Archive | May 25, 2016

Good News! Scotland Stops Deportation of Brain Family, Liberal Scottish SNP Member Comes To Their Defense In Scottish Parliament

Last month I reported on about the Brain family– a family of native Scottish Gaelic ancestry, of which the family speaks Gaelic (a rarity today) and the wife is a specialist in Scottish history- who immigrated to Scotland from Australia. As I mentioned, the family has never taken any welfare and they are fully assimilated into […]

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‘Hungary Will NEVER Take 1 Million Muslim “Refugees”‘- Hungarian Woman Says What 90%+ Of Hungarians Think, Rips Clinton, EU, George Soros For Trying To Destroy Their Nation

This is an excellent, 6-minute video from a Hungarian-American woman living in Hungary who is an “on the ground” witness to the “refugee” invasion. According to her, a full 90%+ of Hungarians plus president Viktor Orban want NO refugee at all. In addition, she reports that the Hungarian media recently exposed that the EU has been […]

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Christian Woman Goes Into Her Hotel Room To Rest, As She Is Resting Two Muslims Break In And Gang Rape Her

A Christian woman in Bangladesh was raped in her hotel room as she was trying to rest, as we read in one report: Last Sunday, Bangladeshi Christians gathered together to call for the prosecution of school principal Shariful Islam and another suspect who raped a 26-year-old teacher of Mujibnagar Amrokanon High School. The victim, whose […]

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