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A Texas Woman Prays For A Drowned Baby ‘Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe give him breath Lord in the name of Jesus’ And the baby breathes the breath of life

Heart-wrenching video shows rescue of Texas family caught in storm Heart-wrenching video shows a group of Good Samaritans rescue a Texas family caught in a violent storm on Saturday. It was 10 miles north of Canton, just after the tornadoes hit Texas on Saturday, leaving four people dead and more than 50 injured. Tom Mitchell […]

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Mormon Man In Utah Slaughters His Own Mother And His Brother For A Ritual Human Sacrifice

By Theodore Shoebat A Mormon man in Utah murdered his own mother and brother as part of a ritual human sacrifice. I did a whole video on this very dark story: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To Get Our New […]

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More Is Finally Being Said About The Horrible Torture That North Korean Christians Go Through, But For What Purpose?

As the drums of war beat louder between the United States and North Korea, more stories are coming out about the inhumane and brutal treatment of Christians in North Korea, many who in addition to living in squalor and misery have to meticulously hide their faith in Christ lest they be put to death. It […]

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Muslims Go On Rampage Mercilessly Attacking And Torturing Christians In Pakistani Neighborhood

It all started after a Muslim teen attacked a Christian teen and stole his cell phone and the Christian fought back. The Muslim told his friends, and they went to the teen’s neighborhood where they pulled out guns and began shooting and torturing random people as “revenge” for the teen defending himself: Christians attacked by […]

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Survivor Of ISIS Terror Reveals The Horror Of Living Under Islamic Tyranny: “My Mother Saw Them Killing My Brothers And Then They Took My Mother And Killed Her.”

By Theodore Shoebat A survivor of living under ISIS terror has revealed her horrific story in which her mother had to watch her own sons being killed before being murdered herself.”My mother saw them killing my brothers and then they took my mother and killed her” she said. As we read in one report: “What […]

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Muslim Tutor Kidnaps Christian Teen Apprentice And Forcibly Marries Himself To Her

Throughout history, there are countless examples of Christian families whose children have been kidnapped, tortured, or their minds poisoned against their own Faith after their parents allowed their children to be apprenticed by or work closely with Muslims in their formative years. Sending a child to work as a subject of the Muslims is similar […]

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Persecution Explodes Across India As Hindu Nationalists Are Now Attacking Christians Every 40 Hours

Anti-Christian attacks are exploding throughout the Hindu majority nation of India. Coming primarily at the hands of Hindu nationalists who want to destroy Christianity and create a pure Hindu state, right now there is on average one attack every 40 hours and getting worse as they try to stomp out the faith through acts of […]

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