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Cult In Great Britain Takes Man, Knocks His Teeth Out With A Hammer, And Rips His Testicles Out And Forces Him To Eat Them

By Theodore Shoebat  A cult in Great Britain horrifically tortured a man to death. In this horrific event, they knocked his teeth out with a hammer, ripped his testicles out and forced him to eat them. The story is reflective of the demonic takeover of society. I did a whole video on this: According to […]

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Pope Francis Cites Major Catholic Prophecy That God Is Going To Destroy The World By Fire From Heaven

Reading the news for us has taken on a cinematic quality, with each day’s news showing another prophecy as though one was in a movie except that it isn’t a movie- it’s real. Pope Francis made a statement recently about North Korea and the potential for a nuclear war that would come from conflict over […]

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Muslim Uber Driver Tells Passenger That He Is With ISIS, Then Asks ‘Have You Ever Tasted Human Flesh?’, She Calls The Police And They Do Nothing

Imagine the horror of taking a taxi only to realize you are trapped in that vehicle with a driver who is both a terrorist and a cannibal who then starts asking you about the taste of human meat. That is what happened to one woman in Australia, who took a Uber taxi ride only to […]

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ISIS Sex Slavers Attack Iraqi Christian Woman And Steal Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Right Off Her Shoulders For Refusing To Convert To Islam

A Christian woman was trying to flee after ISIS terrorists had taken over her down and demanded they convert to Islam. Instead they were captured and gave her daughter to an older Tunisian jihadi, and the told her never to ask about her again or else they would behead her: A displaced Iraqi Christian mother […]

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Muslim Man Stabs Afghani Woman To Death In Front Of Her Children After She Abandons Islam To Follow Jesus

Many Muslims who have recently come to Europe from the Middle East and Africa are abandoning Islam for Christ. The move is so large that once dead or dying church buildings are now filled with these people. That said, the hatred Islam has for Christianity has only intensified as many Muslims have been attacking and […]

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