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German Government Says That Islam Has Nothing To Do With German Convert To Islam Screaming “Infidel You Must Die, Allah Akbar!” While Stabbing Random Non-Muslims At Train Station

Notice a problem with this report? If you didn’t notice it, go back to :28- A political motivation for the attack?   I have seen a lot of interesting political fights, arguments, and even conflicts. However, I have never heard, nor have I ever used “Allahu Akbar” in a political conflict…because screaming “Allah Akbar” before going on a […]

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Prepare For A New Dark Ages Because Western Civilization Is Dying Right Before Our Eyes

German Philosopher Georg Hegel once wrote that “the only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.” His observation during his life was very accurate, both for the past and future generations. Each generation of men builds on the lessons from their ancestors, and whatever lessons that are not learned are […]

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ISIS Accuses Seven-Year-Old Syrian Boy Of ‘Insulting The Caliphate,’ They Arrest Him For Insulting Islam And Then Blow His Brains Out In Public Execution

And to think this is what we in the West are supposed to be “tolerant” and “understanding of.” Yet it is coming, and unless we fight back against Islam, we who once recoiled in horror at the though of murdering small children for Allah will see those who come after us rejoice and support this evil: […]

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