Former Pentagon official: “Erdogan Engineered His Own Coup”. Watch Erdogan’s ‘Hitler Youth’ Before The Supposed Coup, Reveal Erdogan’s Master Plan To Take Over Turkey And The Entire Muslim World


By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a “megalomaniac” and could have manufactured the coup attempt to rehabilitated his domestic power and image, Harold Rhode, a former longtime Pentagon official and Turkey specialist, told The Jerusalem Post.

“Giving into the Russians and Israelis in order to repair relations with them was humiliating” for him in the eyes of many Turks and people in the Middle East, said Rhode in an interview on Sunday.

Indeed, how can Erdogan, as Muslim, coverup making a deal with the ‘cursed’ Jews? He needed a master plan. It is a question many asked as to the identity of Antichrist as to how can Muslims accept this.

But the evidence that Erdogan had prepared for this coup does not need the Pentagon or any expert if you examine Erdogan’s actions since last year where he went overdrive to prepare his people for his own coup d’etat which was a coup d’etat on all his opponents instead. How is that for a twist by this master deceiver.

Erdogan mentioned his intent and referred to using Hitler’s methods publicly and carried out his plans right from the Nazi Gleichschaltung and has been preparing the Turkish people on the open to topple his opponents as we shall reveal later just a glimpse of what westerners never watch. 

“At New Year, Turkey’s President Erdogan famously mentioned Hitler’s Germany as an example of an executive presidency, and the reference seems to be apt” says the UK Independent. The independent adds:

In a process similar to the Nazi party’s policy of Gleichschaltung (coordination) the AKP has gradually taken control of all aspects of Turkish society. Like the Third Reich’s Sondergerichte (special courts)two years ago a system of penal courts of peace was established, each with a specially appointed single judge to take care of opponents of the regime.

Like Der Führer, Turkey’s Reis (“leader”) has a strong sense of mission and a cult of personality has also grown around Erdogan. One party supporter hailed the president with the welcome, “O messenger of God”, and an AKP deputy claimed “even touching our prime minister is worship to me”.

Erdogan has “taken control of all aspects of Turkish society,” he, like an Antichrist, stands on the Altar of Allah saying “it is finished”.

But here is what westerners never see. The real coup in fact has been hinted to the entire Muslim world since last year, Nazi style. Here you can watch in action how Erdogan used a polished ‘Hitler Youth’ leadership and is preparing it for major service, just as Hitler did. Watch how Erdogan’s Youth extend the right arm to give allegiance in the typical “Sieg Heil!” adopted by the Nazi Party in obedience to Hitler. But here it is to signal obedience to the AKP party’s leader, Erdogan, by also extending the four fingers symbol of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is perhaps a hidden secret of the cult of the Fourth Reich.

Osman Gökçek (pronounced Gog-Jeck, Gog, as in Ezekiel 38), is Erdogan’s main henchman to Turkey’s youth. He is the head of the Youth Club Federation of Turkey. Before the Coup and in a style reminiscent to Hitler’s youth, with fervor and eloquence, spoke to massive crowds in Erdogan’s presence expressing to put an end to Erdogan’s detractors. He even prophesied things that only exist in scriptures, that:

“Even if seven nations united against us, we learned to say ‘Allah is our goal’ and we continue the path”.

Micah 5 predicts that God (the true God, not Allah) will raise against Antichrist “seven shepherds” (7 sheep nations) whom John also predicted in Revelation will come with Christ’s army. How these devils know this is a mystery no one should dabble in. Here, watch then read our translation:

“We will choose an ideal leader. We were fortunate to be destined. He [Erdogan] made an example, to do just for us. But destiny raised a leader that the whole world will consider an example. This man is the gift of history. He is Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (Music, chanting and salutes). We therefore accept to be disciples to him. We learned much in this madrassa. We learned not to fear. We learned courage. We learned persistence that even if seven nations united against us, we learned to say ‘Allah is our goal’ and we continue the path. We learned from you to glide high from You Master Erdogan. We believe, we pray, Allah willing, when 2023 comes that we will raise thousands of Erdogans [crowd shouts Amen]. By 2053, we will raise Sultan Muhammed Fateh (who conquered Constantinople from Christendom) [crowd shouts Amen]. By 2071, we will raise thousands of Alp Arslan [crowd shouted Amen].  The grandsons of the Ottomans will become leaders of the world one more time.[crowd is elated raising their right arms in allegiance]. In our book [the Quran] there is no despair. In our beliefs there is no whining. If we believe we will gain victory. We say ‘Allah is our goal’ brothers. [Erdogan claps in support]. For the sake of our nation you [Erdogan] gave up much. You showed the dignity of the Umma [Muslim global nation] in the east. You said that our path is [true] civilization. You took the side of the poor. Not just in Turkey but in the whole globe you extended them your hand. You were the hope of all who fled the world from tyranny. You made your nation and your beliefs over everything. And for all the time you sacrificed for your nation and for the persecuted, you ignored your own family [Erdogan is seen contemplating]. You found no time for yourself. And while you were doing all these sacrifices, powers feared the rise of Turkey. They allied and stood against you. They tried all sorts of traps and [falsely] accused you. [raised hands salute Nazi style]. The evil ones never stopped slandering you and your family. They began their hatred, lies and manufactured stories. Sir Mr. President. When they attacked we were not doing our duty for you. We did not defend you as you defended the Umma [Muslim global nation]. We were lacking like a wall empty of spirit.  We owe you. From now on we vow to be behind you. Every tongue that slanders you or your family, after now, and by using democracy, we will respond to them in legal ways in the media and in our society. From now on, we [the people] will be your main defenders. We will teach everyone who slanders you a necessary lesson. I call my brethren in the haul. I ask for a promise of allegiance in front of the dignified president. Are you ready?  [crowd yells back. We are]. After this day, in the media and in our society, are you ready? [crowd chants “yes”].  You vow never to be distant from the Quran and the faith? [crowd says Amen]. May Allah disperse the dark clouds [Erdogan’s opponents] from the nation soon. [crowd says Amen]. May Allah ordain us the lot of our fathers, the Ottomans since we are Ottoman descendants. [crowd says Amen raising their right arms in allegiance]. May Allah give you the power. [Erdogan is seen nodding his head]. Allah give you [Erdogan] the victory. [Amen] May Allah not disburse our union and our unity [Amen]”

