More Americans Have Already Flocked In Support For Donald Trump Than Muslims Have Flocked To Worship Allah At Mecca


By Walid Shoebat

It is estimated that 2 million Muslim pilgrims flocked to Mecca for the annual Hajj pilgrimage to worship Allah. That number (2 million) was the number for only the difference so far in voters who flocked to The Donald over Mitt Romney’s record in 2012. Even democratic strategists realize it; Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton like a “baby seal,” and just as we said months ago that more Americans will flock to vote Trump than Muslims flock for Mecca to worship Allah.

Remember the days when they called Trump’s entry a clown candidacy? Compare that with what everyone now says about The Donald victories and rise in the polls?

“working class whites who haven’t already left the Democratic Party for cultural reasons will do so now for economic ones.”

Trump they say will knock Hillary around like a baby seal and gulp her up.

“I know a ton of Democrats — male, female, black and white — here [in southern Virginia] who are going to vote for Trump. It’s all because of economic reasons. It’s because of his populist message,” says Democratic strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders.

Hillary Clinton, throughout the Democratic primary, has relied heavily on the black vote while she ignored white men. Hillary was expecting to go up against Jeb Bush who voted for the Iraq war, but then came Trump and Hillary’s entire rule-book is thrown out the window.

And while they speak of the hispanic Vote, Trump does not need Colorado, Nevada or New Mexico while California, Arizona and Texas are not swing states. Where the hispanic vote matters will be in Florida which is mostly legal Cubans and they vote Republican and vastly outnumber Puerto Ricans and Mexicans.

These days negative ads of racism and sexism is becoming old. The charges against Trump are like Palestinian stone throwers, they simply embolden Americans to still support Israel.

Trump has already inoculated everyone and the more they take jabs at him the better. The smear campaigners already ran out of things to say. From Rosie O’Donnell to Megyn Kelly and even religion, you had the Pope himself attack Trump and it only emboldened Christians to love Trump even more.

From claims of loving Hitler, Mussolini and David Duke to Trump insulted John McCain’s military service, he even hurled a menstruation jab at Megyn Kelly, calling Mexicans “rapists” and “criminals,” promised to ban all Muslims from entering the country and even called Ted Cruz a “pussy” … it all helped Trump. Paint Trump as Hitler and it simply helps him.


The outcome of this ad is a POSITIVE (not Negative) ad for Trump

The more negative ads the better. Trump’s enemies simply poured and spend their money to aid Trump’s campaign.

And as far as the women vote, you will always find stupid women who just want a female president no matter what. So what? And no, this remark of mine is not sexist, there are stupid men too.

But numbers do not lie, in New York the results, among other states, Trump did just fine with GOP women.

And what about the blacks? If one takes away the honey (Obama), the flies vanish. And again, no, I am not calling blacks flies, I am simply giving an analogy how people are, that, plus Americans are getting tired of not being able to make Pollack jokes. With Obama gone blacks will not turn out as much and with him gone Americans can finally get a break from all the accusations of Islamophobia, xenophobia, Afrophobia and homophobia. E5-N-Afrophobia [UCTRhodesMustFall-Facebook

Everyone is flocking for Trump as Muslims flock to the Hajj. Every anti-Xenophobia demonstration at a  Trump rally are simply folks coming to contribute more votes for Trump as the nations contributed gifts to King Solomon. People are simply sick of these demonstrations.

It makes no difference. In fact, the xenophobic comments helped and proves that in the exit polls from recent Republican primaries shows overwhelming support: Pennsylvania (69%), New York (69%), Wisconsin (69%), Florida (64%), Georgia (68%), Ohio (65%) and in New Hampshire (65%).

In every state, democrats are seeing a significant decline in voter turnout from the 2008 election with as much as half in Texas (this is a huge number) and in South Carolina by a third and Virginia by one-fifth.  There were 8.3 million Republicans voted compared to only 5.6 million Democrats in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia the numbers are smashing previous turnout records. With Texas Republicans nearly doubled their previous record, while primaries or caucuses in Tennessee, Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas and Minnesota each pulled in 50 percent more voters than ever before …

They all flock to Trump as Muslims flock to the Hajj.

Today’s reality is much different. Today conspiracy theorists outnumber the hispanic votes. Years ago conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones would never make it in the media. These days we daily are up against conspiracy theories from Jesuits running the world, New World Order, 911-coverup, the Vatican rules the world, secret societies control the world  …

But the top conspiracy is the fear of a New World Order. When it comes to these, Trump wins since he is anti-globalization where NATO not paying its fair share and “lets build that wall” is very appealing to the conspiracy theorists. People forget the huge block is not blacks, hispanics or Muslim; 50% of Americans believe in some sort of conspiracy theory or another.

Hillary’s campaign would be better off to running ads through a third party of a love affair she had with The Donald and is why Cruz says that Trump and Clinton are two sides of the same coin. But even that won’t work, Hillary is really really ugly.


All of Hillary’s minimum wage, Free community college, lower university prices … is banking on students who by large do not vote. That, plus the stupidest block in America (young youth) wanted an old geezer named Bernie Sanders. And to add more insult to injury, the biggest complaining block, young adult voters, between the ages of 18 through 24 have consistently voted at lower rates than all other age groups in every presidential election since 1962.

The more an individual like the young adults is prone to complain, the more they are useless and help Trump, especially by rallying against him.

This is why I usually ban these from commenting on my own blog since their views are not worth the space on the comment box. Complainers are useless and young adults hardly pay tithes and is why most churches go bust when they tick off the elderly.

And what if Trump doesn’t get the magical number of 1237? Even if Trump won’t get 1237 delegates, in few days you will see Marco Rubio begging Trump to be VP.

When it comes to politics, most politicians are worse than the harlot of Babylon when it comes to their seat of power. But this will not be necessary, we predict that Trump will get more than 1237 and will not need the Cuban cigar salesmen.

In America the look factor is everything, Trump’s family is presentable and likable while Hillary’s is not and having Bill become the ‘first lady’ is a lousy idea. Americans will never get used to “the first dude”.


Hillary is out of touch. She lives in a bubble and is way out of date. Her gun control is fighting the Second Amendment. Even in Europe liberalism is on the decline. Westerners are not ready to give it all up for Muslims, gays, foreigners and the tiny delta smelt fish in California.

As I said back in February, what is catapulting Trump is the White Factor:

“The White-American folks are simply tired of listening to all these discussions and they see skin pigment as Latte, dark Mocha-Latte and White Mocha Latte. They could care less, so long all the Lattes speak English. They are not racists and prefer black-coffee over tea. What they really hate is when calling a company they only get “press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish”.

This is why I avoid the mainstream media. Now they are telling us “it’s a long time until November, and so much can happen between now and then” and they are telling us that “the enthusiasm gap will not carry over into the general election in November because of Trump”.


These are the same people who told us that Trump won’t run. He did. They told us that he will never make high ratings in the polls. He did. They told us that he would never make it past Iowa. He did. They told us that his comments on Mexicans and Muslims will bring him down. It didn’t. They told us that the Evangelicals will not vote for him. They did. They told us that his rating will never match Hillary’s. They did, even soaring like an eagle.

Two months ago we told you so that Trump will soar, even a year ago when he only gained 4% we predicted  it.