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Its All Over. Cruz Is Out And Trump Owns The Republican Party. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Says Trump Is The Republican Nominee. Hillary Clinton Will Be Toast

By Walid Shoebat Its all over, Trump is now the ‘presumptive’ nominee and he owns the Republican Party. All the talk of contested convention … second, third or fourth ballot … delegates this and delegates that … it is all out the window and Cruz is a name that will soon be forgotten. We knew it […]

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ISIS Kidnaps Christian Sisters, They Rape And Torture Them To Death, Cut Up Their Bodies And Put Them In A Bucket And Then Send Their Parents The Bucket With Their Dead Bodies And A Video Of Them Being Tortured To Death

More savagery from the “Islamic State.” Yet America and the West continues their apathetic non-action against them because we do not care about Christians, women, girls, or persecuted minorities at all. And yet, these Christian still forgive those who are murdering them.  These women and children are ignored and forgotten by the West, but not by […]

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Westerners From Spain To The United States Of America Are Coming Out By The Millions To Say Enough With Globalization, Enough With Millions of Muslims Immigrating To Christian Lands, Enough With Impotent Political Parties And Enough With Liberalism

By Walid Shoebat The West is saying NO to globalization NO to political parties NO to socialism and No to Muslim immigration. We see tremors from the U.S, from the surge of voters for Donald Trump, and all the way to Europe’s anti-Austerity, anti-socialism and anti-Muslim immigration. The West is finally speaking out saying ‘enough is […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Village, They Take Nine Small Children And Ruthlessly Butcher Them All

Muslims in Syria attacked a Christian village and butchered nine small children, as we read in one report: Christian and Kurdish neighbourhoods in Aleppo have come under attack and a number of children have been killed as Syria continues to struggle with intensified fighting, more than five years into its civil war. On Monday the […]

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Four Hundred Muslims Attack Christian Village, One American Navy SEAL Takes Them All On, He Fights Off The Muslims To Protect His Fellow Christians, The Muslims Eventually Overpower Him And He Becomes A Martyr

By Theodore Shoebat  Four hundred Muslims attacked the Christian village of Teleskof in Iraq, and one American Navy SEAL fought them off to protect his fellow Christians. This is a story of true valor and honor. He was in the village to assist local Kurdish fighters, but he most definitely was there to defend his […]

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France Banning Muslim Footballers From Bowing To Allah On Pitch

  By Walid Shoebat Christian Estrosi is a French sportsman, politician and Christian Minister. He currently serves as the Mayor of Nice, and as President of the Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur in France. He is now taking a harder stance against Muslims in soccer games who bow to Allah during a game. He is also trying […]

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INVASION: 800 THOUSAND Muslims Are Crossing Right Now From Libya To Europe, THREE MILLION More Are Coming

Nero and Rome The story goes that the Roman Emperor Nero played the fiddle while the city of Rome burned and he did nothing. In fact, he was the one who started the fire so he could have an excuse to persecute the early Church. Merkel and Erdogan. Notice that Germany’s flag is not represented behind […]

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Swedish Police Refuse To Prosecute Five Muslims Who Tried To Gang-Rape Teenage Boy On Sexual Assault Charges Because ‘It Wasn’t The Right Type Of Violence’

When somebody, let alone a group of men, comes up to a person and starts sexually molesting him and attempting to rape him, that is called sexual assault. When there is a teenager involved, the crime becomes attempted statutory rape. However, in Sweden today, “sexual assault” apparently means something else because in the “New Sweden” being created […]

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Illegal Alien In America Takes Man, Stabs Him Multiple Times, Rips Out His Live With His Bear Hands, And Puts His Liver On His Chest And Then Smiles About It

By Theodore Shoebat An illegal alien named Morales-Caceres, from El Salvador, stabbed him several times and then ripped his liver out and placed it onto his chest, and then he smiled about it:   As we read in one report: An illegal alien from El Salvador, Mauricio Morales-Caceres, faces life in prison without parole after being […]

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