It Is Happening. Israel, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia … Are All Making Major Peace Treaty And It Is Time Westerners Understand What All This Means Prophetically


By Walid Shoebat

It is time to learn and understand, to wake up, and not to slumber, to have oil in your lamps and not be caught in the dark. IT IS FINISHED. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today on Wednesday signed the reconciliation deal with Israel into law. At the same rate Saudi Arabia has been also making historic peace gestures to Israel as well after realizing its isolation in the Middle East. Iran too is attempting to reach out to King Salman of Saudi Arabia to make peace, while Russia and Turkey are also making peace. Indeed, this year can be marked as ‘peace in our times’ while the Middle East implodes in much sectarian strife. This makes this year the most unusual year in the last few decades. So what is exactly going on and who is the devil here, Turkey, Iran, Russia or Saudi Arabia, and how does this play prophetically? Here we will share the key to unlock it all. Read slowly, absorb and stay awake.

It is here that westerners simply do not get it regarding the Muslim world. The Middle East being ‘complex’ is a myth. It is not as complex in its workings as the West. The first type of peace in the Muslim world, is that peace which is sought by the weaker Muslim nation and the stronger non-Muslim nation. This is done in order to gain time, in order to gain strength, concessions and inroads to the enemy.

When it comes to other type of peace, Muslim on Muslim peace, unlike Christians in the West, the stronger Muslim nation would seek to make peace with the weaker Muslim nation, in order to gulp it up later. It is the lure of the pimp to the naive prostitute. A weaker Muslim nation like Saudi Arabia would tend to make peace with its enemy’s stronger enemy (Israel) while avoiding peace with the other stronger Muslim enemy: Iran. This is exactly what is happening.

Turkey is however buttering up to Israel in order to gain inroads to major concessions. Such concessions debunk the myth that the Jews are smarter than devils.

Erdogan officially approved the deal by the Turkish parliament which calls for Israel to pay $20 million in compensation (admitting guilt even though they were attacked conducting a formal inspection) to a fund for the families of those killed in the Mavi Marmara incident (who needed killing) six years ago, and allow Turkey to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza via the Ashdod port. In exchange, Turkish legislation will prevent any outstanding legal claims against IDF soldiers, and Turkey will be obligated to prevent Hamas from preparing attacks against Israel – including fund-raising – from Turkish soil (ya sure).

Turkish President's Office

Turkish President’s Office “Israeli diplomat Shani Cooper shakes hands with Turkish President Erdogan at a Victory day celebration in Ankara on August 30, 2016”

The latter proves that Israel is playing with fire, especially after a leaked intelligence document in Germany reveals that Turkey is financing an assortment of terrorist groups in the Middle East, including Hamas. Yet all this had no impact on the deal. Indeed, Israel is being suckered for ‘peace at any cost’.

ARD published parts of the secret German government report, which it said marked the first official assessment directly linking Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey’s government to support for Islamist and terrorist groups. The report said Turkey had become “the central hub for Islamist groups in the Middle East.” ARD quoted the German Interior Ministry report as saying:

“the numerous affirmations of solidarity and support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, for Hamas and for armed Islamist opposition groups in Syria by the ruling AKP party and Erdogan underscore their ideological affinity to their Muslim brothers.”

Few are considering that when in June, Netanyahu defended the deal when he went to Rome to construct it, that the deal, not just opens Turkey into Gaza, but Jerusalem will be opened for an additional pilgrimage so when Muslims do the Hajj to Mecca, they will, in addition, swerve towards Jerusalem’s Temple Mount for an additional pilgrimage. Turkey even sent a number of positive signals towards Israel, including ending its veto over Israeli cooperation with NATO.

Turkey by this deal is not only gaining concessions from a lucrative deal for gas from Israel via Turkey to Europe, but there is another lucrative deal of a spiritual content which the Jews will pay for heavily. That is, Turkey has its eye on Jerusalem.

You will never read in the media, that Turkey’s peace deal with Israel is an infiltration to making Turkey the champion of Jerusalem, in order to send its floods, including taking over jurisdiction of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount from its current legal custodian: Jordan.

It is as if Jacob scooped up the bowl of porridge out of what Esau cooked up.

Muslim Jerusalemites these days welcome Turkish officials and show a greater appreciation for Turkey over Jordan, which is moderate in comparison with Turkey. Palestinians are now getting used to attacking Jordanian delegations on the Temple Mount forcing them to flee from the Temple Mount’s courtyard. Mehmet Görmez, the Mufti of Turkey gets to speak at the pulpit while Jordanian muftis are ousted preparing the day when Erdogan will speak at the Temple.


