UK: Muslim thugs savagely beat and kick a man’s head in at a gas pump leaving him with a fractured skull and eye socket

By BI: The sickening attack on the 25-year-old non-Muslim victim was captured on CCTV at the Gulf petrol station in Bristol Road, Birmingham. The footage, from which The Sun has removed the final scenes because they are so distressing, shows the man desperately trying to run away from his attackers.




The Sun  The innocent victim falls over and is kicked and punched repeatedly by two Asian men while he holds his hands up begging for mercy.  The 1.09-minute clip shows the men kicking his head dozens of times before he slumps unconscious with his head resting at a grotesque angle at the foot of the petrol pumps.

A young woman in dress and high heels comes to the man’s aid but is forced to flee when a hooded yob marches over to the unconscious man and jabs him in the throat.  Another man is then seen rifling through the injured man’s pockets. The man is seen to come to but is savagely kicked in the face knocking him out again.