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Muslims In Europe Engage In Violent Persecution Of Christian Converts As Thousand Of Muslims Are Turning To Jesus And Filling Europe’s Empty Churches

Islam is rising in Europe and is a grave threat. But the violence of Islam has a silver lining to it, as that is the Muslims are becoming more violent because many recent Muslim arrivals to Europe are abandoning Islam for Christ. Thousands have converted and thousands more are expected, filling Europe’s empty churches according […]

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Satanist Attacks Catholic Church In Spain And Tries To Desecrate Holy Veil Of Veronica

Christianity is under attack worldwide, and evil people are making bolder and more brazen attempts to desecrate the sacred. The Holy veil of Veronica is housed at the Monastery of the Holy Face in Alicante, Spain. A woman hid in the church and attempted to destroy the veil, and during the act also inverted crosses […]

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Muslim Loves Jesus So Much He Goes To A Catholic Church And Tries To Smash Crucifix With Rocks And Bats

Muslims always claim they love Jesus so much, and to prove that love there is a new video online of a Muslim violently attacking a statue of Christ at a Church with rocks and a bat: ‼️ #Austria: Apparently the first Sharia-compliant stoning & beating for #Jesus in St. Marein (near Graz). Gratitude knows no […]

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Erdogan Is Honing In On Jerusalem To Send The Flood Of Muslims While He Forms An Islamic Alliance And A New MUSLIM World Order

By Walid Shoebat Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday that “Jerusalem is ‘The first of the two directions of prayer, the second of mosques, the third of sanctuaries’” So what does that mean? Its about reestablishing Jerusalem as the central focus since Jerusalem was “the first of the two directions of prayer”. Muhammad the prophet […]

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American Pedophile Who Made Money Selling Videos Of Children Getting Raped And Tortured For Sexual Fetishes Busted By Philippine Police

Dog collars, bondage ropes, and filth littered the floor of David Deakin’s apartment in the Philippines. For years the Illinois native ran an international porn business, making his money by selling videos of himself raping and torturing small children to indulge the sexual fetishes of buyers worldwide. After 17 years of living in the Philippines, […]

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