Muslims In Poland Murdered A Polish Man. Now Scores Of Poles Are Rising And Are Combating The Muslims By Burning And Stoning Muslim Restaurants

By Walid Shoebat

Perhaps a self-test is necessary as you read this story to examine who is at fault. On Sunday, a 21-year-old local resident named Daniel threw a firecracker at an Elk café called Kebab Prince in the town of Elk owned by a Muslim and managed by immigrants from Tunisia. The café staff then ran out at Daniel and stabbed him dead. The attackers were later arrested in connection with the stabbing murder. Then a demonstration ensues burning the Kebab house.

So who is at fault? Many would say that the restaurant deserved whats coming praising the crowds actions in burning the restaurant.

But what if a Muslim threw a firecracker into a Polish restaurant and then he was killed by the employees? The responses would be exactly the opposite and the restaurant’s employees would be portrayed as heroes who defended their right.

So which argument is correct; the right who complain about the immigration issue or the left who complain about the extreme ultra-nationalists or the Muslim immigrants who are moving by the droves to Europe?

Europe, and more especially Germany dictated things on the Polish people to take in immigrants. Then you have ultra-nationalist forces who use the immigrant question to create fascist states. Equating resistance to the migrant influx with being ultra-nationalists is exactly the mistake that European politicians are making. But there is nothing wrong with believing that Europe is threatened by demographic shift where Muslims become majority someday.

But whatever news we read, fact is, that fact is the least factor people consider, while prejudice is the main driving force in almost all the media we read regardless of it being right or left. The right argues that their quality of life is going down as a result. These have perfectly understandable grievances and apprehensions about the future. No one but Germany who wanted to have no-go areas in Warsaw, Krakow, Bratislava, Prague, and Budapest. No one but Germany wanted ghettoes into which no policeman dare venture on his own. So there is opportunism from the ultra-nationalists, fascists and neo-Nazis that wants to exploit everything.

Here I will be extremely blunt with pun intended. I will tell you the story of the three little piggies from an eastern perspective instead of the fiction you were used to. First we have a Muslim pig. He is recognized as being Islamist and terrorist. Then we have another pig, the liberal, who brought in the Muslim immigration to storm Europe. But we also have a third pig that no one wants to discuss. He is the one who complains about the other two pigs while forgetting that he too is just another pig.

These in fact are known by their exclusion of a single pig (the Muslim) blaming only the Muslim of doing all the evils of the world. These end up self-fulfilling the Quranic lie by devolving themselves into “monkeys and pigs”.

All stinking pigs forgot, there is only one way that history combated and defeated Islamic expansionism (including all supremacies) and that is historic Christianity. Any piece of dung who wants to attempt to contradict this is welcome to debate it with us. But unlike today, historic Christianity is not this conservative populist movement we see. The Bible clearly states “there is neither a Jew nor Gentile”. This mean out with all races.

Instead, people are running towards, and are resorting to every other neo-isim, anything but good old fashioned Christian ethics. This third pig is the type that weeps and wails over the Charlie Hebdo’s story forgetting that Hebdo depicted Mary having Jesus as a baby pig.

So lets talk about all three types of pigs without exclusion. The West wants to blame the Muslims for terrorism and Muslim immigration, just as the Muslims want to blame the West for destroying the Middle East. While the Muslim has a point, western politicians (both pigs conservative and liberal) ruined the Middle East. But the Islamist was no innocent pig either. He created the Muslim Brotherhood which created Al-Qaeda, Hamas and ISIS …

What I said here so far is recent historic fact, not fiction. The Middle East was thriving just fine under the ‘dreaded’ dictatorships that the loudmouth conservative pig bickered about. We warned that the conservative was just another pig to no avail. No one listened. Every pig was pointing only at the two other pigs.

The only difference between the Islamist pig and the western conservative pig is that both go to extreme. The Muslim terrorist blames every westerner for messing up the Middle East and the racist western pig blames everything on Muslims.

There is much to blame on all pigs.

Let me say it as blunt as possible. The so-called fraudulent western Christians simply put did not want to have children. To solve this problem in Europe they resorted to importing Muslims. In the U.S. the same bigots imported Mexican Catholics. But the Mexicans at least obeyed God’s commandment in being fruitful and multiplying. These were happy to do all the dirty work while they were laughed at for having big families. I was smart enough to get me one of those.

Nothing in fact has ever changed. It wasn’t only the Muslim, but westerners also love to have slaves. In the U.S., they had african slaves to pick the cotton and now they want Mexican slaves to pick the fruit. Europe wasn’t so fortunate. They wanted the Muslim to do all the dirty work.

