Pope Francis Declares This Warning To All Christians: ‘Beware Of Populism, Remember That Hitler Came To Power Because Of Populism.’


By Theodore Shoebat

Pope Francis just recently declared a warning to all Christians, telling them that they must beware of populism, and how it was because of populist hysteria that Hitler came to power.

My father recently wrote an article on the dangers of populism that coincides with the warning of Pope Francis. For this video I will add the article….

The Most Horrific Evil Is Rising Up, The False Church Of The Antichrist Is Uniting With The Demonic Religion Of Islam, And The Most Horrific Diabolical Empire Will Appear

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special, continuation of Part IPart II, Part III)

Many Christians live their lives in confidence believing they are equipped to handle Antichrist’s deception. But after comparing the rarely discussed link, between Hitler’s Germany and the Muslim Ottomans, with what conservative movements are campaigning for today, you will reconsider, that you too, have swallowed an Antichrist bait, without even realizing it. You probably even read the verse “deceive (if possible) even the elect” and thought of yourself as “elect” and therefore “immune” when you probably have been deceived and bit the bait already. Let me explain:

When Hitler came to power, some theologians interpreted prophecy to see Hitler as The Antichrist. But when the war was over, they couldn’t understand how they missed the mark, since the world didn’t end, and Christ did not show up.

But they didn’t miss the mark; they simply misunderstood there is a dual fulfillment. The rise and fall of Nazism (coupled with the Ottomans) was simply a prelude of things to come, so that once we examine Nazism’s history, especially its link to Islam—a rarely discussed topic by historians—you will see the glaring match, to the current populous trend of “cultural uniformity” that most are striving to accomplish. This, coupled with the revival of neo-Ottomanism, will reveal, that it all mimics the same old masters of iniquity, where it sheds more light on the nature of Antichrist and his Muslim false prophet. It is only then that we can see how God, in advance, uses even this historic manure, to give us a clearer picture on how these same prophecies and historic events will repeat again.

All this probably sounds confusing so far, but here, we will unravel it for you.

Just take a quick look at the amazing parallels. Today we have a growing populist western trend, demanding “cultural uniformity”. While ‘culture uniformity’ is not exactly puritanical racism, and all this sounds good to the simpleton, so few realize this is all a guise as evil develops in increments.

By the time it all develops, the true goal will be, that all, but their “ethnic race” needs to be “excluded” from society.

So many Christians are falling into this trap. The victims lack the lessons from Nazism’s rarely discussed history, that the ‘conservative right’ after Nazism’s inception, which called to throw out all ‘non-pedigree’ soon shifted gears, quickly reversing direction, to include outside the elite groups on the periphery; Black Africans, Muslim Arabs, Yellow Asians, Indians, Muslim Turks, Muslim Chechens, Muslim Bosnians, Catholic Croats and even Orthodox Jews who served in Hitler’s military machine.

Nazism gives us a clear picture on the type of Jews and Christians who fell right into Antichrist’s trap.

The first parallel are these races that joined Hitler. They include the same geography of the prophetic narrative regarding Antichrist, especially in Ezekiel’s Gog and his alliances. These were the same peoples that clung to Hitler; “all the fish of your rivers will cling to your scales” (Ezekiel 38:3).

Haj Amin Al-Husseini, with the Hitler salute, recruiting Turkic Bosnians and Albanians

Black, Indian and oriental Nazi soldiers

This history even hints the type of “wheat” that come from backgrounds we could never have imagined, and the type of tares (Judases) that include professing Jews and Christians who will aid the Antichrist.

This history helps us understand why Christ sends away many who call Him “Lord Lord …” (Matthew 7:22) since these tares stood against His suffering people.

But such suffering is always caused by racism and segregation. Today, most political analysts, historians, geopolitical forecasters, including prophecy analysts, foresee a Muslim Caliphate rising in Turkey—a definite candidate for an Antichrist government—encompassing these same peoples of Hitler’s alliances.

As a parallel to that same history, Turkey with a European alliance, in a joint axis of evil, is not a far fetched theory. We must not discount the possibility of having two persons, that Antichrist can rise from Europe and ally with Turkey’s Gog, or even vise versa with a single person, where Turkey will produce the Antichrist who could also be “Gog”. We could even have separate figures (beast and false prophet and a Gog), yet all three are allied by the same goals.

Therefore, we must be flexible but primarily allow parallel history to interpret. It might be a trio-axis of evil. Ever wonder why in Revelation 16:14 it speaks of two, the “beast” and “the false prophet” who send out “three frogs” to call the nations of the world to battle at Armageddon?

And with Nazism’s Hitler (the beast of that time was Hitler, a fallen Christian) he did not act alone, he had his Muslim henchman (Haj Amin Al-Husseini) who was perhaps a “frog,” Al-Husseini, after all, was sent by Hitler to gather the Muslims from the Turkic regions, calling them to battle, just as we see in Revelation 16:12-14:

And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon that great river Euphrates and dried up the water thereof, that a way might be prepared for the kings from the rising of the sun. And I saw from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs. For they are the spirits of devils, working signs: and they go forth unto the kings of the whole earth, to gather them to battle against the great day of the Almighty God.

“Kings from the rising of the sun,” the greek uses “anatolē” in the Bible, which is translated “east” is also the same exact word, anatolē for Anatolia (Asia Minor, the Turkic peoples) “the rising of the sun” or “East”; compare “Orient” and “Levant”.  These were the same peoples who Al-Husseini gathered to fight for Nazi Germany (more on that later). We also see separate individuals (beast, false prophet, three frogs and other kings involved). Al-Husseini could even be symbolic of the coming “false prophet” as we shall examine him in detail.

Al-Husseini with Hitler

History matches prophecy and debunks the call for this “cultural uniformity” Christians are falling for. Ever wonder why “cultural uniformity” is preached heavily by populist Christians and ethnic supremacists? Hitler even dangled that same bait we see today, until his armed forces became the most culturally diverse in all of Western history; a truly paradoxical paradigm shift that the ardent liberal would hail as ‘victory of cultural diversity’.

The reason this history of Hitler’s ‘strange amalgamation of races and religions’ was rarely mentioned, was partly that the West did not want to offend Islam. Bringing in to face justice, key Muslim Nazis, like the Grand Mufti, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, to trial for recruiting Turkic soldiers, will upset the Muslim world, especially that Al-Husseini who served the Ottomans, was also a direct descendant of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam himself.

The coming Mahdi also, as Islam insists, must claim that same lineage from Muhammad, could likely be this “false prophet”. Even the historians, they miserably failed to document Nazism’s occult practices, a repackaged Muslim Sufi mysticism, brought into the German political state which came from Turkey.

It was only until the 1980s, that historians began to scratch the surface and dig deeper, removing the blinders caused by the Nuremberg trials, which prohibited submitting any evidence regarding the Nazi occult, fearing that the Nazis would plead insanity.

Al-Husseini (with the Hitler salute) inspecting his Nazi Muslim Bosnian recruits who served Hitler

In fact, it wasn’t just ‘different races’ that entered the Nazi fray, but different religious backgrounds too, entered Hitler’s war machine. All this, completely busts the myth that Nazism’s history was strictly about ‘racial purity’ ‘cultural’ or ‘religious’ superiority.

The first thing Hitler did, was to create a syncretistic cult called “Positive Christianity,” which revamped Germany’s Protestant faith by re-gutting the core theological concepts. He then quickly shifted gears (just as he did with the race issue), utilizing as an instrument of unity, by including all; Muslims, Protestants, Evangelicals, Catholics and even Orthodox Jews.

Keep in mind, the Jew, the Muslim and the Catholic, did not blend into Hitler’s syncretistic form, but was granted to keep his full freedom to practice in his orthodoxy. This of course had one proviso; that he burns incense to the Führer; take his mark (swastika) on his right arm and raise it with the allegiance of Sieg Heil! (Hail Hitler!)

Is it any wonder why some saw Hitler as Antichrist?

Is it any wonder why we see this same religious and racially mixed ‘molotov-cocktail’ already forming with the rise of the Alt-Right, European and slavic neopaganism, including the same syncretistic Christian form, with similar populism, similar Fascism, stemming from even professing Protestants and Catholics? And just as Hitler united these, the Antichrist will have little trouble to gain such alliances.

Viewing this trend, one can bet the farm; the West will soon set the flames of this molotov-cocktail, with Kristallnachts that will dwarf anything we have seen before. And if you think that the problems of violence and beheading are only in Syria and Iraq, you will soon see similar violence erupt throughout the west where “I saw the martyrs who were beheaded in the name of Jesus” is fulfilled. The remnant wheat will refuse to hail another Hitler.

While these new movements avoid using the label “Nazi,” today even the hundreds of dead ideologues who contributed in causing this global catastrophe, are being adored, circulating the same books, sharing the works and the life-stories of the same devils of Mein Kampf, Evola, Freidrick Neitszche, Heidegger, Carl Schmitt, Earnst Von Soloman, Armin Moehler, Darwin’s Eugenics, Stoddard, Oswald Spengler and the list goes on and on. This old beast including the ideologues are being revived, even in the U.S., amongst Christians, where many cling to social media like Breitbart which supports some of these icons.

We can provide hundreds of examples of such revived ideologues, but lets take as a case in point, the Catholic Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle (1906 – 1994) and the Muslim Brotherhood leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini. Both kept their orthodoxy with the proviso they serve the ‘Antichrist’ Führer.

Hitler with Degrelle. Hitler said to Degrelle ‘If I had a son, I would want him to be like you.’

Their story shows the fine line between wheat and tares (antisemitism and loyalty to the Führer), especially when Al-Husseini infected the holy land, with his viral love for the Nazis, mixing with it, the Ottoman brand of Caliphate fervor, where people in the Holy Land, were fed Ottoman occultism and poverty, which for centuries they have spread throughout the region, and then here comes the descendant of Muhammad (Al-Husseini), to empower it, just as the Mahdi and the rising Caliphate in Turkey will do.

I should have some qualification to discuss this “false prophet” including how Muslims were segregated by him between antisemites and pro-Jew ‘collaborators’ in the Holy Land.

After all, my own grandfather, the Mukhtar (chieftain), Daud Shoebat, was one of the few who escaped the massacre by Al-Husseini, for selling a parcel of land to Jews at Har Homa near Jerusalem.

He was rescued by his father in law (my great grand father), Abdullah Ali Awadallah Shoebat, the top undefeated wrestler at the time. No one wanted to really mess with my great grand father Awadallah after he defeated a Hebron giant twice.

He entered the trial set up by Abdulqader Al-Husseini (Haj Amin Al-Husseini’s relative) who was the leader of the Holy Jihad Organization against the Jews established by the Husseinis.

And just before they got the noose around grandpa’s neck, my great grand father (wrestler Awadallah) argued that it was customary sacrilege to kill a man who dined Al-Husseinis with lavish parties, even on the day of the trial, when Al-Husseini went to arrest him, took advantage of my grand father’s generosity first, to later question him on his land contract with the Jewish National Fund.

In tribal laws, you cannot kill a man after dining from his own table, so my grand father was released and Abdulqader Al-Husseini was killed shortly after by a Jew who sniped him during the battle of Qastal near Jerusalem.

Abdul Qader Al-Husseini, carcass in coffin on the right, soul in hell, without bedroom Jihad with 72 virgins

Hajj Amin Al-Husseini (right) during his service in the Ottoman military after he studied in Istanbul, Turkey

But not everyone was as fortunate during these mock trials, which went on and off between 1936 and 1938 when Al-Husseni’s men executed several dignitaries (Mukhtars) who aided the Jews to acquire land, like Sheikh Daoud Ansari (Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque), Sheikh Ali Nur el Khattib (Al Aqsa Mosque), Sheikh Nusbi Abdal Rahim (Council of Muslim Religious Court), Sheikh Abdul el Badoui (Acre, Palestine), Sheikh El Namouri (Hebron), and Nasr El Din Nassr (Mayor of Hebron).

Many Mukhtars (community leaders) including even their entire families were massacred by Al-Husseni’s henchmen.

It was a massacre to eliminate all who had aided Jews to settle in the Holy Land. This gets to prove that not all ‘Muslims’ were loyal to antisemitism. And while Muslims were massacred for aiding Jews, it was Jew friendly Muslims who also rescued many Jews from the Hebron massacre caused by Al-Husseini.

There is much rarely discussed history, a lesson that things are not what they seem, and how labels meant nothing, where one thinks of a tare and it was wheat, or when one thinks of a wheat, it could be a tare, or where Nazism went beyond race or religion. Wheat was not so easily distinguished from the tares and is why we must not be judge by removing what we believe are tares.

While Catholic Degrelle could be seen by many as ‘wheat’ his work mimics the non-Aryan Al-Husseni (a tare), having carried out similar militant aspirations after joining the Walloon Legion in the Waffen-SS, just as Al-Husseini founded and joined the Muslim Handschar SS Division.

The Walloon Legion (Légion Wallonie) was a collaborationist volunteer unit recruited from Belgium’s French-speaking population in Wallonia and Brussels, while Grandpa’s traitorous buddy, Al-Husseini, aided in recruiting non-Aryan Nazi SS; The Muslim Turkestanische (Turk) Legion, consisting of Muslim volunteers from Central Asia; such as Muslim Turkomans, Muslim Uzbeks, Muslim Kazakhs, Muslim Kyrgyzs, Muslim Karakalpaks, and Muslim Tajiks, and the Muslim Kaukasisch-Mohammedanische (Muhammadan) Legion from Caucasian volunteers; such as Muslim Azeris, Muslim Dagestanis, Muslim Chechens, Muslim Ingushes, and Muslim Lezgins as well as the notorious Muslim Albanian and Muslim Bosnian SS Handschar (dagger division).

In fact, the Muslim Handschar were the first non-Germanic Waffen-SS division, and its formation marked the expansion of the Waffen-SS into a multi-ethnic military force. Composed of Bosnian Muslims (ethnic Bosniaks) with some Catholic Croat soldiers and mostly German and Yugoslav Volksdeutsche (ethnic German) officers and non-commissioned officers, it took an oath of allegiance burning the incense to Hitler and the Catholic Croatian leader Ante Pavelić, who was behind the genocide of nearly half a million Christian Orthodox Serbs.

Here we can already see the milieu of Antichrist’s and Gog’s armies, the same descendants of the biblical Lydia, Gomer, Beit-Togarmah, Meshech, Tubal and Phut, in what will constitute the bulk of Gog’s armies in Ezekiel 38.

These were no “pure race”. This was not “European ethnocentric”. This was no “religious uniformity”. This was no “cultural uniformity”. This was not “anti-Islam” or “Anti-Muslim immigration” or “anti-foreign cooperation”.

The only thing these had in common is what scripture pointed, to take the mark of Antichrist and give allegiance to him.

Therefore, Antichrist collects an amalgamation of ethnicity and religion (even Christians and Jews), but by “hailing” him and “taking his mark on their hands or foreheads,” God considers it worship, just as He considered the burning of incense during Antiochus Epiphanies and the “Hail Caesar” during the Romans, as making a deal with the devil just as it is with “Hail Hitler”.

This was a collective union of history’s Jew hating bastards, who will come again to be vanquished on the hills of Judea. All these had in common was antisemitism and their allegiance to Antichrist Hitler. It was after all a “beast” and a “false prophet” and “three frogs” who gathered the nations to battle at their version of ‘Armageddon’.

Al-Husseini inspecting his Muslim Bosnian recruits

Al-Husseini inspecting his Muslim recruits in Egypt

Nazism did not mind at all uniting with what would seem as strange bedfellows, Al-Husseini (Muslim) and Degrelle (Catholic), Hitler (positive Christianity), this simple example, debunks the myth that Nazism was just about race or religion.

One can see where all this hoopla about “anti-immigration,” “western ethnocentricity,” and spreading the post-Christian so-called “western values” is all going to, after it came out of the abyss.

Even the cult of Nazism is glaringly similar to what we see reviving today, wanting a post-Christian civilization by attaining a none-oriental, pre-Christian western culture and religion. This trend however is completely debunked once we examine the arguments.

Let me explain. If one peruses Nazi occultism (like the claims that Nazism’s occult came from the Tibet) and then ask real historians about such books, they will quickly discover that what they read or watched was utter exaggerations shelved under “cryptohistory” (revisionist pseudo-history).

The Nazi occult came from Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (1875 – 1945) of the Thule Society, which was hardly western but “oriental” which he imported from the Sufi sect of the Ottoman Empire.

Similar to Al-Husseini’s service to the Ottomans, Sebottendorff became an Ottoman citizen adopted under Turkish law and like Al-Husseini, he fought on the Ottoman-Turkish side in the First Balkan War, to later return to Germany with a Turkish passport exempting him from military service during the First World War because of his Ottoman citizenship.

Sebottendorff, a Freemason convert to Sufi Islam of the Bektashi order, brought in “The practice of ancient Turkish Freemasonry”. This was the spark of oriental occultism in Nazi Germany. Serbottendorff confirmed how his Thule Society was the “first” to ally with Hitler:

“Thule members were the people to whom Hitler first turned and who first allied themselves with Hitler.”

And by that, Serbottendorff built upon and repackaged aspects of Sufi mysticism, giving it a western cloak and directly infused it into the German political state.

And today we find ourselves amidst a revival of the same creeds of Nazism’s ideologue, Alfred Rosenberg’s “Positive Christianity,” which denounced St. Paul for “the destruction of the racial values from Greek and Roman culture”; that “the dogma of hell destroyed the free Nordic spirit”; that “original sin and grace are Oriental,” and not western ideas, which “corrupted the purity and strength of Nordic blood”; that “the Old Testament and the Jewish race are not an exception” and that one “should return to the Nordic peoples’ fables and legends”.

And if in doubt how all this festers western society, just read our Part IPart IIPart III on your leisure

Seeing a similar pattern today, we can gauge counting our fingers to see how many years are left for this to fester. And from then what would be left for the West to completely become fully-fledged apostasy when it introduces the equivalent of Dr. Ernst Bergmann‘s Twenty-five Points of the German Religion, where it proposed that “Jesus was of Aryan origin, and that Adolf Hitler was the new messiah”.

And with that, one can count their toes to see the years left.

So what difference do we have between Islam’s creed and this call for a post-Christian “Western Civilization”? So many Christians fall for this where patriotism is used to easily deceive the Christian masses.

It all amounts to ‘there is no god but Odin and Hitler was his Messenger’. Its either that or ‘God is evolution and Darwin is its messenger’.

Is this message, or the west’s “freedom of religion” worth dying for? Nazism too promised to maintain “freedom of religion” using ambiguous phraseology designed to allow flexibility to maneuver to either persecute or to incorporate whomever they want.

And just as it was then, so it is now; Nazism was not labeled “left-wing” but “conservative right wing”. The German Workers’ Party, which became the National Socialist German Worker’s (Nazi) was the creation of the Thule Society, considered to be a right (not left), Aryan-theosophical organization, and Sufi orientalist in their revamped occult practices .

All this will again test the spirits, defining wheat from tares, to prove that in evil, there is no such thing as strange bedfellows. It is after all devil copulating with devil.

We even have the same lures and attractions set up for European masses to believe that some are ‘true Christians’. Degrelle attracted (and still does) many other ardent Catholics who became disillusioned with government corruption in Belgium forming his own Rexist Party, a Christian renewal movement that called for social justice.

