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Courageous Woman Exposes Mexican Drug Cartels, Narcos Open Fire On Her House And Shoot Her To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A courageous woman was exposing the Mexican cartels, and just recently they opened fire on her home, murdering her. Here is the story: She led a search for the “disappeared” in her home state of Tamaulipas, among the most violent in Mexico, after her daughter was kidnapped in 2012. Her strenuous efforts […]

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Trump Administration Deports Christian Man Back To Islamic Indonesia Where Muslims Want To Actually Persecute And Kill Christians

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump administration has deported a Christian man back to Islamic Indonesia where Muslims actually want to persecute Christians. From what I have read, this man has committed no crimes. I hope we can surpass our “USA! USA! USA!” mob mentality, and understand that not everyone deserves deportation. Here is the report: […]

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Muslim Attempts Suicide Attack On Church On Easter Sunday, She Is Arrested, The Police Release Her And Say ‘She Is Too Smart For Prison’

Noreen Leghari is a medical student who joined ISIS and was going to carry out a suicide attack on a Christian Church on Easter The attack failed and she was arrested, and she publicly admitted that she was intending to participate in a suicide attack. Now in another twist to the case, she has been […]

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Pagan Hindu Terrorists Attack Christian Pastor And Burn Down His House And His Church For Spreading The Gospel

Christians in India are facing increased persecution at the hands of pagan Hindu terrorists who out of their hatred for Christ are destroying Churches, killing pastors, and trying to force Christian converts to apostatize back to Hinduism. In a story coming out of Tamil Nadu, Pastor John Muller was attacked by five Hindus. After threatening […]

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Homosexual Prostitute Gets Mad At His Transsexual Partner, He Butchers Him And Cooks His Feet In A Pot On The Stove Before Slashing His Own Throat

Back in 2014, an electrician called to the house of homosexual prostitute Marcus Volke into a horrifying and overpowering stench. He called police, who came and found him cooking the feet of Mayang Prasetyo, another homosexual prostitute and his lover, on the stove. After trying to flee the police, he committed suicide by slashing his […]

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U.S. Jets Strikes Today Deep Inside Syria. This Will Enable Sunni Turkey to expand Into Syria Just Two Days After Erdogan Visited Trump. The U.S Is Aiding Turkish Imperialism And Thus Leading To Revive The Ottoman Empire

By Walid Shoebat Now look at what the US is doing: it strikes Syria to enable Sunni Turkey to expand into Alawite dominated Syria just two days after Erdogan visited Trump. This would help Turkish imperialism, and thus, would lead to the revival of the Ottoman Empire. The U.S.-led coalition jets reportedly struck Syrian forces deep inside […]

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