortages to cities along the Aegean and even Istanbul itself. However, the real crisis started in 1685, while Ottoman forces were being pushed back toward the Danube. By that time, the persistent cold and drought had brought serious famine to Greece and Anatolia. As one contemporary chronicler recorded, with the start of the campaign and the absence of rain, the fields could not be planted, and even what was planted did not sprout. From the year 1096 (1685) on, a great famine appeared in all the lands of Islam. A kile of wheat reached two kurus ̧, and an akce could not even buy thirty dirhems (about 90g) of bread . . . And it was reported that in parts of Anatolia many perished trying to eat gallnuts and grass roots and walnut shells. During the same years, a dismissed sekban leader Yeg ̆en Osman Pas ̧a led a wave of banditry in Anatolia, plundering towns and villages from Sivas to Bolu, until the Ottoman government bought him off with another military command and sent him and his forces to the Hungarian front. Following the loss of Buda in the autumn of 1686, the region witnessed one of the coldest winters since 1621. Lake Ioannina in Greece froze over for three months; and in Istanbul, the Golden Horn was covered in ice. According to one eyewitness, roofs in Istanbul caved in from the heavy snowfall, and the roads remained impassable for fifty days.” (Climate of Rebellion, page 216-217)

I shall do another Sunday Special just to cover this subject alone. Theodore spent five years tracing  miracles throughout history and recorded them from hundreds of historic references on how God stopped the Muslims from conquering the West which will be in his upcoming book.


loc copy

A portable flamethrower being prepared to destroy locusts in Palestine, 1915. The New York Times reported that this law was strictly enforced. They said that people who failed to follow the law risked having their businesses closed. 800 had paid the fine by November 21, 1915. One can learn about the steep increase in prices from a report published by Otis Glazebrook, the American consul in Jerusalem, on 3 November 1915. This report sums up the economic situation in the district of Jerusalem following the sea blockade, the famine and the locusts. Glazebrook provided a list of articles and demonstrated the increase in their prices. For example, the price of rice increased in 598% from 1914 to 1915, the price of sugar increased in 858% and the price of potatoes in 427%. See: Otis Glazebrook to the State Department, Increase in Cost of Living Caused by War, 3 November 1915; Consular correspondence, American consulate in Jerusalem, Record Group 84, Vol. 72; National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD (NACP).

But the famines and locusts spoken of in Joel did not only hit the Ottomans. It hit India (Bihar famine in British India) and it hit North America as well for cozying with the Ottomans as we see today:

“The widespread winged invasion of 1874, though, hit harder than a ton of flying bricks… The hot and dry conditions of the spring and summer of 1874 had provided ideal breeding conditions for the Rocky Mountain locusts. “The grasses seemed to wither, and the cattle bunched up near the creek and the well, and no air seemed to stir the leaves on the trees,” Kansas pioneer Susan Proffitt wrote. “All nature seemed still.” And then they came.”

In places the mass of insects blocked out the sun for as long as six hours. When the locusts did descend, they covered every shrub, plant and tree, sometimes breaking limbs with their combined weight. They flattened and devoured corn stalks and reaped fields of grain. They consumed only the most succulent bits of the wheat crop, letting the rest rot on the ground.

A map produced by the state of Missouri shows that the 1874 infestation spread from the eastern slope of the Rockies into western Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri and from the Canadian Prairie provinces to central Texas, just north of Austin. Generally it moved from north to south. Hit particularly hard were Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota Territory, western Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Indian Territory, eastern Colorado Territory and the southeastern corner of Wyoming Territory. The results were often magnified in remote areas, as settlers there had modest food reserves and few neighbors to help. Texas, Montana Territory and the Prairie provinces of Canada were affected but escaped the worst of the infestation. The largest locust swarm in 1874, according to an 1880 U.S. Entomological Commission report, “covered a swath equal to the combined areas of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.”

A swarm of locusts in the U.S. would be some 1,800 miles long and 110 miles wide. “By the turn of the 20th century, the Rocky Mountain locust was fast becoming extinct. The last reported sighting of a living specimen came in southern Canada in 1902. Why this particular species became extinct remains something of a mystery.”