This has the whole recipe of how and why it was “the people” who defended Erdogan after the supposed coup and it was “the people” who wiped out his opponents in the real coup. Erdogan then addresses the crowd and accepts their allegiance saying:

“I am proud as I see the grandsons of the Seljukes and the Ottomans. I am proud to see you in front of me.”


Erdogan’s henchman, Osman Gökçek with Erdogan


In Turkey last year, Turks were being prepared for a coup. A staged prophetic movie, a supposed coup attempt on Erdogan, was even aired to prepare the people on what is to come and what they must do.

Today for a Muslim to support a coup against Erdogan is forbidden and is considered treason. Muslim jurisprudence gathered from all over the globe and decided in allegiance to Erdogan to make it law that anyone going against Erdogan is considered traitor who will end up in hell. The giving of allegiance did not stop within Turkey’s sphere or Erdogan’s ‘Hitler youth’. For example, just this week, the Qatar-based International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) on Thursday said last week’s attempt by rogue elements within Turkey’s military to overthrow the elected government constituted a “Haram” — or “religiously forbidden” — act.

At a press conference held in Istanbul, IUMS members also described recent coups in Egypt (against the Brotherhood) and Yemen as “Haram” (sinful or forbidden in Islam).

Questioning Erdogan or ousting him is now globally forbidden in Islam.

And this is not just any sin, Islam stole much from Catholicism where sins are divided between venial sins and mortal sins, here Qaradawi says that supporting the coup is basically a grave violation of Allah’s law which basically ends the Muslim in hell.

But Erdogan taking advantage of a coup in order to carry out his own coup is Halal (permissible) in the view of the highest Muslim jurisprudence. They failed to defend the tens of thousands of secularist government workers who were dismissed from their work regardless that they had nothing to do with the first false coup since a second Islamist coup (Erdogan’s real coup) was in progress.

The experts now agree, Erdogan used a coup by secularists to stage the real grandiose coup by Islamists to re-create the Ottoman Empire:

Erdogan is using the coup as an excuse to stage a real coup. Most of the people who were sacked from their jobs or who were arrested, tens of thousands of people in the military, the judiciary or academia had nothing to do with that coup. Basically, what it is going on here is Erdogan is trying to impose a thinly veiled theocracy; this is the true platform of the AKP. These people are an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and their platform is to recreate not only a religious state, but the reincarnation of the Ottoman Empire,” Dr. Ibrahim Alloush from the Zaytoonah University in Amman Jordan.

So what do we have so far? Erdogan matches what Daniel and Paul said of an Antichrist. He declares war on the strongest fortresses.

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He demands to be worshipped as God. He is a man who resorts to fraud, master schemes and changes set laws. He enters peaceably without a fight and gains the allegiance of his followers worldwide by deception. He lures Israel and despite Muslim objection, he makes a peace deal with Jews. What Erdogan did answers the tough questions that were asked decades ago: how will Antichrist be Muslim if he is worshipped, Muslims refuse to worship a man? How can Muslims follow someone who made peace treaties with Israel? How could Antichrist be Muslim if Antichrist comes from a Revived Roman Empire?

All these difficult questions are now made clear as we predicted it. Turkey (Constantinople) is as much roman as Rome is. Constantinople is the focus of both Christians and Muslims and is the bone of contention between the two religions. It is not Rome that we should fear from, it is Rome and Jerusalem invaded by Turkey that we should fear most. Hating Rome is as hating Constantinople and is as hating Jerusalem.

Therefore, everyone must make a choice, is it Christ or Antichrist, that is the question. In the meanwhile, the west needs to get used to playing a different tune on a different drumbeat, ancient … eastern: