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Muslims Make New Law: Christians Cannot Sell Anything Unless They Take The Mark Of The Beast

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Pakistan are already telling Christians that they cannot sell anything unless they take the Mark of the Beast, that is, the Islamic Shahada that states that there is no god by Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. I did a whole video on this antichrist evil:   The most horrific […]

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The British Government Bows To Islam And Condemns Donald Trump For Fighting Islam. Now Trump Responds Back “I Do Not Care Just Keep In Mind I Do Not Forget”. The Donald Phenomenon Exposes The True Colors Of Liars Hypocrites And Politicians 

By Walid Shoebat If you want to understand the real nature of hypocrisy and godlessness than this article is for you. Donald Trump says that he will not forget the insults from the Muslim loving British politicians and tells David Cameron and the Muslim mayor in London that for their insults, he will not have a good […]

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Muslims Take Thousands Of Innocent People, Brutally Butcher All Of Them And Throw Their Bodies Into A Giant Pit. To Entertain Themselves The Muslims Take Human Beings, Blindfold Them, And Then Fire Their Guns Above Them, The Victims Run While Still Blindfolded And Fall Into The Pit And Die

ISIS terrorists in Iraq slaughtered thousands of innocent people and tossed their bodies into a giant pit. One of the cruelest things done in the massacre is when they put blindfolds on their victims, fire above their heads as to frighten them, and then whey would run they would fall into the pit and die. […]

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Muslims Declare To Christians, “Come Out You Christian pigs!’ They Then Begin Planning On How They Are Going To Capture Christian Girls To Rape And Slaughter Them

Muslims in the Christian town of Maaloula in Syria tried to break into a Christian home, screaming, “come out you Christian pigs!’, and planning on how they were going to rape and murder all of the Christian girls inside. Here is the full story: Terrorists tried to erase the city’s Christian heritage by shooting up the […]

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Muslims Kidnap Seven Hundred Christian Women And Force All Of Them Into Slavery Where They Have To Have Sex With Muslim Men

By Theodore Shoebat According to a recent study, Muslims in Pakistan force between 100-700 Christian girls into sex slavery every year, as we read in one report: According to the “Forced Marriages and Inheritance Deprivation” report published by the Islamabad-based Aurat Foundation, between 100-700 Christian girls are forced into marriage and conversion to Islam every […]

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“No More Blue Eyes And Light Hair!” Muslim Researcher Brags About Commiting Genocide Of German People On German State-Funded Television

This video significantly irritates me. I’ve been saying it over and over here, but Merkel is planning a total genocide of the German people by demographics.  Merkel & Co. have alluded to it. The average (instead of Joe) “Mohammed on the street” has said it. Now you have a major Islamic researcher, highly respected in her […]

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