Hindu Captures 11 Year Old Boy And Slits His Throat In Pagan Ritual Human Sacrifice

By Theodore Shoebat

A Hindu pagan in India murdered an 11 year old boy in what is believed to be a ritual human sacrifice, as we read in one report:

In a suspected case of child sacrifice, the body of an 11-year-old boy was found with his throat slit and face disfigured by acid in a remote village in Saiyan, Agra.
The victim has been identified as Abhishek Singh, a class 6 student of a government school in Malpura area. The boy was in Birharu village of Nagla Nihal area along with his parents for a relative’s wedding on Monday morning.

The victim’s father, Yashpal Singh, who works as a security guard at a private school, had lodged a missing person complaint on Monday evening after his son did not return from a nearby playground. Late on Tuesday night, Abhishek’s body was found in a nearby pearl millet field.
According to a source, who wished anonymity, a sharp blade and a laddu was found near the disfigured body of the boy. This indicates that Abhishek might have been killed as a human sacrifice in an occult ritual or due to some enmity.
According to Yashpal Singh, “None of the family members had any kind of enmity with anyone. We have no idea as to who would have wanted to kill our son.”
Saiyan station officer Neeraj Sharma told TOI, “As per the post mortem report, the victim’s throat was slit with a sharp object. This sent Abhishek into shock and led to a haemorrhage that caused his death. We are investigating every angle to this murder.”