Archive | May 2, 2017

Turkey Bans TV Dating, Bans Calling Erdogan A Hen, Bans Jews and Christians From Objecting To The Muslim Call To Prayer And Eyes Jerusalem For A Future Invasion

By Walid Shoebat There will be absolutely no dating allowed and any images portraying Erdogan as a “hen” instead of a “rooster” or a “donkey” instead of “a horse” will be severely punished, while Jerusalem Jews and Christians must endure the blasting noise of Muslim call to prayer even at the wee hours of the night […]

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Christian Mother Imprisoned For Years On Death Row Over False Blasphemy Charges Has Her Case For Appeal Delayed Again

Asia Bibi is a woman from Pakistan who has been sitting on death row wince 2010 for false blasphemy charges. Her case has garnered international attention and has been instrumental in bringing to light the horrible situation which Christians live under in Pakistan, where the mere accusation of “blasphemy” is enough to cause nothing short […]

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Catholic Girl In Pakistan Rescued After Being Captured And Forcibly Converted To Islam

Christians in Muslim nations suffer tremendously. In spite of the great suffering, there are still many stories of victory and miracles. In one such story out of Pakistan, a 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam has been rescued and reunited with her family: A 14-year-old Catholic girl in Pakistan, taken from […]

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