IF I WAS THE DEVIL: Entering Satan’s Mind Is The Key. Seven Reasons Why An Islamic Caliphate Will Be Established Soon

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By Walid Shoebat

When you see the ISIS Caliphate coming to an end, expect the greater Caliphate to be announced soon. How do I know. It is simple: I always play the game “if I was the devil”.

We have warned as far back as 2014, that Turkey will sooner or later find the excuse for a military incursion into Syria. Was that speculation? Not anymore. Turkey’s military is camped in Northern Syria.

So if I was the devil, an angel of death, I will make a monster, a killing machine doing the most gruesome beheadings, burnings and drownings. I will then come in as the savior to cloak my Frankenstein making it look like an angel. As far back as August, 2014, we predicted:

“Turkey by design intends to usher itself as a savior by creating, aiding and abetting its pawn, ISIS, to make havoc then intervene to [supposedly] end the crisis“.

And this is exactly what Turkey did in Syria. ISIS today is slowly transitioning into the Free Syrian Army.

Here we will explain the end game, not just for Syria, but for Iraq and the entire Middle East which a short time from now will shock the skeptic and the analyst.

Let us carefully examine. Currently, all factions fighting in Syria are to a greater or lesser degree the proxies of major powers. They cannot go on fighting without major backing.

Regardless whether these parties are pro or anti-Assad, Shia or Sunni, Arab or Kurdish, ISIS or Free Syrian Army, Christian or Muslim … regardless to how this quagmire tries to manipulate their big bosses; the U.S., Russia, Iran or Turkey; within few weeks from now, these major powers will follow rule number one in politics: betray all factions in order to serve their own interests.

Lets face it. The scenarios of what will happen are only one of two:

1–President Assad Prevails. He must continue to fight until victory. But this needs the backing of Russia, Iran and the Shia in Iraq and Lebanon.

2–The anti-Assad Sunni Islamists To Dominate. This demands the backing from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The situation will soon come to conclusion as we see U.S. John Kerry and Russian Lavrov meet in Geneva while the warring parties in Syria wonder what agreements will be reached behind their backs and behind closed doors to discuss Turkish intervention.

What we will read in the next few weeks will be media reports regarding paranoid factions (but with good reason) how each cause will be sold out by the U.S. (selling out on the Kurds), Russia (selling out the Assad regime), Iran (selling out the Assad regime) or Turkey (supporting the Islamists in Syria by sacrificing ISIS).

You will see scenario #2 prevailing. Islamists will control northern Syria. This will be so for several reasons. We will provide both reason and folly for both the U.S. and Russia:

First reason: both Russia and the U.S. has already expressed that no military solution is the solution and that the only solution is a political solution. This already tells us something; Russia will not come to the aid of Bashar Al-Assad militarily. Russia won the battle against ISIS but Turkey won the war, exactly as we stated will happen.

The folly: The U.S. and Russia’s views are short sighted and is not considering the long run consequences which is Turkey’s future expansion.

Second reason: we have elections coming up in the U.S. and democrats badly need a victory over ISIS to silence Donald Trump’s complaints about how poorly the Obama Administration handled the Middle East. The cost (which Trump needs to trumpet) is that the Obama Administration is selling Syria to Turkey and not to the secularists.

This in fact is already happening. ISIS had an apparent defeat, which Turkey gladly provided, since it is already absorbing ISIS by simply adding ISIS recruits (and all new recruits including all factions) to what is dubbed as The Free Syrian Army. Shortly you will not find ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham or the Free Syrian Army … all these factions will unite, very soon.


One can find all the banners in a single demonstration demanding unity with even ISIS included in the mix

This deception will seem like a political victory for the democrats since during the elections, the Free Syrian Army will establish a dominant force in northern Syria, that seems moderate to the naive voting public eye. Hillary is guaranteed to announce a victory for U.S. backed Free Syrian Army over ISIS. It is for this reason why Turkey was given the green light, to enter Syria, by Joe Biden in order to prevent the Syrian regime to achieve a political victory.