Let this be a lesson, this will repeat. God does not watch stock markets or blood moons or any of man’s insanity. He sends His army: locusts.

Now we come to the end times, the eighth kingdom:

“The beast who once was [Grecian] and now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction.”

This would encompass the threat to all God’s people from Moses: (1) Egypt (1st horn), (2)Assyria (2nd horn), since Assyria defeated Egypt , (3) Babylon (3rd horn) since Babylon defeated Assyria, (4) Persia (4th horn) since Persia defeated Babylon, (5) Greece (8th horn) since Greece defeated Persia and had 4 divisions making it, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th horn  (6) Rome (9th horn) since Rome defeated Greece and then  (7) the Ottoman (10th horn) since the Ottomans defeated the Romans at Constantinople and ended the Roman Empire. The Ottoman Caliph held the title Kaisar Al-Rum (Caesar of the Romans) and “belonged to the seven” just as St. John says.

It matters not how we slice it and dice it. The Antichrist would be the 11th horn and is the seventh head revived as the eighth.

The Bible insists that the beast arises from the sea and it all rose from and focused on the Mediterranean region and the bulk of these battles are the battles of what Scripture calls the battles of the “Isles”. Here, watch the word “islands of the Mediterranean were getting hammered” (00:27):

The Ottomans laid their locust eggs in Europe and Russia. In Europe we have four Muslim states of Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo and of course Turkey. Bosnia was the center of the Christian heretics called the Bogomils who are counted as martyrs by today’s Protestant prophecy mania crowds. Bosnia is supported by the US led West which supports Turkey and God will not sleep over such issues.

The Ottomans and Persians also converted to Islam some Russian states in the North Caucasus residing between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea: Circassians, Balkars, Chechens, Ingush, Kabardin, Karachay, and numerous Dagestani peoples. Also, in the middle of the Volga Basin reside populations of Bulgars and Bashkirs. Then we have former Soviet Republics Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Azerbaijan and Turkey want to increase their influence in Central Asia by strengthening ties with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan via the Cooperation Council of Turkic-Speaking States.

After the Ottoman Empire annexed Bosnia in 1463, the first Ottoman ruler made Sarajevo into the capital. In the next 200 years, Sarajevo became the largest and most important city in Ottoman-controlled Europe until the 17th Century when Sarajevo was attacked by the Austrians and the city was burned down. The Ottoman Empire continued to weaken and lose territory to Russia and others.

This history is repeating itself and we see today a polarization in Europe, where European Muslim countries like Bosnia, Albania and others will magnetize towards the Ottomans while Serbia and others (refined Christian) will magnetize towards Russia.

We project that the attacks by Muslim terrorists in major European cities will have a great deal of affect in people’s everyday lives which will aid to revive the ancient conflict between Islam and Christendom. But it is not only terrorism. The “Sykes-Picot line” – agreed on by Britain and France in 1916 and the attempt to recreate what resembled the seven heads of the Muslim Caliphate and the repeated claim that the world is divided into the “House of Islam” and the “House of War” by that the revival of the fierce and ancient Christian/Muslim divide will erupt again.

How Europe will be refined and how God will bring Christendom out of the falling away is simple. Regarding Europe as a whole there are two schools of thought; Eurocentrism, which is European Exceptionalism and a worldview centered on Western civilization and then we have the Eurosceptic who oppose the E.U. The latter will eventually be the winner as the war of the Babel-centric tugs with the nationalists.

The first (Euroecentric) believe that we live in a global world and to be successful, must unify since no single European state, not even Germany, has the economic power to compete against the US and China (which God mightily is converting to Christianity, especially in upper classes). This dream cannot succeed without liberalism to avoid religious and cultural divisions, and so no matter what terror attack happens, they are so centered on calling Islam “moderate” and “peaceful”. No matter what will happen these will trumpet the usual:

“Muslims mourn those who died in Brussels, just like everybody else does. We empathise in just the same way. But Islamophobia distracts the world from this” (a liberal idiot from The Guardian named Allan Henesey)

These insist that:

“Turkey, even under its present regime, has hardly ever wavered in its desire to become a member of the Union. We need the Turks and the EU should make more use of the powers of leverage it undoubtedly possesses to improve the political situation within the country. A European Turkey may well be the first real step toward modernizing the rest of the Middle East.”