Mehmet Görmez speaking from the Temple Mount’s Al-Aqsa Mosque on why Jerusalem must stop Jews from furthering their agenda in Jerusalem

Mehmet Görmez had said that “Jerusalem was a part of the Umrah trip in the past [during the Ottoman Empire] and that works were being conducted to incorporate it into the program.”

By this, Turkish leaders now play a regional role, similar to that of the Ottoman Empire in the Arab and Muslim world, especially by already acting as the custodians over east Jerusalem. Turkey has been working on promoting its ties with Jerusalem for some time now to include Muslims making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The Umrah is usually a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims that can be undertaken at any time of the year, in contrast to the Hajj which is at a specific month.

Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) issued a decision in April 2015, to include Jerusalem’s Temple Mount (Al-Aqsa Mosque) into the Umrah religious pilgrimage. Turkey’s influence is changing the Umra Hajj, which will no longer be exclusively in Mecca, and it will now include Jerusalem. This should bring in a flood of Muslims to Jerusalem. Israel, of course is deceived to have hope for increased tourism. Turkish citizens (and Muslims from around the globe) will now stay three days in Jerusalem, four days in Medina and seven days in Mecca.

um copy

While this won’t be felt soon, few years from now, this will bring in the demonstrating ‘flood’ of Muslims into the Holy Land. While Israel thinks this is a lucrative business, to bring in much needed tourism, it will soon be problematic, as we see in Europe, and by this, the dragon continues his flood after the woman as declared in Revelation 12.

Turkish president last year called on citizens to:

“raise their hands in supplication for this blessed night towards Allah to restore the Al-Aqsa Mosque [Jerusalem] to be re-owned by Muslims, and to remove the mist from their eyes, to see Jerusalem in their hands at every moment and at every opportunity”.

But this is not all. Turkey is not the only player approaching Israel. The Jerusalem Post just reported on Saudi Arabia having an astonishing public shift towards Israel:

“From outlets such as al-Arabiya and Riyadh newspaper, among other local or state-owned outlets – reflects secret, under the-table contact between the Arab kingdom and the Jewish state that has been a work in progress for years.”

Saudi Arabia’s major shift in painting Israel in friendly terms is less deceptive than Turkey’s. Saudi Arabia is becoming isolated by the day, and under the table sees Israel as its only hopeful ally.

And its more than just romantic media-love affair. We have seen a handshake between Israel’s Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold and former Saudi government adviser Anwar Esaki. Then Eshki led a Saudi delegation to Jerusalem the following month that was publicly acknowledged. Then we had Saudi Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud also shared a stage with Israel’s former military intelligence chief, Amos Yadlin.

It can’t get anymore romantic than this. This is desperado. Saudi Arabia fears Iran.

A typical assumption would be that if Saudi Arabia fears Iran, a westerner would suppose that Saudi Arabia would want peace with Iran. After all, Israel is making peace with Saudi Arabia, and Turkey with Russia, and it is time for all to jump into the Jacuzzi tub.


Remember, when it comes to Muslim on Muslim peace, the stronger Muslim nation would seek to make peace with the weaker Muslim nation in order to gulp it up later. It is the lure of the pimp to the naive prostitute. A weaker Muslim nation like Saudi Arabia would tend to make peace with its enemy’s stronger enemy (Israel) while avoiding peace with the other stronger Muslim enemy: Iran.

Iran is more powerful militarily than Saudi Arabia. Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, has offered to go to Riyadh to restore relations, but the Saudis have rejected his overtures.

“Currently, there are no negotiations between the Saudis and us. We only trade opposing remarks,” Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, told the TV channel Russia Today last week.

“We see the Saudis acting irrationally. They have started a media hype against us and keep accusing us. We shut the door of dialogue with no country except the occupying regime of Israel.”

Is Saudi Arabia being irrational not to accept the extended olive branch from Iran?

No. When it comes to Saudi Arabia, they, unlike Israel or the West, they understand well that any peace deals with other opposing Muslim states is a fruitless Hudna, talk in the wind, worthless paper to be boiled and drank as bitter herb tea, a worship of a golden calf in the Sinai where they would eventually have to crush it to dust and drink its bitter taste.

When it comes to countries like Iran or Turkey, Americans do not get it. Michael Rubin describes the misunderstanding by westerners of Turkey best. He writes:

Gullibility and naiveté on the part of diplomats are bad enough, but combine it with a failure to appreciate historyAmericans have a very different conception of history than almost any other people on earth. Americans consider anything more than a decade ago to be the distant past, and think nothing of moving a thousand miles away. In Turkey—and much of the rest of the world—it’s the opposite: People are hard-pressed to move 10 miles from their family but consider the last thousand years as yesterday. Put another way, Most Americans focus on the future unencumbered by slights suffered by their grandparents, great-grandparents, or co-religionists whom they have never met, but men like Erdogan nurse ancient grudges as if they suffered the slights personally. Erdogan sees himself on a mission not only to right what he considers to be historical wrongs in Turkey, but also to promote Sunni Islam worldwide.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia, the global center for exporting Jihad ideology is in check. It knows that the Middle East understands only one language besides the Quran’s Arabic: the language of strength.

