EXCELLENT! Donald Trump considering former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani for commission to address the ‘Muslim problem’ and possibly as Secretary of Homeland Security

By BI: During a phone appearance on Fox News’s Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, the presumptive nominee for the Republican party revealed a potential role for former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.


Mediaite  While the conversation during the phone-in interview shifted towards the infamous “temporary” ban on Muslims entering the United States, Donald Trump reiterated the gravity of the situation. “We have a problem. Now, if you don’t want to discuss the problem, then we’re never going to solve the problem,” the nominee said.

He then continued, invoking the name of Giuliani, who served as mayor of the Big Apple during the 9/11 terror attacks. Speculation has swirled that the two Manhattanites would be teaming up in some capacity now that Trump’s political ambitions have rapidly become realities on the campaign trail.

The New York Daily News cited a GOP insider last week who noted that Giuliani would be on the short list for Homeland Security secretary. 


Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Guiliani  on Fox & Friends paintED a picture of the existential conflict between Islam and the Western world. “Whether the president wants to recognize it or not, they are at war with us. It is worldwide. We are at risk all over the world,” he said. He further boasted that when he was a U.S. Attorney, “I surveilled mosques,” and criticized current New York City mayor Bill de Blasio for “taking the police out of the mosques in New York.”

Rudy Giuliani stood by his comments last year that “Obama doesn’t love America.”