This worped thinking sort of says, that if one allows the fox in the henhouse long enough, that through evolution, the fox will turn into a hen.

While these write-off religion as a factor and a game player, here comes Islam to shatter their attempts and their myth. Whenever the West ignores its sickness, here comes the virus with fevers as hot as fire from Brussels to Paris. While many think that the current invasion of migrants is the main problem, think over 80 Million more Muslims are preparing to enter the EU if and when Turkey joins it. This will be an Islamic Army entering Europe to help their fellow 20 million muslims to win Demographic Jihad against Europe.

Currently, by repeated attacks of terror all over Europe, this, they hope, will lead to a European civil war that will eventually allow them to establish the Caliphate in Europe itself and “conquer Rome.”

To understand how Europe will unfold we must focus not only on the economic trends. The US-Russian future move toward Eastern Europe after both put much focus on Iran and Afghanistan. The U.S. will focus on Poland and Romania to likely be the chief ally of the United States in the region. Poland borders the Atlantic Ocean (via the Baltic Sea). This provides it access to English-speaking countries like Britain, the United States and Canada. In response to an American-Romanian axis, Russia would gain Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary and Bulgaria are both potentially significant to Russia. Bulgaria can give the Russians access to the Mediterranean Sea via Greece or the Balkans, without having to pass through the Turkish Straits While Serbia and Bulgaria are both Slavic and Orthodox countries that have historically often looked towards Russia for support when flighting against Muslim Turkey, Muslim Albania and Muslim Bosnia.

We are witnessing the spark. In Serbia, around 6,000 took the streets of Belgrade on last Saturday to protest against Serbia’s recent cooperation agreement with NATO. The deal, signed in February, guarantees diplomatic immunity and freedom of movement throughout Serbia for NATO troops. This would mean that Turkey’s troops will be visiting Serbia in the future.

To understand Bible Prophecy regarding Europe click here

Thousands of anti-government protesters marched in the Moldavian capital of Chisinau on Sunday, calling for “unification with Romania.” The protesters carried national flags and balloons in the colours of the flag. The demonstration marks 98 years since the now non-existent Moldavian Democratic Republic was unified with Romania.

It is clear that the 66 years push for citizens of European countries to get used to thinking of themselves as ‘European citizens’ and not simply as national ones is failing. The EU. Leaders of member states have surprisingly easy approved the deal with Turkey, according to which it looks like the EU is not fully selling.

Scuffles erupted as hundreds of far-right protesters, mostly members of the social group “Sacred Band,” demonstrated against refugees and the so-called ‘Islamification’ of Greece in Thessaloniki on Sunday. A counter-protest staged by a group of around 200 antifa demonstrators, organized by the Movement Against Racism and the Threat of Fascism (KEERFA), took place close to the site. A heavy police presence was deployed to prevent altercations between the two groups.


“For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.” (Matthew 24:28, KJV)

“And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is,
thither will the eagles be gathered together.” (Luke 17:37, KJV)

I have erred in the past “Eagles” is the literal translation of “αετοι” (Thayer, Strong’s) and this does not connect to Ezekiel’s “vultures”. Many err seeing Matthew 24:28 and Luke 17:37 based on the assumption that these verses describe the sight of birds eating dead flesh.

Eagles at times are angels: “And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect.”

The “eagles” in Luke 17:37

34 I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. 35 Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 36 Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 37 And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together.” (Luke 17:34-37)

The eagles are the righteous and the body is the body of Christ, the Eucharist. It is prevented from practice by the Antichrist after taking away the sacrifice, the Eucharist (initially made of wheat). God, as punishment against him, will take away the wheat from the Antichrist’s kingdom where the measure thereof is for a denarius, for his abolishing of the grain offering.

This threat was and will be “a flood that spews out of the mouth of the Dragon-Beast” (Revelation 12) which was eventually “swallowed up by the earth” (Revelation 12:16) when the Caliphate will get the final deadly wound.

