Barack Hussein Obama ‘Sieg Heils’ Chancellor Angela Merkel for her policies of welcoming in more than 1 million Muslim invaders to rape and pillage Germany

By BI: The “simpatico” between President Barack Obama and Merkel is evidenced by their body language captured at the start of the president’s two-day visit to Germany. Obama hailed German Chancellor Angela Merkel as being on the “right side of history” with her welcoming refugee policy, although critics denounced his praise as hollow lip service.


AFP  Right off the bat, Obama praised Merkel for sticking to a welcoming policy towards migrants even as Europe capitals have been shaken by deadly terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS:

Speaking in the northern German city of Hanover, Obama said the embattled Merkel had “demonstrated real political and moral leadership” in letting in more than 1.1 million people fleeing war and misery.”She is giving voice to the kinds of principles that bring people together rather than divide them.”


While the reticent Merkel blushed at the glowing praise, German officials and commentators charged that Obama’s administration had done little to help her as Europe struggles with its biggest migrant crisis since World War II. Influential news weekly Der Spiegel slammed Obama’s comments as “hypocritical given the American role in this drama.”