Erdogan Holding U.S. Tactical Nukes At Inkirlink Taking Control Of The Second Most Powerful Army In NATO And Is Hailed As Mahdi

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By Walid Shoebat

Turkey, in less than 24 hours was occupied by Erdogan’s pro Muslim Brotherhood militia and entered the U.S. base where tactical nukes at Incirlik are held. Period. Plain and Simple. Yet there are no headlines in any media that reveals this global catastrophe in this way. Why?  

Even the air base, which is used by NATO and stores US tactical nuclear weapons, has been invaded by Erdogan’s militia. The militia entered the base in southern Turkey on Monday, state-run Anadolu news agency reported, adding that the investigation is connected with the coup attempt. The electric power supply to the base has also been cut off, forcing the US military to switch to its own internal power supply in order to resume its anti-terrorist campaign in the region. 

U.S. refueling planes are parked at Incirlik airbase, near the southernTurkish city of Adana. © Fatih Saribas

U.S. refueling planes are parked at Incirlik airbase, near the southern Turkish city of Adana. © Fatih Saribas / Reuters AddThis Sharing Buttons

This is a “bingo” for the Erdogan-Obama plans.

Are you listening?

Here, let me explain Erdogan for Dummies. Islam gained Constantinople in 1453 by Muhammad the Conqueror and according to Islam, lost it when the Ottoman’s were wounded in 1924 with the abolition of the Caliphate. The secularization of Turkey meant that Constantinople needed to be re-conquered. This has been the grand-dilemma for all Muslims. According to Muslims worldwide, Erdogan “the Prince” fulfilled a prophecy.

Erdogan a month prior prophesied hinting that he, with his Muslim army (not secular), will conquer Constantinople. This is major, for the conqueror of Constantinople according to Islamic prophecy is The Mahdi. In Islam, “Many Muslim scholars from various countries will set out to seek the Mahdi … “We are looking for the Mahdi (a.s.), who will end this Fitna (strife) and conquer Constantinople”. Islam has its own version of Armageddon involving Constantinople where:

The greatest war, the conquest of Constantinople and the coming forth of the Dajjal (Antichrist) will take place within a period of seven years.”

In Islam this is done without weapons:

“The conquering of Constantinople by Muslims will occur without a fight and their weapons in that day will be by chanting (Allahu Akbar)”.

فتح القسطنطينية على المسلمين بدون قتال وسلاحهم يومئذ التكبير والتهليل وبقيادة المهدي

This is exactly what happened, the Islamists controlled Turkey on July 15th without a war. Tons of Muslims rejoiced referring to Erdogan fulfilling the prophecy. Even Syrian revolutionists tweeted on July 16th:

“in Erdogan’s era, people entered Islam by the droves and Constantinople was conquered yesterday by chanting Allah Akbar”:

It is time to now watch Erdogan, not just as leader of Turkey, but also as a prophet for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Erdogan repeated the words of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam saying: “Lataftahanna al-Qustantiniyya” (Thou shall conquer Constantinople). This “Thou” is the Mahdi. It was Erdogan’s prediction he made hinting to his people:

“Erdogan in Arabic: Lataftahanna al-Qustantiniyya wa lani`ma al-amiru amiruha wa lani`ma al-jayshu dhalika al-jaysh.”

“Translation: Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will her Prince be, and what a wonderful army will that army be!”

This “Prince” (Ameer in Arabic) is now Erdogan (the Prince who is to come in Daniel), this army is no longer the Turkish secular army, but his Muslim Brotherhood army. Erdogan had converted the police in the past to be Erdogan’s Muslim militia. He established a militia as well and while some American conspiracy theorists were worried that Obama will do this in America, here this happened to the second most powerful army in the world in Turkey.

This conquering of Constantinople (Istanbul, al-Qustantiniyya in Arabic and the New Rome) by Mahdi was a dilemma as to how can Erdogan orchestrate this since “it is a prophecy still to come”?

Well, it was self-fulfilled, right in front of all Muslim eyes, especially that this prophecy is to be fulfilled by The Mahdi of end-times.