To which empire can any student of history of the Bible credit of being the greatest persecutor of the church besides the Islamic invasions against Christendom?

Even today, we see the same flood where we daily witness demonstrations encompassing Europe from  Greece (against the Islamification of Greece) to Moldovia and Serbia. The turmoil will be Europe’s ‘refinement as gold is refined’. It will be underway for the few years to come, and we will report on it since it will be a focus of’s prophetic tracking as we started this last Sunday.

In the meanwhile, keep the oil in your lamps, be steadfast, endure, until the end and be saved.

With love from your brother

Walid Shoebat


(1) See John of Damascus on Islam, The Heresy of the Ishmaelites. Also, Balkan and Italian provinces, strongly opposed iconoclasm. Balkan and Italian provinces, strongly opposed iconoclasm. who had to deal frequently with raids from the new Muslim Empire. The “First Iconoclasm”, as it is sometimes called, lasted between about 726 and 787. The “Second Iconoclasm” was between 814 and 842.

(2)  History of the Jews of the Netherlands Antilles, Volume 2, Isaac Samuel Emmanuel, Suzanne A. Emmanuel, American Jewish Archives, 1970. p. 754: “Between 1869 and 1871 Hebron was plagued with a severe drought. Food was so scarce that the little available sold for ten times the normal value. Although the rains came in 1871, there was no easing of the famine, for the farmers had no seed to sow. The [Jewish] community was obliged to borrow money from non-Jews at exorbitant interest rates in order to buy wheat for their fold. Their leaders finally decided to send their eminent Chief Rabbi Eliau [Soliman] Mani to Egypt to obtain relief.” A drought in 1872 led to massive crop failures across the Empire. Locust swarms denuded Cyprus of crops. A harsh winter led to widespread starvation. Dead bodies were seen on the streets of Istanbul and packs of wolves were observed attacking people in the suburbs. Flooding caused by the spring thaw made matters worse. By early 1874, 90 per cent of the livestock in Anatolia and the southern Balkans had been slaughtered for food.

(3) The rise of nationalism swept through many countries during the 19th century, and the Ottoman Empire was not immune. A burgeoning national consciousness, together with a growing sense of ethnic nationalism, made nationalistic thought one of the most significant Western ideas imported to the Ottoman empire, as it was forced to deal with nationalism-related issues both within and beyond its borders. There was a significant increase in the number of revolutionary political parties. Uprisings in Ottoman territory had many far-reaching consequences during the 19th century and determined much of Ottoman policy during the early 20th century. Many Ottoman Turks questioned whether the policies of the state were to blame: some felt that the sources of ethnic conflict were external, and unrelated to issues of governance. While this era was not without some successes, the ability of the Ottoman state to have any effect on ethnic uprisings was seriously called into question. Greece declared its independence from the Empire in 1829 after the end of the Greek War of Independence. Reforms did not halt the rise of nationalism in the Danubian Principalities and Serbia, which had been semi-independent for almost 6 decades; in 1875 SerbiaMontenegroBosniaWallachia and Moldova declared their independence from the Empire; and following the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, independence was formally granted to SerbiaRomania and Montenegro, and autonomy to Bulgaria, with the other Balkan territories remaining under Ottoman control. A Serbian Jew, Yehuda Solomon Alkalai, encouraged a return to Zion and independence for Israel during this wave of decolonialization. During the Tanzimat period (from Arabic Tanzîmât, meaning “reorganization”) (1839–1876), a series of constitutional reforms led to a fairly modern conscripted army, banking system reforms, and the replacement of guilds with modern factories. In 1856, the Hatt-ı Hümayun promised equality for all Ottoman citizens irrespective of their ethnicity and confession, widening the scope of the 1839 Hatt-ı Şerif of Gülhane. The Christian millets gained privileges; such as in 1863 the Armenian National Constitution (Ottoman Turkish:”Nizâmnâme-i Millet-i Ermeniyân”) was Divan approved form of the “Code of Regulations” composed of 150 articles drafted by the “Armenian intelligentsia”, and newly formed “Armenian National Assembly“. The reformist period peaked with the Constitution, called the Kanûn-ı Esâsî (meaning “Basic Law” in Ottoman Turkish), written by members of the Young Ottomans, which was promulgated on 23 November 1876. It established freedom of belief and equality of all citizens before the law. The empire’s First Constitutional era (or Birinci Meşrûtiyet Devri in Turkish), was short-lived; however, the idea behind it (Ottomanism), proved influential as a wide-ranging group of reformers known as the Young Ottomans, primarily educated in Western universities, believed that a constitutional monarchy would provide an answer to the empire’s growing social unrest. Through a military coup in 1876, they forced Sultan Abdülaziz (1861–1876) to abdicate in favour of Murad V. However, Murad V was mentally ill, and was deposed within a few months. His heir-apparent Abdülhamid II (1876-1909) was invited to assume power on the condition that he would accept to declare a constitutional monarchy, which he did on 23 November 1876. However, the parliament survived for only two years. The sultan suspended, not abolished, the parliament until he was forced to reconvene it. The effectiveness of Kanûn-ı Esâsî was then largely minimized. During this time, the Empire faced challenges in defending itself against foreign invasion and occupation. Egypt was occupied by the French in 1798. Following defeat in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, Cyprus was lent to the British in 1878 in exchange for Britain’s favors at the Congress of Berlin. The empire ceased to enter conflicts on its own and began to forge alliances with European countries such as France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Russia. As an example, in the Crimean War the Ottomans united with the British, French, and others against Russia. Economically, the empire had difficulty in repaying the Ottoman public debt to European banks, which caused the establishment of The Council of Administration of the Ottoman Public Debt. By the end of the 19th century, the main reason the empire was not entirely overrun by Western powers came from the Balance of Power doctrine. Both Austria and Russia wanted to increase their spheres of influence and territory at the expense of the Ottoman Empire, but were kept in check mostly by the United Kingdom, which feared Russian dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean.