Influenced by extreme fascism, while fiercely anti-Communist, anti-Semitic and anti-elitest, he quickly capitalized on the ethnic tensions within Belgium. He was and still is attractive to many conservative Catholics today. After all, he did many things right during the Cristero War in Mexico, even leading a militant tendency inside the Catholic Party, which he formed around the Éditions de Rex he founded which drew its name from the battle cry of the Cristeros: “Viva Cristo Rey y Santa María de Guadalupe,” alluding to Christ the King.

Nothing of Degrelle’s Catholic faith bothered Hitler, who even once stated he wishes that Degrelle was his own son.

Degrelle was the Nazi version of Ben-Hur. Adopted by the pagan Roman Arrius, in this case Hitler, but Degrelle never reneged to defeat Messala in the arena as Ben Hur ended up collaborating with a Jew loving Arab horse racer and the two partnered to defeat Messala.

Degrelle’s influence is not just history. After he joined the Waffen SS (becoming a leader of its Walloon contingent) combating the Soviets, but after World War II was over, he continued as a prominent figure in fascist movements.

Today’s French young generation, in search of landmarks for recovery dreaming of a Catholic renewal and national fervor, are not inspired by some Judas Maccabee, they are inspired by the Catholic Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle.

He became the perfect specimen for a Catholicism tainted with a radicalized view of European-pride coupled with “populist” and “ultra-nationalist” fervor.

This spells out a recreated new form of Catholic movement in Europe that is falling away becoming an icon for many populist movements, especially in France.

Take Alain Escada, Shoebat.com regretted interviewing one of their leaders, Francois Xavier Peron. Escada, as it turns out, is known as President of France’s Youth Civitas (FJC), a structure emanating directly from the lefebvrist brotherhood. Xavier Beauvais, the abbot of the lefebvrist church of Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet is officially inspired by none other than Degrelle.

Catholic Civitas are heavily associated with the Catholic SSPX (The Society of Saint Pius X). Civitas leader, Alain Escada, has been working for many years in the nationalist movement, of which the founding leader, Hervé Van Laethem, was Also a faithful degrelliste. A degrelliste pertains to the same Léon Degrelle whom Escada elevates continually.

The lefebvrist founded the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) in 1970, by the French traditionalist Catholic archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. But like any Catholic order, it too has its share of wheat and tares. Antisemitism does not represent the whole of the  SSPX, which clearly and officially and completely denounces and rejects anti-Semitism.

But its founder Lefebvre, either have erred, or was playing Taqiyya, Lefebvre spoke approvingly of the “Catholic order of Pétain“, referring to the Vichy Premier Marshal Philippe Pétain, who was later convicted of treason and collaboration with Nazi Germany.

But lets be charitable, while the SSPX has many decent priests, it also has a small number of anti-Semites. Recently, the SSPX Bishop Fellay took action and dismissed SSPX Bishop Williamson an ardent Holocaust revisionist. And as much negativity I hear of Pope Francis, even he, ended up excommunicating Williamson for his avid anti-semitism and for trivializing the Holocaust. But Williamson is still followed by many who like Degrelle seek the path of the damned.

Nazism is reviving under different labels. The Front National (FN) Marine Le Pen’s concerted effort to dédiabolise (de-demonize) her father, the FN. Jean-Marie Le Pen’s repeated claim that gas chambers in Nazi death camps were simply a “detail in the history of World War II”. Le Pen’s de-demonization campaign, in reality is all a propaganda front to be consumed by the populous minds. But the antisemitic strand of SSPX links right into Front National.

The FN movement is still overtly racist and white supremacist, an inheritor of the historical tradition with Nazism and Fascism, the collaborationist Vichy regime, and the call to exterminate the Jews. The FN still links to two intellectual icons of the historical French extreme-Right, Maurice Barrès and Charles Maurras, which makes the FN a continuation of this ideology. While these express Christian themes of martyrdom, sacrifice and blood, it also emphasize soil, rootedness, historical (Greco-Roman) tradition, fatherland, ultra-nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism. This puts in common Muslims, Identitarian, the Alt-Right, and these ultra-nationalist Christians.