What the European supremacist didn’t like was that the Muslim supremacist outwitted him and applied for welfare making the European as his white slave who was working day and night to support the Muslim bigot instead.

The European bigot, dissatisfied at such insubordination was upset. After all, he wanted someone else to do the menial work while having underproductive sex by fitting his penis with a raincoat or clipping his testicles (vasectomy). There too the Muslim outwitted the European marrying four, had all the bareback sex he desired and produced all the children gaining more welfare that the European had to pay to his Muslim slave turned master.

Now that the western slave master got old and crippled, he wants to blame the Muslim and the Mexican for his lack of disobedience to God in failing to multiply. The western slave master then complained that his voice was muffled because of “political correctness”. He forgets that everything I have written so far has evolved to be the only politically incorrect version of the truth. Yesterday’s BS political correctness has become the standard, while today’s BS standard is yesterday’s political incorrectness. Its all pure BS.


White people. Can you read English? Be fruitful means have normal sex and have children. Why is the Muslim beating you to the thrust?

The Western pig, instead of blaming himself for his ills, he would rather hate the pope and damn him because he damns birth control. He them blamed the pope on why they magnified Islam instead of blaming Arab bishops.

All three pigs are a miserable bunch. No one from the scholarly realm wants to tell them that their emperor is naked lest they loose book sales, fame and donations.

I will. All you who abandoned Christianity and kowtowed to the homosexual agenda, listen up. A pig stye is cleaner than the cleanest one of you. You have no culture worthwhile to be proud about besides what you inherited from the Jews of ancient Israel’s Christianity. Even there, Christians where but a small remnant while the majority of Israel at the time turned out to be some serious pigs who elected Bar Kochba as Messiah. Throughout history, there was never a short supply of pigs be they Jews or Gentiles.

You are just as savage as the Muslims. While Muslims start terrorism, German pigs started WWI and then WWII by falling for all sorts of anti-Christian ideas. Unlike you, Muslims are way more united when they started their Ottoman invasions. Protestant Germany sparked Nazism with American liberal pigs selling them eugenics. The Jews were finally rescued by sheer accident and not by intent. Americans taught Hitler eugenics. Now you all want to resort back to eugenics, secularism and evolution to find answers to the very problems you created for yourselves.

Indeed, a pigsty is cleaner than the cleanest one of you.

How you function is but simple to explain. Easterners figured you out long ago. You always foment trouble. German pigs founded a Jew pig named Lenin. They then sent him on a mission to destroy Russia. So now the antisemite pig blames all Jews for Communism instead of blaming the German.

My definition of racists is simple. Racists are pigs whom when you show them the evidence that one pig plus another pig equals two pigs, they would never agree no matter how correct is the math. Just ask them: why is the percentage of jewish pigs versus gentile pigs are the same? Racist jews always blame Christianity for all evils. Racist gentiles always blame Jews for all evils. Both types of pigs intentionally ignore one thing: the percentage of pigs between Jew and Gentile are but the same. We have Stalin and Hitler. One plus one equals two. These were Gentile pigs. A pig is someone who paints “Putin” “Assad” or “Netanyahu” as the worlds leading “tyrants” while forgetting Henry VIII, Ivan IV: “the Terrible”, Maximilien Robespierre, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler “the Fuhrer”, Augusto Pinochet: “the Reformer-Dictator”, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Il where the biggest tyrannical mass murdering pigs in history.

But where is the Jewish mass genocidal killer? He can never be found except all the cries about Deir Yassin which was around a hundred or so Palestinians.

Racist pigs, once they become famous, no one wants to point them out, until of course, the tragedy is all complete and the victims are all but consumed by fire. The fact of history is that people will only speak out against evil only after its defeated and never during or before the tragedy. The worst pigs are the ones who start foundations that supposedly want everyone to remember. These love slogans like ‘never again’. The anti-abortion agenda is the same and we all read what they said when Donald Trump stated that the abortionists, be they the doctor or mother, they both must be punished. And who were the loudest mouths that complained? It was the anti-abortion organizations (all of them) who screamed at Trump. Why? Because if abortion is terminated they would go out of business.

Therefore, we have just discovered that the pig’s God is mammon.

The worst pigs are the comments I see daily by huffed up so-called patriots who jot things like “kill all Muslims” or “someone needs to throw all these Muslims out”. Who is this “someone” who is going to throw all Muslims out, I do not know. Its someone, anyone else but them.

If I am wrong or being a complete pig about all this; that there is no serious Christian response to Islam or Nazism; perhaps you can help: where is the Christian counter Jihad movement or the Christian counter Nazi movement? They simply do not exist. The truth is that all pigs are practitioners of Taqiyya.

