A real Hollywood hero pays tribute to the heroes of the greatest generation

By BI: With a hero’s welcome, the Gary Sinise Foundation is bringing WWII veterans and their guardians to The National WWII Museum in New Orleans. One-of-a-kind experiences include a tour of this incredible museum, as well as entertainment, celebratory meals and an opportunity for community with their fellow veterans.



Every WWII veteran is a living library. Their first-person accounts of the war are treasures to be preserved. Through Soaring Valor, we’ve partnered with The National WWII Museum to record the individual stories of America’s Greatest Generation and share them with the world.


For those who cannot travel, we’re sponsoring a historian from the museum to conduct interviews with WWII veterans in the comfort of their own homes.


Find out more about The National WWII Museum’s oral history program, including how to submit a written history and to record video or audio personal accounts. All oral history applications will be recorded in the museum’s permanent database of WWII veterans.


“I’m very appreciative for how this program treats our World War II veterans. Their efforts and sacrifices changed the character of our nation and I would like these men and women to be given the credit they deserve. Thank you for this opportunity and helping me understand and capture the history of what my father went through. Thank you.” -Son of Soaring Valor WWII participant.


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