Degrelle with Marine Le Pen

Degrelle saluting Hitler

Many of these are of the devil, no matter what Christian mask they wear, even if they claim to be traditionalist non-Novus Ordo Catholic SSPX, for while these focus on essentials they also ignore other clear biblical instruction.

So what is in common between Haj Amin Al-Husseini with Catholic Degrelle? How can the lefebvrist brotherhood have in common with Muslim Brotherhood? Answer: antisemitism. It was their antisemitism that directed them to Antichrist. This is why there is so much effort to undermine the Holocaust.

And if history repeats (which it will), it becomes crucial we find the historic parallels. Degrelle who breathed the incense honored to the God of Israel, which was transferred to the Gentiles in Malachi 1:10-11, he also chose to burn incense to satan’s favorite son, the führer.

Degrelle and Husseini suckled from the same breast. Al-Husseini too went to Catholic school in Jerusalem run by French missionaries and then to the Catholic Frères, where he learnt French. But he also studied under the anti-Zionist Jewish director Albert Antébi at the Alliance Israélite Universelle.

In summary, Europe is spiraling towards its past. While I do not put much stock in polls, British polling firm YouGov recently found that Europeans are opting to turn their backs on democracy altogether and are becoming open to authoritarian populist politics; France 63 percent with nearly half of Italians and Britons, while Eastern Europe its a whopping 82 percent of Romanians and 78 percent of Poles.

No one really knows how the ball will bounce from here onward, or if some wheat extends over the tares, but one thing is for sure; there is this rising neofascist/neo-Nazi strand of ethnocentrism with a syncretist mix between neopaganism and Christianity.

This is a fast growing phenomenon which will not be easily thwarted. It will soon engulf a third of Christendom. It is definitely not calling itself ‘Nazi’ or ‘Fascist’ but in reality it walks and quacks like one.

While Catholicism was strong during Nazism, today we live in much different times, Pope Frances is no Pope Pius XII, and today’s Catholics have largely been transformed to a watered-down version since Vatican II.

Degrelle was not left un-confronted. That time definitely had its Judas Maccabees. On 25 July 1943, in his native Bouillon, Dean Rev Poncelet ordered Degrelle to leave a Requiem Mass, because he has defiled the sanctuary by wearing his SS uniform, which church authorities had prohibited. His hyde was even tossed out by a Matthias when Bishop of Namur excommunicated him. This was later lifted by the Germans, of course, since as a German officer he was under the jurisdiction of the German chaplaincy.

Everything repeats. Now that my cousin, Ibrahim Awadallah Shoebat is Mufti of Ramallah, to soon inherit this seat (Mufti of Jerusalem), will we not see the same collaboration in the future?

As this anti-Israel Europe grows, we will see the gears shift and encompass Islamist Turkey, into its strange religious amalgamation. This will include neopagans setting their eyes on the Jews once more who escaped the Nazi genocide and corralled in Israel.

Grandpa, like Al-Husseini, he also served the Muslim Ottomans fighting against the British Mandate. He would tell us the stories how life was, while fighting on horseback for the Ottomans. He said at times they scraped meager seeds from the dung of horses to eat during the worst famine in history, when God cursed the Ottomans.

Grandpa gave me a word of advise “grandson, in life, you can generally trust the Christians, but never trust Muslims”. In his time, locusts made the holy land barren, while in my time now, I watch the whole earth becoming a faithless desert, where we have to pick meager seeds out of the dung heap of tares.

On January 18th, 2017, Jordan issued a release in their Ammon (biblically Rabbat Ammon) warning of four considered to be the most dangerous; two Walid’s (Walid Phares, Trump’s consultant, Walid Shoebat, myself) including Nonie Darwish and Muslim moderate Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.

Everything repeats, and the same killers who were after my grand father, are now after me, all for simply giving Jews a morsel of love.

(to be continued next week)