Archive | May 16, 2017

This Can’t Be Happening In The U.S: Video Reveals Erdogan’s Guards Today Where Beating Up Kurdish American Protesters To A Pulp

By Walid Shoebat The tensions between the Turkish support group of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Kurdish protesters turned into a fight in front of the Washington Embassy Residence. The incident took place in front of the official residence of Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıç, whom he visited after meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan […]

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French Muslim Violently Attacks And Tries To Behead Catholic Priest At The Altar In Mexico’s Largest Cathedral

The Metropolitan Church of Our Lady of the Assumption is the largest Church in Mexico, right in the heart of Mexico city. Dating back to the time of the conquistadors, it is a visible sign of the conquest of Christ and His Church over the wicked paganism of ancient Mexico. Yet as Islam has been […]

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Muslims Make Video Of Themselves Slowly Dissecting Christian Missionary Alive For Hours, His Wife Says ‘I Forgive Them, For They Do Not Know What They Did’

Ten years ago, Christian missionary Tilmann Geske and two other Turkish Christians were tortured to death by Muslims in ways almost beyond description. Over a dozen Muslims, five of whom were later convicted and now serving life in prison for their crimes, came to the three Christians pretending to want to learn about the Bible. […]

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Egyptian Government Denies Help To Persecuted Coptic Christians

Egypt’s Christians are undergoing severe persecution right not at the hands of Islamic terrorists, with many having had to flee for their lives as they are ruthlessly hunted down. These people, many of them families now living as refugees have been appealing to the government for help but so far their request for aid have […]

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