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Muslims Enter A Christian Woman’s House And Tell Her That She Must Leave Or Die, The Mother Begs Them For Mercy, The Muslims Take Her Daughter And Burn Her Alive, As The Christian Girl Is Burning To Death She Cries Out, “Forgive Them!”

ISIS Muslim terrorists entered the home of a Christian woman and demanded that they pay the tribute to them, to leave or to die. The mother begged them to give them some time to leave because her daughter was in the shower, but they showed no mercy. They set the whole house on fire and as […]

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Muslims Kidnap Children, Cut Them To Pieces And Place The Body Parts In Front Of Their Parent’s Home, The Muslims Give The Parents A Video Showing The Muslims Raping Their Children Before Slaughtering Them

ISIS Muslim terrorists kidnap a number of children and cut them to pieces. They then put the body parts in front of their parent’s home, and they also left a video alongside. The parents, already sunken into the depths of despair, played the video only to see footage of their children being raped before getting […]

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Criminal Organizations Are Making Billions Of Dollars For Bringing Muslims Into Western Nations

Criminal organizations are making billions of dollars off bringing in Muslim refugees into Western countries, specifically Greece. In one statement Mindy Belz it is said that they have made 7 billion dollars in total:  Belz also criticized Turkish and Greek governments for not intervening to stop criminal organizations that have made over $7 billion off […]

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The Sun Sets On The British Empire As The City Of London Elects A Racist, Pro-Jihadist, Christian-Hating Muslim For Mayor

It is with sadness that I must announce that London has just elected its first Muslim mayor. This is huge. The Labour Party (The UK Version of Democrats) is bubbling with excitement over their new “diversity” they have now brought to the most powerful city in the world. The rest of the UK either does not care […]

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Christian Man Tells Muslim Neighbor That He Does Not Believe In Islam, The Neighbor And Two Friends Murder Him And Gang Rape His Daughter

Something we have taken for granted for many years in the West is the fact that we have, more or less, been able to live in peace with people of very different background. This is a historical anomaly, and is not how it is in most cultures. Indeed, especially where Christians and Muslims live together, there […]

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German Government Is Now Actively Promoting The Ethnic And Racial Genocide Of The German People

I have been telling you readers that the “refugee” invasion of Europe is far more than just about delusion liberal ideas of tolerance, but that it is an active attempt to destroy- down to the biological level- anything that remains of the German nation. Merkel and her company are in this sense committing genocide against their […]

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