So sorry to have to report that Pope Francis has now taken Muslim pandering to a whole new level

By BI: Pope Francis actually begged the forgiveness of illegal alien Muslim invaders, asking them to “forgive our (European/Christian) closed-mindedness and indifference” and insisting that each migrant has “the face of God.” “Forgive the closed-mindedness and indifference of our societies, which fear the change of lifestyle and mentality that your presence requires.”

Did the Pope happen to miss these and other hateful signs held up by Muslims already living in Western countries?


As posted here, last Saturday, on the Greek island of Lesbos, the Pope brought 12 Syrian refugees back to Italy with him aboard the papal plane as a “gesture of welcome.” All the members of the three families are Muslims, despite the fact that Syrian Christians who are being slaughtered by Muslims all over the Middle East, are in much more dire need of rescuing.