Archive | May 7, 2016

The Muslim Brotherhood Just Made A Coup. Now The Muslim Brotherhood Is The Most Powerful Army In NATO After The United States

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) The Muslim Brotherhood just made a coup and now the Muslim Brotherhood is the most powerful army in NATO after the United States? Most will laugh this off saying “are you kidding me”? But you heard it right. This is no conspiracy theory. In the Middle East, everyone is […]

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Poland Lashes Back At EU, Abolishes “Hate Crimes” and “Racism” Units, Says ‘We Don’t Want To Become Like France And Germany’

The whole “hate crime” idea, so popular in the West, is one of the biggest legal scams in our history. Think about it- who commits an actual crime because they like somebody or something? Hate is a precondition of criminality. Nobody rapes, murders, or beats somebody into a bloody because they love that person. The […]

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Polish Patriots Demand ‘EXIT NOW’ From European Union, Desecrate EU Flag, Tell EU Dictators ‘NO REFUGEES’

In light of the disastrous news from London,  a light shines in the east, and again that light comes from Poland. While Poland (and all countries, I should add that are part of the EU system) has been affected by the EU, it has been one of the fiercest, most relentless, and unashamed critics and […]

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