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EU Traitors Impose The Islamic Jizya On Eastern Europe, Says Each Country Must Pay 250 THOUSAND Euros For Each Muslim Refugee They Don’t Want

In Islamic law, the jizya is a tax non-Muslims are forced to pay an Islamic government in order to prevent them from being murdered, enslaved, or expelled from their homelands. It is to Islam as protection money is to the mafia. The nations of Western Europe, whose leaders are hell-bent on forcing their nations and […]

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Denver federal jury rules AGAINST Muslim employees who sued ‘Jetstream’ for not allowing Islamic clothing to be worn on the job

By BI: JetStream Ground Services was accused of not allowing female Muslim employees to wear Islamic fundamentalist clothing, including headbags, that they falsely claim is “required” by their faith. Denver Post  A federal jury Thursday rejected claims by Muslim women that they were discriminated against for clothing required of them by their faith — including head scarves […]

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Did Muslims set the fire that destroyed the 160-year-old landmark Serbian Orthodox church in New York City last Sunday?

By BI: Three other Orthodox Christian churches also were set on fire around the world on Orthodox Easter Sunday. Muslims have been destroying Serbian Orthodox churches for decades. The Church in New York City was destroyed just hours after worshipers celebrated Orthodox Easter there. In Australia, a Greek Orthodox Church was burned down in Melbourne and […]

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Muslims in America hate being around Americans so much, they create their own Muslim-Only Boy Scout & Girl Scout Troops

By BI: Members of Boy Scouts of America Troop 1437 don’t take the oath to God and country, only to Allah. Richmond  “MUSLIM-ONLY Scout troops in Islamic communities are not new, but we’ve never had an Islamic troop in our council until now,” said Zahra Ihsan, district executive for the Scouts’ Stonewall Jackson Area Council. “I thought […]

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SHARIA-COMPLIANT ‘CHRISTIAN’ SCHOOL in Denver axes its historic ‘Crusaders’ logo/mascot because some leftists are worried that it is offensive to Muslims

By BI: School official claims it has “nothing to do with political correctness.” But it has EVERYTHING to do with political correctness and becoming subservient to Islamic sensibilities. EAG News  “In our mission, in light of the command to love our neighbors as ourselves, the crusader was an inconsistent, inappropriate symbol for that mission,” Denver Christian Schools […]

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This Is Great For Trump: Iran Is Flexing Its Muscles Threatening To Attack U.S. Vessels And Block U.S. Access To Waterways

By Walid Shoebat Remember when the American hostages were formally released into United States custody minutes after the new American president, Ronald Reagan, was sworn into office? Just imagine Trump winning and all this muscle flexing by Iran will cease. Iran has now officially threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz to U.S. vessels and allied traffic which […]

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Calling Muslims “Scum” Is Now A Criminal Offense. One Major Activist Was Just Found “Guilty”. Freedom Of Speech Is Now BANNED In Germany While Muslim Immigrants Are WELCOMED

By Walid Shoebat I must have been hit with amnesia and I am beginning to believe conspiracy theories that Angela Merkel of Germany is indeed Hitler’s daughter. Why am I saying this? Imagine getting on a blog and you are angry at a terrorist attack and you call Muslims “scum”. As an American nothing will happen […]

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It’s A Miracle! Catholic Priest Reported Crucified By ISIS Is ALIVE And May Be Released

Fr. Thomas Uzhunnalil Miracles happen. Prayer works. Thank you to everybody who has prayed and been praying for Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, the Catholic priest abducted by ISIS two months ago and reportedly crucified on Easter. According to sources who have been following this situation closely, it was never proven that Fr. Uzhunnalil was crucified. If […]

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UK Protesters Storm Britain’s Largest Halal Slaughterhouse And Face Off Against Muslim Animal Butchers

I never eat halal meat if I am aware of it on principle. While the Bible states that we can eat food which has been offered to idols, my concern is about setting an example- I don’t wish to even suggest that Allah is a legitimate diety, and so I will not consume food sacrificed to […]

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