Archive | May 23, 2017

Muslim Teens Kidnap Two Englishmen, Burn Their Faces With Cigarettes, Smash One Of Them In The Head With A Guitar And Then Drive The Broken Wood Through His Arteries, Stab The Other In The Hand And Make Him Drink Urine Until He Vomits

In a horrible story of torture out of the UK, two drug addicts had a conflict with three Muslim drug dealers. After a deal that went bad, the three Muslims lured the two addicts to a remote location and tortured them for hours before abandoing them for dead. One died of the torture and the […]

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Caretaker Gnaws 92-Year-Old Woman To Death, Ripping Of Pieces Of Her Face And Chest, Woman’s Son Finds Caretaker’s Face Covered In Blood As He Walked In On The Grisly Scene

An Arkansas man was going to visit his elderly, 92-year-old mother when he walked in on a horrible scene. There before him his mother was dying with pieces of her face, chest, and body ripped off from bite marks, and right next to her was her caretaker with her mouth covered in blood from just […]

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