Folly: while a Sunni Islamist presence in northern Syria will thwart Iran’s influence and curb ISIS’s expansion, it will simply replace one form of ISIS with a grand-ISIS under a clean label (FSA) allied with Turkey.

Third reason: Turkey and Iran have a common interest in preventing an independent Kurdish nation. The more the United States supports the Iraqi and Syrian Kurds, there will be a greater danger of an Iranian-Turkish alliance to prevent a Kurdish state from happening. Neither Turkey or Iran wants to carve swaths of land from their territory to build a Kurdish state. Therefore, Iran can’t afford loosing its relationship with Turkey. The U.S. will continue to push the Kurdish cause. But this will continue to push a Turkish-Iranian alliance. And now you know why Persia will unite with this rising Magog.

Folly: Supporting a Kurdish state will continue to unite Iran and Turkey. The U.S. must abandon Kurdistan since a Shiite-Sunni divide is what the U.S should strive for to keep these big players at bey.

Fourth reason: Syria is Iran’s closest ally (both Iran and Syria are ruled by Shiites) and the U.S. views Iran as the bigger threat than its NATO ally, Turkey. To the U.S., Turkey is the answer to Iran’s expansions. To the U.S., Assad’s downfall would deal a major blow to Iran’s regional ambitions and leave Tehran ever more isolated. But Iran has no choice, it is caught between its proxy ally, Syria, and its other major Islamist ally Turkey. With the U.S. supporting Turkey, and Iran’s latest success to stop U.S. sanctions on Iran, it has no choice in this chess game but to sacrifice its bishop in Syria.

Folly: The over focus on Iran by the U.S vales Turkey, a much bigger threat. Iran’s expansion into the Shiite crescent is in U.S. best interest since it will pit Iran and Turkey (two western arch enemies) against each other. The key to victory is to keep both forces equally against each other.


Fifth reason: Syria is an ally of Iran. But it is also an ally of Russia. Iran worked hard to lift sanctions. it succeeded. Russia too has active sanctions against it. It too strives to have these sanctions lifted. It is under the mercy of the U.S. Therefore, Russia’s “hands off of Syria” will ease NATO’s call to end the occupation of Crimea.

Russia knows it is limited and Syria is simply not that easy for Russia’s access to conduct a major war with Turkey or with the Islamists. Such a war will deplete Russia.

Folly: For Russia, Syria is a force and a base to thwart Turkey which is a greater historic enemy for Russia which it must contend with in the future as another superpower. An Islamist and Turkish expansion into Syria establishing Turkey’s puppet regime in Syria will threaten Russia’s access to the Mediterranean in times of war.

Sixth reason: Both the U.S. and Turkey know that Turkey has a vested interest in being viewed as the stabilizing agent in the region. Both know that the United States no longer wants to be the stabilizing force in the Middle East. Both know that Europe is impotent. Both know that the U.S. will not war with Turkey. Both fear Russia’s long-term threat to their interests and sees Russia’s potential return to Turkey’s frontier as a long-term challenge. Both know that the only power in a position to assert its consistent presence to prevent Russia is as we have been saying for two decades is Islamist Turkey. This is why the U.S. will appease Turkey.

Folly: Turkey becoming the regional superpower will end U.S. dominance in the region and will catapult Turkey in the Muslim world where all Muslim nations will fear Turkey and join its rank.

Seventh reason: The U.S. wants to curb Iran’s influence. Iran controls Iraq and the U.S. fears its expansion over what is called The Shiite Crescent stemming from Iran to Iraq to Syria to Lebanon.


