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HOORAY! After massive public outrage, ‘The Citadel’ Military College in South Carolina will NOT allow a Muslim woman to wear an Islamic hijab while in uniform

By BI: Muslim litigation jihadists will now file a lawsuit on her behalf against the college. This should make military institutions think twice before ever accepting a Muslim applicant, especially a female one. KOAA  A spokesman for the family of a newly-accepted Muslim student at the Citadel military school in South Carolina says the prospective cadet […]

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SAUDI ARABIA: Female Muslim road rage?

By BI: BURQA BRAWL: Two Saudi women clad in black Heftie Bags start beating up each other on the side of the road. The person who filmed the video said: ‘My guess is one woman cut off the other woman in her car on the road and good old road rage followed.’ (But for that to happen, Saudi […]

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GERMANY: Father’s Day attack on fathers and their families by Muslim thugs

By BI: On May 5, 2016, Germany celebrated Father’s Day. While out celebrating, German fathers were attacked by Muslim illegal alien invaders on the street. Listen to the screams. Watch the SUV intentionally run over someone. Looks like the car was aiming for the crowd but it might have inadvertently hit one of the Muslim attackers. Isn’t multiculturalism […]

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DONALD TRUMP: Echos of “The Ronald” (as in Reagan)

By BI: The candidate “knew what the sophisticates and elites did not — that the American people were thirsting for leadership and to be told that it was OK to cherish their children’s future.” The passage sounds like every postmortem on Donald Trump’s march through the Republican primaries. In truth, it was written about Ronald Reagan’s quest […]

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Christian Leader Declares About Muslims: “They are destroying our churches, killing and kidnapping Christians, stealing our homes and our businesses.”

A Christian leader in Iraq, Rev. Ibrahim Nseir, recently declared: “They are destroying our churches, killing and kidnapping Christians, stealing our homes and our businesses.” As we read in one report: Christians living in Syria fear their people may soon entirely disappear from the country as persecution from Islamic extremists and devastating civil war show no […]

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AUSTRIAN police warn blonde-haired women to dye their hair dark so as to be less appealing to Muslim rapists

Bt BI: Police in Vienna, Austria, have warned women with blonde hair to start dying it dark and avoid traveling on public transport at night to avoid being attacked by Muslim invader “refugees.” This official “advice” was given to a girl—ironically herself a half-Iraqi—after she was attacked by four Afghans at the Westbahnhof station last week. New […]

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Trying to ‘out-Obama’ Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton is taking pandering to Muslims to a whole new level

By BI: Without even a thought to the new Muslim Mayor of London’s radical Islamist ties, support for convicted Muslim terrorists, his not-so-subtle hatred of whites and Christians, and his supremacist Muslim attitudes, Hillary Clinton hailed Sadiq Khan as a “champion of human rights.” Son of a Pakistani bus driver, champion of workers' rights and […]

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Leading anti-Islamization Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, to attend the Republican convention to support Donald Trump

By BI: Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) founding leader and member of parliament, Geert Wilders, has said he will speak at the United States Republican convention in Cleveland this summer in support of presumptive party candidate Donald Trump. Let’s hope Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t block his entry. MAKE THE NETHERLANDS GREAT AGAIN! #PVV #PVV #PVV #PVV #PVV […]

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Why Americans flying today are no safer than they were on 9/11

By BI: Travelers using U.S. airports are familiar with long lines due to TSA checkpoints, and recent reports indicate lines will get longer in the near future because of new TSA screening procedures, fewer TSA officers (but a lot more Muslim TSA officers) and other related (in)security issues. Don’t forget, whenever you are standing in an interminably long […]

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Muslim Man Takes Two Year Old Christian Boy And Shoots Him In The Head

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Pakistan attacked a two year old Christian boy and shot him in the head. As we read in one story: A 2-year-old boy was shot and killed by a wealthy Muslim landowner in Nazimabad, Pakistan, who was angry at his father for refusing to work at his home […]

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The Most Horrific Persecution Of Christians Is Happening Right Now. Christians Are Being Slaughtered Every Single Day In The Most Horrific Ways You Can Imagine. But Now Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Are Raising Arms And Fighting Back

By Theodore Shoebat The most horrific persecution of Christians is happening right now. Christians are being killed and tortured in the most demonic and cruel ways you can imagine, and its happening in Mexico. Hundreds of thousands of people slaughtered, countless innocents forced under the yoke of the most horrific and sinister tyranny. But there […]

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Donald Trump You Need To Build That Wall. Watch The New Documentary That Just Came Out That Reveals The Most Horrific Massacres And Atrocities Being Done In Mexico And How Terrorists Are Infiltrating The United States And Slaughtering Americans

If you doubt that masses of human beings are being ritually sacrificed as we speak on the altar of Mesoamerican gods, then watch this just released documentary. Behold, the human slaughterhouses in Mexico and the United States. The compelling, shocking and eye opening documentary makes it impossible to deny; a quarter million people (and rising), butchered. This is a holocaust […]

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Slovakian Government Has Started Shooting, Arresting, And Deporting Illegal Muslim Border Jumpers On-Site While The West Opens Its Borders To Muslim Invaders

There have been reports of armed police at national border. There have been armed citizen militias fighting Muslim border jumpers. However, this is the first I have seen where one of the European governments has actually shot Muslim border jumpers when they refused to obey police orders: Slovak customs officers injured a Syrian woman on May […]

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