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Euroscepticism Is On The Rise In Europe, With Tens Of Millions Of Europeans Becoming More And More In Support For Fascism. Militarism Is Growing In Germany And This Will Only Lead To Another World War In Which Protestant Germany And Islamic Turkey Will Attack Against Christendom

By Theodore Shoebat With the rise of Euroscepticism, tens of millions of Europeans are also becoming more and more in support for fascism, and also with this, there is the increase in militarism on the part of Germany. Take this, in conjunction with Germany’s workings with Turkey, and in light of the histories of these […]

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Macron Or Le Pen, It Does Not Matter Who Won Or Would Have Won Because This Election Was Thrown To The Birds From The Beginning

Sunday evening I found out about how Macron won the French presidential election. I saw how Macron’s victory over Le Pen has been a huge cause of celebration for the Muslim, refugees, recent arrivals, and liberals, and for the Le Pen supporters has been calls of shock, dismay, and cries that “France has surrendered,” as […]

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Catholic Priest Dying In Captivity By ISIS Begs For Help ‘Please, I Need Medical Attention’

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil has been imprisoned by ISIS for over a year now. We have been following his story on While he is still alive, he may not be for much longer as in a recent video he has begged for help, saying that he is very sick and needs hospitalization Uzhunnalil, 58, who […]

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Hindu Mob Attacks And Ritualistically Beats Christian Pastor With Iron Rods So Badly That He Permanently Loses His Hearing

Violence against Christians at the hands of Hindus has been growing and is reaching terrifying proportions as they have promised to exterminate Christianity from India. A Hindu mob chanting incantations to the pagan god Ram (Vishnu) violently attacked a Christian pastor a ritualistically beat him with iron rods so badly that he has permanently lost […]

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‘You Christians Must Convert To Islam Or Leave’ Muslims Give Christians In Pakistani Town Final Demands

Muslims have Christians in Salik, a small city near Faisalabad, Pakistan, a final demand. After constant threats and attacks, the Muslims are now demanding that the Christians convert to Islam, and if they do not, they must leave: After the escalating tensions were reported by Christians in Pakistan, Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Department of […]

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Christian Governor Of The Capital City Of The Largest Muslim Country In The World, Indonesia, Gets Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Being A Christian

By Theodore Shoebat The only Christian governor in Indonesia,  Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the governor of Jakarta, has been sentenced for two years in prison for “blasphemy” against Islam. The surge of anger against him began when a video, falsely subtitled, started to be mass distributed on youtube, supposedly showing the governor stating that the Quran states […]

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