Folly: this thinking is naive. Turkey is already revisiting its relations with Iran. Both know that their competition for regional dominance is futile. The leaderships of both nations have come to realize that striving to secure an undisputed leadership in the Middle East was pointless. Iran’s ambitions in the region will then succumb to Turkish dominance in Syria and Iran’s dominance in Iraq will be acceptable to Turkey where both (leopard and bear) can comfortably consume much flesh. Both Turkey and Iran know that a Sunni-Shiite strife in the region would eventually acquire a content conforming to the geopolitical interests of the U.S. This is why Washington is beginning to refrain from resorting to plans of total regime dismantling in Syria. However, Turkey is still running the course.

It was too late for the U.S. It has already lost the chess game. Turkey is clever. It knows all seven points. This is why Turkey ceased the moment and moved into Syria militarily forcing the U.S. and Russia to move politically. The U.S. knows it can’t do anything about it.

There are no more chips to move to end the bloodshed. Unless the U.S. strives to return to 2011 pre-Arab Spring (which can only happen by bloodshed), no matter how the chess game is played, the end result is that Turkey and Iran will divide the Middle East into proxies allied to them. Two crescents. Two pincers. Two horns on the head of this beast, which comes looking like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon.

This is exactly what will happen.

Both Iran and Turkey know, the U.S. is not about to carry out a military campaign to enforce the previous type dictatorship in the Middle East. These know that for the secret power of lawlessness to get to work; the one who now holds it back cannot continue to do so and is taken out of the way. (2 Thessalonians 2:7)

At this point it is impossible to revert, regardless who wins the White House. And to think Donald Trump can solve it is simply wishful thinking. By the time Trump takes office, there will be no ISIS in the Middle East, just the ISIS harassing the Middle West.

This is the disastrous U.S. policy which will offend both parties regardless if they are Reagan, Trump or Obama and Hillary worshippers. Both parties created monsters. Carter initiated the policies behind Iran’s rise and Reagan helped the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against Russia aiding the creation of the Taliban. George Bush created chaos in Iraq and in a short time from now Obama would have completed the quagmire by forcing the region into forming a new regional superpower—Turkey.

And if in doubt of our predictions here, lets see two years ago, in 2014, we wrote when ISIS was nearly taking over Kobani:

“Turkey was actually positioning its military to insure that ISIS wins since facts on the ground reveal that Ankara is not allowing the Kurdish People’s Defense Forces (YPG) to cross Turkish territory to join the fight against ISIS while the Kurdish forces capture recruits allowed entry from Turkey to fight on the side of ISIS to take Kobane.”

No tanks moved when ISIS was winning. Yet in August, 2014, we predicted: “[Turkey] is aiding and abetting its pawn, ISIS, to make havoc then intervene to [supposedly] end the crisis“.

This is exactly what I would do if I were the devil. And this is exactly what Turkey did. ISIS lost in 2016, Turkey rushed through to save and not attack her ISIS pawn which dispersed into other terror organizations they summed up as FSA.

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And unlike what you read on the media, we obtain the fresh evidence daily and directly from the ground for your consumption. ISIS is switching their name as FSA:

As far as two years ago, in June 2014, we predicted Iran will not oppose Turkey’s inclusion into Syria:

We have also seen when Syria asked for a political stand by Iran demanding they openly condemn Turkey for its incursion into Syria. Yet, Iran was completely silent.

Can anyone tell us if Iran is doing anything about Turkey’s latest invasion? A cat must have bit the forked  tongue of the Khomeini. In these same reports, two years ago we stated:

“Iran [will] take a neutral stand with its favorite Shiite ally, Bashar Al-Assad. That development should be deafening any analyst, unless of course, there is a bigger, more sinister plan.”

In these same reports, two years ago, we predicted:

“Turkey [will] continue to organize and support bands of terrorists from Chechens, Turkmenis and other factions to coordinate military offensive operations against the Syrian army on several fronts …”

This is exactly what has been happening. ISIS is a turkish pawn and all Sunni factions are emerging. ISIS carries the circle signet on its flag “Muhammad is Messenger of Allah” which is found in a replica of Muhammad’s signet ring at the museum of Topkapi in Istanbul Turkey.