All these represent the same landmass and past empires (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Roman) making the seventh the Ottoman and the re-creation of it all in the end (the eighth) which comprises two Sunni and Shiite horns and seats of power. Even the time-span matches and metallic makeup in Daniel’s image including the ten crowns.

Now to the detail:

(1) The Rashidun Caliphate (first head 632-661) centered in Arabia, Iraq, Syria.

Founded by (1st crown) Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq and (2nd crown) Hasan ibn Ali’ , Grandson of Muhammad  Son of ‘Ali ibn Abi-Talib which branched into the Shiites. This sprouted the two horns and is why it is a  “divided kingdom”:

Arid whereas thou sawest the feet, and the toes, part of potter’s clay, and part of iron: the kingdom shall be divided, but yet it shall take its origin from the iron, according as thou sawest the iron mixed with the miry clay. (Daniel 2:41)

The beastly kingdom is Asia Minor (Turkey) which was the eastern Roman Empire: Iron.

The feet are the two divided empire which led to the origin of Shiism Hasan abdicated after six or seven months for Mu’awiyah who defeated him and established the the Umayyad Dynasty of the caliphate.


Name_of_Hasan_in_Arabic_in_Hagia_Sophia,_April_2013 Top “Abu Bakr” first Caliph. Bottom Hassan, second Caliph. Two crowns. Icons at Hagia Sohpia church in Istanbul.

It’s most notable advancement on Christendom was four years after its inception when Omar bin Al-Khattab began to advance into Christian Byzantine territory and then came the decisive Battle of Yarmouk in Harmageddon (Megiddo, Armageddon) in August 636 when the Christian Emperor Heraclius was defeated by Islamic hordes.

And its not as if Christians did not interpret prophecy the way I do. Mine is no private interpretation.  Sophronius, the Christian Arab from my village in Bethlehem who was there at the time Patriarch of Jerusalem in 636 A.D, explained how in his sermon on the Day of the Epiphany 636 A.D. used John’s Apocalypse to announce that this is Antichrist when he bewailed the destruction of the churches and monasteries, how the sacked towns, the fields laid waste, the villages burned down by the Muslim nomads who were overrunning the country then to later invade Jerusalem itself and occupy it under Umar bin Al-Khattab.

