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The devastating consequences of electing a Muslim terrorist supporter as the Mayor of ‘Londonistan’

By BI: RIP London. Paul Weston, chairman of the Liberty GB Party in Britain, reacts to the shocking election of Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party as Mayor of London. This is a man who has publicly supported convicted Muslim terrorists, is an avowed Jew-hater, and who has an extremely disturbing past.

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POPE FRANCIS “I Dream Of A Europe Where Being A Christian-Hater/Rapist/Jihadist Is Not A Crime”

By BI: Well, that’s not exactly what he said, but it’s the end result, as he called for Europe to remember its founding values and open its hearts to millions of Muslim infiltrators whose only goal is to get as much free stuff as possible and then take over Europe, after receiving the Charlemagne Prize for […]

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MUSLIM INVASION OF EUROPE 2.0: Three million more Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists will flood Europe in 2016

By BI: The migration tsunami that swamped Europe with 1.5 million “refugees” in 2015 is roaring back with a tidal wave that may be double the size of last year’s deluge. In fact, most citizens of EU countries appear unaware that their unelected and unaccountable rulers at the European Commission, in their own European Economic Forecast  report announced […]

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EGYPTIAN-GERMAN SCHOLAR says: “Our hated of Jews has poisoned us”

By BI: In a lecture posted on the Internet, Egyptian-German scholar Hamed Abdel-Samad said that the Prophet Muhammad had lowered the Jews to a “subhuman level, viewing them as animals,” and he compared the treatment of the Jews in the years following Muhammad’s death to that of the Nazis. “This hatred is poisoning us” and “preventing […]

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TRUMP DOUBLE DOWNS: “I don’t care if it hurts me in the general election, I am standing by my call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US”

By BI: “I don’t care if it hurts me,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee said on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe.’ “I’m doing the right thing when I do this. And whether it’s Muslim or whether it’s something else, I mean, I have to do the right thing, and that’s the way I’ve been guided.” And he can […]

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Christianity could be wiped out in parts of the Holy Land within months if the Islamic State (ISIS) continues its religious genocide

By BI: Scores of churches have been destroyed, tens of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered by Islamic terrorists while millions of Christians have been forced from their hometowns…unable to seek asylum in countries like the U.S., whose current leader gives preference to Muslims. Those who don’t flee as refugees are instead tortured, gang-raped, and killed. […]

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