The Antichrist Is Ruling Germany From Pergamum Where The Seat Of Antichrist Is


By Walid Shoebat

What we see happening in Germany should solve the dilemma on the question if it is Germany or if it is Turkey that will be “the seat of the Antichrist”. Many argued that the Altar of Pergamum in Turkey was moved to Germany, therefore Germany has become the seat of Antichrist, while others say that Pergamum is Pergamum and not just its altar making Turkey the seat of Antichrist.

But perhaps both views are correct, since this new Hitler, Erdogan, does not have to reside in Germany but can rule Germany from Pergamum.

This becomes obvious when we see that a German prosecutor’s office has just confirmed that it is investigating  TV comedian Jan Böhmermann saying “he violated the law by reciting a “defamatory poem” about this Antichrist, Turkish President Erdogan, while Chancellor Angela Merkel called the piece “deliberately insulting.”

“The prosecutor’s office has received some 20 complaints from private individuals,” said the city of Mainz’s general prosecutor, Andrea Keller, on Wednesday, while commenting on the opening of the probe, Spiegel reports. “Already received and possible further incoming complaints will be gathered and processed within the investigation,” she added.

The prosecution is to determine whether Böhmermann, the host of German state broadcaster ZDF’s satirical program “Neo Magazine Royale,” breached section 103 of the German criminal code that forbids insulting official bodies and representatives of foreign states.

For many years, the naive said that Islam can never represent the system of Antichrist and only a new world government can. Ya right. Erdogan controls U.S. president including the old, ugly wretched  prostitute of Germany.

The piece titled “Schmähkritik” (“Defamatory”) accused Erdogan of suppressing minorities such as Kurds and Christians, while hurling numerous sexually explicit insults at the Antichrist Turkish President.

Meanwhile, the German Ministry of Justice was reportedly asked by the prosecution “to determine, if Turkey had launched a criminal probe in the name of its head of state.” Section 104 of the German criminal code allows prosecutors to proceed with such investigations only at a foreign government’s request. So far, Turkey has not even initiated any formal proceedings against the comedian, yet Merkel jumps when Erdogan says jump. Hitler does not have to reside in Germany.

In an attempt to remedy the situation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel blasted the poem as “deliberately insulting” in a phone conversation with Turkish Prime-Minister Ahmet Devil Oglu (Davutoğlu) on Sunday, according government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

In the wake of the conversation, a video recording of the poem was removed from ZDF’s website. The broadcaster’s spokesman, Alexander Stock, said that “what was presented in the form of a poem for us have been a step too far,” adding that the decision to take down the clip was made with Böhmermann’s participation, as cited by the German NTV news site.

We told you that Germany will work closely with Turkey, that Germany will turn back its clock and once again shed its evil upon the earth. From its inception and its menace against the Holy Roman Empire, to its  manufacturing of schisms and down to Hitler and now this new Hitler of Pergamum; Germany, uncontrolled, will always resort to evil and partner with Antichrists.

It was from Germany that pressure on the freedom of expression began even here with the wrath of Merkel on Facebook, Google and Youtube. Angela will drink the bitter sea of Marmara while she copulates with the Antichrist between the two seas.


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