No matter what peace gestures, or romantic poetry Iran uses to lure the whore of Arabia, she will not budge. Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, a member of the Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign affairs committee pointed to the position of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, attempting to attract Saudi King Salman, to give up on his war against Yemen’s Shiite Houthis and to have peace:

“If you pay attention to the supreme leader’s positions addressing Saudi Arabia, you will see that he constantly advises Saudi Arabia to leave this suicidal path and advises their young leaders and in fact new leaders to get into Islamic interactions and to moderate their behaviour. I believe that the supreme leader’s advice to Saudi officials is brotherly and fatherly advice.”

The King’s ‘no budge’ is for good reason. He knows that Iran simply wants to buy time to spread its revolution into Yemen, Bahrain and within Saudi Arabia itself and the rest of the Gulf.

King Salman knows well, that in the Middle East, you can’t have two roosters ruling the same holy place, or two holy places (Mecca and Karbala) ruling all rank-n-file roosters who according to Arabia are supposed to only be circumambulating around the Kaaba alone.

Either one of the two roosters, or one of the two holy places, must completely disappear off the face of the earth. It is either Karbala or Mecca, Salman or Khomeini.

This has been brewing for centuries, and to Iran’s Shiite version of Muslim theology, it is their rooster and their holy place (Karbala) who must win:

Once the land of Ka’bah declared proudly, ‘Which land is like me? Allah has made His House on me. People from all parts of the earth come to pay homage to me. I have been made sacrosanct (haram) and sacred by Allah.’ On hearing this Allah, revealed, ‘Be silent! Wait a little (before you say anything further). By My Might and My Honour, the excellence and distinction I have granted to the land of Karbala is more than what I have given you. Compared to Karbala, your position is like a needle head sized drop in front of the sea. If the dust of Karbala had not been there, I would never have bestowed this honour upon you. If the one resting in Karbala (Imam Husain (a.s.)) had not been there, I would neither have created you nor the House over which you are so haughty. Wait, adopt humility and modesty and don’t be arrogant and boastful. Don’t try to prevail over Karbala in importance (as that is not possible). Else I will be displeased with you and throw you in Hell.’ (Kaamil al-Ziarat, p.267, tradition 13, narrating from Imam Ja’far al-Al-Sadiq also see here)

Westerners do not get it. When Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei instructs Saudi Arabia to “moderate,” “refrain,” “behave,” and then instruct “Saudi Arabia to leave this suicidal path” he is speaking as if it was Allah’s instruction, since Allah now is upset with Mecca’s pride and is about to “throw her in hell”. In other words, Arabia is committing Seppuku, not on her own, but by Iran acting as the arm of Allah.

Westerners do not know, that when easterners read their Bibles, that they see this in Isaiah 21 and in the Apocalypse; the beast must burn the harlot and ravish her and that God will commit them to do it.

Saudi Arabia knows its in check, regardless to which side it goes, Israel or Iran.

Iranian analysts are already saying that Riyadh’s power is in check. But in reality they are both in check to collide in a bitter war. Kayhan Barzegar, the director of the Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies reveals that “the stakes are high. Iran’s oil facilities are in the south and Saudis are in the east, both relatively near each other. They could both quickly be destroyed in a hot war”.

When we in the east read the Bible regarding Babylon becoming “burning pitch” we recognize exactly what will happen. To us the Bible is as it is to Americans reading the New York Times. And now you know why Saudi Arabia, the prostitute, is being lured. It knows that it is doomed and her time is near.

This is why westerners should focus more, not on the Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s visit to St. Petersburg on August 9, but the unscheduled one-day trip to Ankara by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on August 12. This visit have phenomenally transformed Middle East’s power dynamic.

During that visit, Tehran shared valuable intelligence with the Turkish authorities regarding an imminent military coup on July 15. This factor alone seems destined to work wonders for the Turkish-Iranian ties.

Cavusoglu of Turkey said: “The security and stability of Iran is Turkey’s security and stability, and we believe this is the case with Iran, too.”

This is a blow for Saudi Arabia which had announced Erdogan’s end on July 15th coup. It made a fatal blunder as to who her real lovers were. We can now read the writing on the wall for Mystery Babylon: “Mene Mene tekel upharsin”.

U-prarsin means “and the Phars”. Phars are the Persians (Iran). There is another ‘hint hint’ in this prophecy: the Persians are coming and the hour of doom for Arabia is near.


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