Archive | May 5, 2017

16,000 Christians Are Now Hiding In Giant Catholic Cathedral To Escape Violence As Soldiers Slaughter Them

By Theodore Shoebat 16,000 Christians are said to be hiding in a Catholic Cathedral in Sudan, trying to take refuge from the horrific violence that has been rampant in the region on account of a devastating civil war. According to the report: As violence and civil war tear South Sudan apart, people search for refuge […]

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Serbian Military Confiscates Thousands Of Machine Guns, Rifles, Mortars And Grenades That Were Being Transported Into Macedonia To Cause Extremely Bloody Conflict

By Theodore Shoebat The Serbian military just recently confiscated thousands of machine guns, rifles, grenades and mortars that were being transported from Serbia to Macedonia. Why were they being sent? To spark violent conflict in the Balkans. I suspect that Germany could have been behind this, since they were behind the formation of the Kosovo […]

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Unheard Of And Unthinkable: Turkey Reveals That Hamas Terrorist Organization Just Ditched The Muslim Brotherhood And Is READY To Recognize Israel

By Walid Shoebat If you plug “Hamas will recognize Israel” on Google, the only hit you will get is from You will not get anyone in the world making such a prediction. It was considered impossible to even fathom such an idea that Hamas will recognize Israel. And today we read the headlines from Turkey stating: The last support […]

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