Under the Rashidun Caliphate, the Christian world suffered the conquest of Christian Syria in 637 and the conquest of Christian Armenia in 639 and also the conquest of Christian Egypt in 639 A.D reducing the population of the Christian Copts gradually from nine million to 700,000 at the early 1900’s. Then we had the conquest of Christian North Africa, 652, then the conquest of Christian Cyprus, 654.

Early Islamic conquests

Rashidun Caliphate expansion from Arabia (dark green) then to Syria and the Holy Land (lighter green) then to Egypt, North Africa and to Iraq and Persia.

(2) Umayyad Caliphate (second head, 661-750):

Appointed Muʿāwiyah ibn ʾAbī Ṣufyān (3rd crown) centered in Mecca and Abd-ar-Rahman III (4th crown) centered in Christian Spain and North Africa and reached to east China borders and southern France Africa Morocco. 

They invaded one of Christendom’s headquarters in Catholic Spain in 711 A.D and also in Christian Armenia in 693 (and during the third head, Abbasid all the way to 862). Under the Umayyads, more conquests into Christian North Africa, 665, then the first Arab siege of Christian Constantinople, 674–678, then the second Arab siege of Christian Constantinople, 717–718. Then the conquest of Georgia, 736.


Umayyad Caliphate not only took whatever the Rashidun had, but expanded further into north Africa and Spain (Europe) and past Persia

slide_16(3) Abbasid Caliphate (third head 750-945/1258/1517):

Founded by Abul `Abbas al-Saffaḥ or the butcher (5th crown) centered in Baghdad and Al-Mustansir Billah (6th crown) centered in Cairo.

The reason for 3 ending dates for the Abbasid caliphate is due to the fact that Abbasid rule became co-opted by other rulers. In 945, the Buyid dynasty gained control of Baghdad (and therefore controlled the Abbasid caliph), in 1258 Baghdad was sacked by the Mongols, who killed the Abbasid caliph. The Abbasid Caliphate was quickly reinstated in Egypt under the Mamluks. In 1517, the Ottomans defeated the Mamluks, took the Abbasid caliph back by force to Istanbul, and eventually declared themselves as caliphs.

They Invaded Christian Crete, 820, then the conquest of Christian southern Italy, 827 and 831–902. Even the Seven Churches which were the Seven Lampstands in Asia Minor mentioned in Revelations by John, the very churches the apostles established, the beacon of Christendom and the descendants of these churches began to end at the beginning with the conquest of Anatolia in 1060 through the Seljuks who were Turkic nomads from Turkmenistan, related to the Uighurs (who are today in China as well) who entered the Abbasid empire around 950 AD and gradually converted to Sunni Islam. The Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm (literally gave themselves the title of Roman Sultanate) was a Turko-Persian Sunni Muslim state, established in the parts of Anatolia which had been conquered from the Christian Byzantine Empire.

Officially Islam became the Roman Empire of the east.


(4) The Fatimid Caliphate (fourth head 910-1171):

Founded by al-Mahdi Billah (7th crown) established Fatimid rule (Shiite) throughout much of North Africa, Hejaz, Palestine and the Levant.

The Fatimid invaded Egypt and established Al-Azhar University which is the hub of Islamic jurisprudence until today that unites the Muslim Brotherhood with Turkey’s Erdogan.

It was the Rustamid Imamate, an independent Shiite political entity that took advantage of the relative weakness of Abbasid control controlling Christian territory what is now Tunisia, as well as parts of present-day Morocco, Algeria, and Libya. It remained in power for a little over a century, until the Fatimid conquests in 909. The persecuted the Egyptian Copts under al-Ḥākim bi-Amr-Allāh (985–1021)


(5) The Ayyubid Caliphate (fifth head 1171-1260):

It was the Mamluk regiments who constituted the backbone of Egypt’s military under Ayyubid rule in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, beginning with Sultan Saladin (8th crown) who replaced the Fatimids‘ African infantry with mamluks. Saladin became every Islamist’s dream to emulate even today.