Here, watch, a month ago, Erdogan regenerated this prophecy. Watch him say it in Arabic, and watch the crowd giving him allegiance: “Lataftahanna al-Qustantiniyya wa lani`ma al-amiru amiruha wa lani`ma al-jayshu dhalika al-jaysh.”

After reading this article, if you have an hour and a half, to understand all this, watch the typical Muslim understanding explained by renowned Sheikh Imran Hosein on the conquest of Constantinople in Akhirulzaman (end-times) by Mahdi:

Erdogan heavily armed his Muslim Brotherhood militia and now over 6,000 secularist soldiers have been arrested after Friday night’s attempted coup and now they must be humiliated and paraded in the nude just as ISIS paraded Iraqi soldiers and then piled up and crammed like sheep, even tortured inside mosques.

Here, behold the Turkish military who were used as scapegoats by Erdogan’s pro-Muslim Brotherhood militia:


sg copy

The captured soldiers in a courthouse, Istanbul

These soldiers were stripped of their uniforms and made to lie next to each other after being arrested


It is obvious that a Muslim Brotherhood is beating soldiers


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The torturing of Turkish soldiers is also happening inside mosques.

Behold Turkey’s top secular generals conquered and humiliated:

Even pro-Muslim Brotherhood reporters from TRT alongside what appears to be obviously bearded Islamists participated in slaughtering a Turkish soldier ISIS style:


Islamists are not the only ones who blow themselves up. This is a suicide mission of every American who voted for Obama.

Erdogan has been preparing for this ‘conquest’ for months. Here, behold Constantinople, or Constantine The Great. If you hate Constantine and the Apostolic Succession, then Erdogan is your man who agrees with such hatred in this magnificent display where Islam destroyed Constantine and the Cross in the most lavish show created by Erdogan’s regime. In this he destroyed the crucifix, Constantine, and even displayed the flood of water (the red dragon spewing flood out of his mouth, Rev 12, watch 6:21) which swallowed the Christians who were drowned by his flood. Here, Revelations speak for all who hate Constantine the Great:

Erdogan staged a plan. He enters Istanbul just as Ayatullah Khomeni did at the Istanbul airport as a new conquering hero. He has made a peace covenant with Israel. The media in Turkey hated it. So now he closes them down. He then fired all the judiciary and arrested thousands of the secular police. This was the perfect Reichstag right from Hitler’s book. He created his own militia and now controls the military were only 10% of the Turkish army sides with Erdogan. Several times, the army refused to enter Syria taking orders from Erdogan. He had to do something. In January he said that he will use Hitler’s tactics. Even Erdogan’s classmate says that Erdogan used to “walk around with a copy of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’”.

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Entering the dark haul, the Hitler of the Muslim world and listening to him mesmerize the crowd as Hitler should be quite the wakeup call. This is not a Hitler who is calling for an Arian race, but an entire globe under the rule of Allah and his messenger, to rule Spain and crush the Trinity:

Erdogan says in this video:

“Praise be to Allah the lord of the two worlds [this world and the underworld] where ownership belongs to Allah alone, victory is to Allah alone. He has no associates [denouncing the trinity]. In the pathway we came out asking Allah to strengthen our feet on the straight path …We have dressed up in our shrouds and are prepared to confront as did Sultan Alparslan We have believed as Sultan Saladin. That victory is not from the sword but comes from Allah. We have went to the path after we have burned the ships of return behind us as did the conquerer of Spain Tareq Benziad.”

Erdogan wants Italy and Spain. He wants to be Tariq Bin Ziad, the conqueror of Spain. He wants to be the tyrant Alp Arslan and Saladin. These are the Muslim leaders who fought against Christendom and he also wants to be Saladin who conquered Jerusalem. He wants to be all in all. He wants to “declare war on the strongest fortresses” to “advance his foreign God”, Allah, through warfare.

When it comes to Antichrist, most hold on to a verse or two as evidence to their personal theories on who this man is. I am convinced, through countless verses, Erdogan or someone after him will emerge leader of a beast, the most dangerous foe to God’s people, but the dilemma is convincing God’s people.