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Obama Establishes A New Islamist Government In Libya Paving The Way For The Muslim Caliphate And Armageddon

By Walid Shoebat Obama’s government two weeks ago just shipped to Libya a new government via a boat. Now the U.S. and other world powers are prepared to help train and arm forces from this new unity government in Libya to supposedly help fight ISIS which has spread rapidly in the turbulent North African nation. As the L.A Times puts […]

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Muslims Ambush Fifty Christians, Slit Their Throats And Slaughter All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in the Congo ambushed fifty Christians, slitting their throats and slaughtering all of them. I did a whole video on this evil: According to the report: More Christians are being targeted and slaughtered by an Islamic terror group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a predominantly Christian nation in Africa. […]

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Hundreds Of Middle Eastern Christians Are Being Threatened, Sexually Molested, And Assaulted by Muslims In “Refugee” Camps And The EU Is Turning A Blind Eye To It All

No matter where Islam goes it will never have peace with Christians, ever, because peace in Islam only comes from becoming a Muslim. In yet another low reached by the European Union, Christian refugees- actual refugees fleeing actual Muslim violence in the Middle East- cannot even be safe in the refugee camps because Muslims are […]

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Christian Man In Hiding For His Life As Thousands Of Muslims Are Hunting To Burn Him Alive Because He Had A Video Of A Christian Apologist Criticizing Muhammad On His Facebook Page

The trouble started when Imran Masih, a 25-year-old Christian from Pakistan, let his Muslim “friend” borrow his cell phone for a call. His “friend” saw that Imran had a video critical of Muhammad on his Facebook page. In response, the Muslim called up two of his friends, jumped Imran, and beat him into a bloody […]

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TEXAS: Are self-hating, ignorant Christians and Jews begging to be beheaded in Austin?

By BI: Austin-based churches and synagogues call for an end to justified anti-Muslim backlash. They claim to be “deeply disburbed by the rise of Islamophobia.” (They are deeply disturbed all right) My Statesman  Commuters might have noticed something very different on a Sunday morning ride down the Drag — about a half-dozen red and white signs raised […]

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UK: This is what happens when half your town turns into a Muslim ghetto

BY BI: This used to be Nelson, Lancashire in England. Today, at least 50% of the town’s 30,000 inhabitants are Muslim. This is how they celebrate the paedophile prophet Mohammed’s birthday. Actually, this is how they celebrate everything. Any wonder why ‘White Flight’ in the UK is rampant?

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DONALD TRUMP doubts he will have a good relationship with the British PM because of David Cameron’s outrage over Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims

By BI: What’s more, in response to the new Muslim Mayor of London’s claim that Trump’s views on Islam are “ignorant,” he says, “Let’s give him (Khan) an IQ test” and “tell Khan I will remember those remarks.” SKY News  David Cameron still believes Donald Trump’s plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US is “divisive, stupid […]

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DENMARK: 17-year-old Danish victim faces charges for using (illegal) pepper spray to fight off a Muslim migrant rapist

By BI: The rapist who pulled her to the ground and tried to undress her fled the scene without any charges. Is she being punished for going outside alone instead of in a group as Danish police have recommended to girls who don’t want to risk being raped by Muslims?

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