The name Ayyubid stems from Salah-u-Din Al-Ayyubi. In 1244 it was the Mamluks who conquered Christian Jerusalem from the Crusaders, and in 1245 Louis IX of France led the 7th Crusade to try to get it back, but the Mamluks captured him and from them came Saladin launched conquests throughout the region and by 1183, the territories under his control included Egypt, Syria, northern Mesopotamia, Hejaz, Yemen, and the North African coast up to the borders of modern-day Tunisia.

He invaded The Christian Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem which was a crusader state established in the Southern Levant in 1099 after the First Crusade. The Kingdom of Jerusalem fell to Saladin after his victory at the Battle of Hattin then the Crusaders had a comeback and regained control of Israel’s coastline in the 1190s.


(6) The Almohad Caliphate (1147-1269):

The Alomhads (9th crown) ruled major areas of the Maghreb and Muslim Spain. Almohads declared an everlasting Jihad against the Christians in 1148 after they arrived in Central Spain and shored up the Muslim defenses and imposing their tyrannical rule. Alfonso VIII of Castile (1158-1214) decided to try an offensive. He met the Almohads in battle at Las Navas de Tolosa, where the Muslims were defeated. In the 1220s, then, Muslim Spain began to politically fragment all over again, at the same time as Ferdinand III of Castile was reaching majority, and James of Aragon was coming into his own. Starting from 1229 and lasting to 1250, the majority of Spain was retaken by the Christians. This was highlighted by the fall of Cordoba in 1235, which was once the Umayyad capital. The Christian conquest of Seville by Ferdinand in 1248 was the next high watermark of the Reconquista.

(7) Ottoman Caliphate (1517–1923 the seventh head):

Founded by Selim I (10th crown) and by that he was the tenth and final horn. This one encompassed all and is the seventh which is also the eighth (to revive in our time) and is the crux of the whole infolding story.  Ottoman caliphs ruled over an empire that, at its peak, covered Anatolia, most of the Middle East, North Africa, the Caucasus, and extended deep into Christian Eastern Europe. Most ignore that Turkey is in Europe and is part of Europe. Erdogan of Turkey today fancies himself is the resurrection of Selim I, the 10th horn and if the Caliphate is established from Turkey it is the 11th little horn: the Antichrist.

The Ottoman came after the Mamluk came in when the Abbasids recruited slave soldiers mainly from Turkic non-Muslims captured in areas north of the Black Sea, the steppes of present-day Southwestern Russia and the Caucasus. The mamluks were often sold into slavery by impoverished steppe families or kidnapped by slave-traders then converted to Islam. The Kipchak Turks finally took the mantle from the Ayyubid where Qutb-ud-din Aibak became a Sultan. It was in 1144, the Mamluk general Imad-ud-Din Zangi conquered Christian Edessa, one of the Crusader states founded after the First Crusade. Then came the Muslim Sultan Baybars and the Bahri Mamluks defeated the last of the Crusaders in 1263. They killed 16,000 Christian soldiers and sold all of the hundred thousand Christians living in Antioch as slaves.


It was in 1517, when Ottoman sultan Selim I induced Al-Mutawakkil III to formally surrender the title of caliph after defeating the Mamluk Sultanate and by that history began the Ottoman Caliphate.


Ottoman Empire

This included Muslim-Christian wars with the Byzantine–Ottoman Wars in the 13th century, followed by the Bulgarian–Ottoman Wars and the Serbian–Ottoman Wars in the 14th century. Much of this period was defined by Ottoman expansion into the Balkans and modern-day Serbia, which allowed the Empire to gain a foothold in Christian eastern Europe. The Ottoman Empire made further inroads into Christian Central Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, culminating in the peak of Turkish territorial claims in Europe.

There was a backslide in Ottoman military dominance after the unsuccessful Siege of Vienna in 1529 and the Ottoman-Habsburg wars. European powers began to consolidate against the Ottomans and formed the Holy Catholic League, reversing a number of Ottoman land gains during the Great Turkish War of the late 1600s which had the Christians lost it would have been the end of Christianity.