MEDIA OUTRCY after customer cancels cake order upon finding out that the bakery owner is a Muslim

By BI: Michigan Bakery owner is upset after she says a customer canceled a cake order after finding out she and her husband are Muslim.


FOX 17  Zeinab Mohamed says when the buyer found out the her last name she canceled the order, saying a her husband was a war veteran and would never buy a cake from a Muslim.  Mohamed’s husband is not only Muslim, but a war veteran himself.

Mohamed, the owner of Sweetcakez, says she received the customer’s hurtful message last week.   The message read:


The sender claimed her husband fought in Iraq and doesn’t feel comfortable with Mohamed making their cake.

“My people aren’t from Iraq, I am from Somalia” said Mohamed. “I just couldn’t comprehend what she was saying . I was baffled. I really didn’t have a response for her.”

“The problem isn’t so much the person, it’s the message they’re portraying” said Mohamed. “I feel like unless we deal with the message, there will continue to be another person that will say the same thing. There will maybe be hundreds more that feel the same way that this person feels if we don’t fix what the message is.”

The customer has every right to cancel the order before the cake was made for any reason at all. Get over it. Who convinced you to take this non-story to the media? CAIR?

So…where was the media outcry when a man walked into a Muslim bakery and asked for a Gay wedding cake? Silence. Where was the Obama Justice Department filing a lawsuit against this bakery as they do every time a Christian-owned bakery refuses to make a Gay wedding cake? Nowhere to be found.