I can’t seem to find them for the life of me. I only see pigs all around. All the counter jihad colleagues I knew are in bed with atheists, gays, eugenists, neo-Nazis, neo-communist, neopagans … as it seems we eastern Christians are the only ones left. Does this mean we have some sort of genetic superiority? No. We are simply mules: very stubborn mules.

Where is Christendom? Who are the main players? Who is crusading to combat Islam by using Christianity? Why can’t anyone name them for me? Today, almost every one of them has an anti-Christian agenda to promote.

You are a world of pigs who believe anything people with an agenda tell you, so long they huff you up to complement your ‘might’. You are not worth dying for so long you yoke with eugenists and heathens breeding out of wedlock. Your kids too, turned out to be nothing more than a millennium generation of pigs.


The reality so few focus on is that if you take God out of the equation, evil will always be on the lurk. Indeed, devils take advantage of every valid argument to turn everything upside down. But you so-called western Christians, just like the Muslims, are too stupid to see it.

Reality is that before Christ comes, the clock will be turned backwards to when He came. What was Germany, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East when Christ came? They were all a brood of blood sucking pagans, monkeys and pigs. So from paganism you come and back to paganism you go.

Let me say it again, from paganism you come and back to paganism you go and God is no respecter of persons or skin color. To God, there is neither Jew nor Gentile. All your populist movements are pagan. You are pagan no matter how many crosses you carry or how many communions you consume.

The whole world is messed up be it Muslim or Christian. Here, take a look at the Croatian pigs (hit the cc to get English subtitles) and watch 50,000 Croatian pigs sing along on how they want Serbian Orthodox blood. Watch the pig say “we are not Nazis”. Truth is, you will always know them when they say “We are not Nazi”.

All Judases blaming others of being Judases, pigs blaming only others of being pigs. The number of Serbs murdered by the Ustaše as Yad Vashem estimates is over 500,000 murdered, 250,000 expelled and 200,000 forcibly converted to Catholicism.

Was that a message of “Come to Me all you labor and are heavy of laden”? Pigs.

The label “Catholic” means nothing to God if the soul is not authentic. Christianity is not about murder and forced conversions.

In fact, the most racially proud produce the greatest percentage of pigs. Germans, Croats, Turks, Japanese, Communist Russians have produced the worst genocidal pigs in history. For centuries, Croatia had been a part of the Habsburg Empire until it was dissolved at the close of World War I. The desire of Croatian nationalists was for independence finding itself in the Serb dominated Kingdom of Serbs. Internal borders were redrawn dividing historical Croatia into several provinces. Political repression then bred extremism, and the “Ustaša” (“Insurgence”) was formed in 1929 by a pig named Ante Pavelić with the support of Fascist Italy.

In 1934, King Alexander was assassinated by a Bulgarian from the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, a radical group seeking independence, allied with the Croatian Ustaše group led by Pavelić. Then on 6 April 1941, Nazi Germany (the biggest pigs) invaded Yugoslavia and Greece. The German supremacist pigs then exploited ethnic divisions in Yugoslavia, and presented themselves as liberators of the Croats. The then-victorious Axis powers set up a puppet state, the Independent State of Croatia, which included Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the parts of Dalmatia not annexed to Italy. Deputy prime minister Maček refused to collaborate in a puppet government, and Pavelić’s Ustaše was installed in power.

In Pavelić, Hitler found an ally. Are these Christian?

While the Croatians were enthusiastic for their independence, fact was, they were under the occupation by the Germans and Italian armies, while the Ustaša commenced a ruthless persecution of Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and dissident Croats and Bosnian Muslims.

The key to finding true life instead of death is not to only solely focus on the pigs. Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac of Zagreb welcomed Croat independence in 1941, but subsequently condemned Croat atrocities against both Serbs and Jews, and involved himself in personally saving Jews. The Pavelić government intended to rid Croatia of its Eastern Orthodox Serb minority by killing at least half a million in massacres and at concentration camps.

To live a good life, go find heroes and stop being mired with pigs.

The devil wants Europe to mow itself down so that the Muslim will conquer it. Islam will conquer parts of Europe because the Europeans abandoned God. Croatian populism, German Pegida, French Marine Le Pen, American populism, balck lives matter, white lives matter, Islamists … it is all pagan no matter how many times these say “in God” or “in Allah” we trust.

These trust in mammon and nothing more. Trump can be a Cyrus, but all you flag waving pigs want, is to fulfill the satisfaction of your bellies: money. You have become a stench in God’s nostrils, a Sodom and Gomorrah and nothing more. All you Christ haters, damn you and damn the mother that brought you to this world. The more people try to heal me from my homophobia and my nazi-phobia, the more I spit on the image of Hitler. I hate Nazis. Always will until some general Patton do us part.