Unheard Of And Unthinkable: Turkey Reveals That Hamas Terrorist Organization Just Ditched The Muslim Brotherhood And Is READY To Recognize Israel

By Walid Shoebat

If you plug “Hamas will recognize Israel” on Google, the only hit you will get is from Shoebat.com. You will not get anyone in the world making such a prediction. It was considered impossible to even fathom such an idea that Hamas will recognize Israel.

And today we read the headlines from Turkey stating:

The last support in the Middle East for the “Muslim Brotherhood” ended on May 2. Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal personally declared the new policy document of his organization, announcing that it is not a “branch of the Muslim Brotherhood” anymore. He also declared that Hamas would form better relations with Egypt and other Muslim countries that have problems with the Muslim Brotherhood. It also gave the message it could live together with Israel.

“Live together with Israel”? “Hamas is no longer a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood”?

Mind you, our prediction is from as far back as May 25, 2011, from six years ago, at a time that such an idea would be considered ‘impossible’. Yet our prediction (as you can see from the link) gained us a miserable one Facebook share with zero comments. Six years ago we stated:

On May 19th Walid did radio interview with Simon Conway drive time talk show host with WHO in Des Moines Iowa. Listen above to the entire interview. In this interview Walid predicts that Hamas will recognize Israel because Turkey will arrange and pressure Hamas to do so. This will be a ruse by both Turkey and Hamas to help the world pressure Israel to divide the land and will lead to the covenant of death mentioned in Isaiah 28 which God will not let stand. Predicting the exact time frame is not productive but we believe that this treaty will be arranged over next two to five years possibly sooner.

We were a little off which will disqualify me from being a ‘prophet’ (I never claimed to be one).

Years ago this was considered ‘absurd’ and ‘unthinkable’.

One can never comprehend prophecy unless they understand a chameleon changing its colors and that by ‘peace’ Antichrist deceives ‘many’.

Heck if you want a precise prediction even date-setting from us, here is one from May 7th, 2016 which should amaze you:

the Muslim Brotherhood re-emerged via another coup d’état dubbed as The Palace Coup. This one was orchestrated by Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey who is reviving the same style Muslim Brotherhood constitution through his referendum of Turkey’s constitution. The Muslim Brotherhood will soon reconquer Egypt after it revives as the eleventh little horn. This revival will happen in 18 months from now and will stem from Turkey.

So the Muslim Brotherhood will officially and slowly get dissolved and Turkey becomes the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. So when we predicted “This revival will happen in 18 months from now and will stem from Turkey,” having written that article in May 2016, 18 months from then will land us on November 2017.  Turkey’s official gazette published the referendum schedule in February this year stating:

If the public votes in favour of the changes [referendum], the relevant legislation is planned to be completed within six months, following a possible early election again in November 2017.

They did favor the referendum just as we predicted they will do. So on November 2017, expect Erdogan to announce his victory as supreme ruler of Turkey and the Ottoman era will kick in to eventually reign supreme just as we predicted will happen two decades ago. From then expect seven years for it to completely arise to power with past Ottoman glory. So will you hang in with us that long? We doubt it. We expect the numbers of the awakened virgins to decrease where the price of lamp oil will skyrocket in the end when its too late. We also predict that people who only study the Bible will miss it and the people who obey the Bible will get it. We also predict that this article will not do well and will gain few Facebook shares because it is indeed a narrow gate.

We also predict that Donald Trump will gain a legacy (where Carter, Bush, Bill Clinton and Obama failed) in gaining a distinguished record as solving the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. During May 2011, Shoebat.com in an article titled By Peace They Will Deceive The World, we stated:

“The Arab world has just witnessed a reinvigoration of the alliance of Israel and the people of the United States despite the hostility of the executive office in the White House. The key factor for peace in the Middle East from the Western perspective, especially the US, is the recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state living side by side in peace with Palestine.” The smart Muslim leaders who understand this, will play right into this ideal and will provide the “Hudna” which will recognize Israel as Jewish state. The evidence for such a policy is in full view if you know where to look and you understand the Islamic [chameleon] mindset.

And that is exactly what Hamas is doing and is exactly what is happening and is exactly what we predicted will happen.

Hamas is “playing right into this ideal and will provide the “Hudna” which will recognize Israel as Jewish state.”

Our article continues:

It is Turkey that is recognized by the Muslim Brotherhood and all fundamentalist Sunni Muslims as the head Caliphate. It is prophesied in the Muslim holy books that the Ottoman Empire will come again and prior to the coming of the Mahdi. According to the Hadith, on the day of Judgement the Mahdi will lead all the Muslims to march on Jerusalem and destroy all the Jews. As the Muslim Brotherhood will dominate the Middle East over the next two years, they will look to Turkey to lead the Muslim world.

This is exactly what happened. The Muslim Brotherhood spread like wildfire where they looked towards Turkey and now Turkey became the Muslim Brotherhood while the Muslim Brotherhood appears to become dissolved but only by name.

So is the Muslim Brotherhood over? Hardly. In fact we explained it exactly a year ago in May 2016:

It all started in what the Middle East dubbed as The Palace Coup. Erdogan from his palace in Ankara ousted the most powerful Muslim ruler in the world, the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. Davutoğlu was the boss and Erdogan was constitutionally a symbolic figure. The Palace Coup is a story on how the figure became the supreme. Erdogan now became the ruler catapulting himself to become Sultan, the Muslim Brotherhood, the AK Party and even Turkey itself. It matters not if you read it from right to left or from left to right, it is all the same: Turkey is Erdogan and now the Muslim Brotherhood waxed into becoming Turkey which holds the second most powerful army in NATO after the United States.

It does not matter if you read these names from right to left or from left to right; the naming conventions means absolutely nothing. They all get renamed just as a chameleon changes it colors.

One can learn prophecy from a chameleon and every creature of the earth expresses the Wisdom of God.