HOORAY! After massive public outrage, ‘The Citadel’ Military College in South Carolina will NOT allow a Muslim woman to wear an Islamic hijab while in uniform

By BI: Muslim litigation jihadists will now file a lawsuit on her behalf against the college. This should make military institutions think twice before ever accepting a Muslim applicant, especially a female one.


KOAA  A spokesman for the family of a newly-accepted Muslim student at the Citadel military school in South Carolina says the prospective cadet is disappointed that the school has rejected her request to wear a head covering as part of her uniform.


Spokesjihadist for Muslim advocacy group in Washington said he spoke with the family Tuesday morning after Citadel officials called to tell the woman she could not wear a hijab. Citadel President John Rosa said the cadet system is based on a common uniform and standardization of cadets in appearance, actions and privileges, which he called essential to a military system.

Muslim advocacy group said the woman will not attend the Charleston school this fall unless there is a change. It also said the family is considering legal options.