Archive | May 9, 2016

The Day Will Come When Muslims Will Kiss The Hand Of The Pope Instead Of The Pope Kissing The Muslims Feet

By Walid Shoebat How we so quickly forget when it was the Muslim who converted and kissed the hands of the Pope. But before we talk of this, we must first wonder why these days, things are so upside down and inside out. As he received the prestigious Charlemagne Prize Friday, Pope Francis laid out his […]

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Swedish Mom Takes In Muslim Male “Refugee,” As Soon As He Gets Home That Night He Rapes Her 10-Year-Old Daughter And Then Says She Wanted It

  If that was not stupid and evil enough what the mom did, the Swedish government will not deport him. His punishment? Counseling for “impuse control.” I have a hard time wrapping my head around a level of stupidity like this. You know that Muslims are running amok in your society causing never before seen mayhem. […]

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The Weekend Of Long Knives: Germany Begins Mass Arresting Citizens AND POLICE Who Say Or Have Said Anything Critical About Islam

For a while now, Germany has been threatening her own people and even police with arrest for “hate crimes” if they should speak critically or protest Merkel’s forced Islamization of Germany. There have been a prosecutions, but overall they have been few and on the basis of “right wing extremism”- if you had possible (not […]

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