Archive | May 29, 2016

Christendom Is The Only Force That Will Destroy Islam. Secularism Or Conservatism Will Always Fail.

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE Trying to please everyone is by far the worst disease the West contracted. Today, critiquing any other religion besides Christianity is considered a sin while mocking Christianity is applauded. I argue that anyone who tries to combat anything without using biblical concepts is an idiot […]

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If You Want To Love As God Loves Then You Need To Learn To Hate As God Hates

By Andrew (Shoebat Sunday Special) God is love, and there is no darkness within Him. He is perfect in His being because all existence is found in Him and nothing can be found without Him. Everything that was, is, and every will be is found in God because there can be nothing outside of God. […]

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