If I was the devil, to create my kingdom, I will have Sunnis kill Shiites but then I will bring peace to unite them lest my kingdom is divided and cannot stand. The Sunnis killing Shiites has created major hatred by the Muslim masses globally for sectarianism. If I was the devil, I will not care that this will escalate the hatred towards my Wahhabist base in Saudi Arabia and even if it threatens my unholy temple the Kaaba. After all I can always bring a greater sleeper style Islam: Sufism. With Sufism, I can unite everyone, even the Buddhist and the western liberal. Sufism is a mixture of Buddhism and Islam which will unite my evil kingdom all the way to even reach Japan.

If I was the devil, I will use ISIS to cause so much blood forcing the U.S. to look for my son, Erdogan, in Turkey as there will be no other choice to establish peace. Exactly two years ago, I predicted this very thing, that the U.S in order to:

“stabilize the region Turkey is its prime candidate to tame ISIS since it knows that Turkey is calling the shots. Turkey is expecting the U.S. to ask for its help

This is exactly what happened.

We knew exactly what will happen. We knew that Iran will abandon Syria and give it to Turkey. Two years ago, during April 2014, we predicted:

“While the U.S. could get Syria, the geo-political repercussions will not be felt until way later when Turkey rules Syria instead of Iran.

Who is in Syria now? Iran or Turkey? Where is this “Iranian intervention in Syria” everyone predicted?? It is nowhere to be found.

With the Muslim Brotherhood, more allied with the Turkish Ottoman roots, Turkey later can advance into Egypt (Daniel 11) by aiding the Muslim Brotherhood and into Tunisia and Libya. With a war on Wahhabism, this next brand of Turkish Islam will be the most deceptive of its kind.

If I was the devil, I will have Turkey saber rattle when speaking in Turkish or Arabic about retaking Jerusalem, becoming Saladin, all the while in English I will speak peace with Israel. This exactly what we said will happen two years ago when we predicted:

Turkey by design is setting up the stage, that the next man will put his efforts on persuading Israel to implement Palestinian interests and stop the bloodshed. This will be the prime opportunity for the “man of sin” to enter the world stage as the “man of peace”

Have you viewed all the romance between Turkey and Israel lately? This is exactly what is happening.

So what is left? If I was the devil, as soon as my son, the Antichrist establishes a proxy Islamist government in Syria, I will unite both Shiite and Sunnis and denounce all the violent Muslims especially Wahhabi Islam. I will then address the Muslims globally to dismantle Syches Picot. Exactly two years ago, we predicted:

The only way to introduce the grand Caliphate that will be acceptable and palatable by the Muslim world both secular and religious is to introduce the non-Wahhabi brand of Sufi Islam, which is considered peaceful by the West. But this will unite both Shiite Iran and Sunni Turkey since Sufis respect Shiite faith and their religious icons, Hassan and Hussein. This will create a grand scale Muslim coalition (Ezekiel 38) and will dismantle what Syches Picot accord did in fracturing the Ottoman Empire.

Therefore, to Tehran, Turkey is an essential partner in the Islamic awakening and it does not want a clash with it, even if it costs Iran secular Syria. Any Iranian interference will complicate the situation and brings strong reaction from the Sunni Muslims and Arab nationalists.

We have seen this scenario prevailing which we have been reporting for two years. And despite the so-called “Iran experts” and “Turkey experts” and all the U.S. government officials with its propaganda machine saying that “Iran is growing increasingly unstable” and that “Erdogan was (or should be) on his way out”; they were all dead wrong. Tehran now has a check on Mecca. Despite all the false predictions by prophecy analysts, Tehran won, and made a deal to keep its nuclear program (as we predicted).

But I am not the devil. I am but a lonely shepherd.

We also predict that few will hear our report since ‘the many’ would rather use the analysts crystal balls.