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The Turkish Government And The German Government Are Now Working Together In Major Operation To Build Up Their Militaries

By Theodore Shoebat The Turkish government and the German government are now working together in a major operation to increase their arms manufacturing and strengthen their militaries. I did a whole video on this situation: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To […]

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Franklin Graham Goes To Iraq, And Meets With Muslim Iranian Militias, And They Tell Him: “We Are Here To Kill ISIS, And After We Kill ISIS, We’re Going To Kill Americans”

By Theodore Shoebat Franklin Graham was in Iraq recently and recounted how he and his team met with Iranian militias who are fighting ISIS, and how they recounted to them: “We are here to kill ISIS, and after we kill ISIS, we’re going to kill Americans,” as we read in one report: Commenting on his […]

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Once Secret Christian Converts From Islam In Morocco Now Demanding Right To Openly Profess Christ

Being a Christian is dangerous anywhere in the Muslim world. This is especially true in Morocco, which is not only more than 99% Muslim, but has a history going back to the earliest days of Islam as being a bastion of war against Christian Europe. But in an interesting case, some recently former Muslims who […]

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Pakistani Hospital Forces Christian Employees To Blaspheme Christ Every Day Or Be Fired

Being a Christian while surrounded by others who hate you for your faith is very difficult. But imagine being forced by your employer to blaspheme your own faith each day or else be unable to pay your bills. That is what is happening at a hospital in Pakistan, where it has come out that a […]

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Three Out Of Four Christians Have Fled Iraq For Their Lives And That Number Continues To Grow

Prior to 2003, there were millions of Christians in Iraq. Now after years of war and the horrors of ISIS, three out of four Christians have fled Iraq and that number continues to grow as those left behind struggle to escape with their lives before it’s too late: As many as 1.5 million Christians, or […]

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