Message to illegal alien Muslim invaders…”Go ahead, set yourself on fire, you still won’t be allowed to settle in Australia”

By BI: Australia has vowed NOT to change its refugee policy after a Somali Muslim woman seeking asylum set fire to herself in protest over her detention on the Pacific island of Nauru. It is the latest self-immolation by a Muslim migrant in Australian custody. Last week, a 23 year-old Iranian man died after setting himself alight.


24/7Inquirer  Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton acknowledged there had been a rise in cases of self-harm but blamed refugee advoctates for inciting such acts. The detention centre on Nauru where the Somali woman was being held is one of several off-shore camps operated by Australia, where illegal aliens are detained. Most will never be allowed to settle in Australia.

The Somali woman, named Hadon, set herself on fire at the controversial immigration detention center on the Australian island of Nauru, just days after another man died from injuries he sustained in his own self-immolation attempt.


The 21-year-old woman, who is also referred to as Hadan in media reports, suffered critical injuries from the self-immolation. The Nauru government responded to these suicide attempts by saying it is “distressed that refugees are attempting such dreadful acts in order to attempt to influence the Australian Government’s immigration policies,”

Hadon was living at the detention center after being forcibly removed from Australia, where she was being treated for unrelated medical issues. She was returned to Nauru last week after her health improved.

Why don’t these illegal alien Muslim sympathizers take them into THEIR homes?

Why don’t these illegal alien Muslim sympathizers take them into THEIR homes?

Left wing immigrant advocates are placing the blame at the feet of Peter Dutton, the country’s immigration minister, who has encouraged his government to send border arrivals to the islands of Nauru and Papua New Guinea. From there, asylum seekers are either deported back to their home countries or resettled to another country like Indonesia. This essentially amounts to an “offshore detention regime,” according to Australian legal experts.

About 550 people, including 70 children, live in Nauru’s detention center, some of whom have compared it to a prison. The center has come under frequent scrutiny for its deplorable conditions, including reports of sexual and physical abuse of women and children by their fellow Muslims.