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Robert Spencer Is Now Promoting And Marketing For Homosexual Pornography

 By Theodore Shoebat Very recently Robert Spencer wrote an article for PJ Media, openly promoting homosexual pornographic material. Of course, the article is guised as being “Counterjihad,” while at the same time pushing for perverted and degenerate homosexual writing. The article is entitled, “When a Gay Playwright Discovers Islamic Jihad,” and its actually a review for […]

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Woman In Florida Murders Her Own Mother And Tries To Get Away With It

By Theodore Shoebat  Another story thats shows how sick and decayed American society has become. A woman in Florida murdered her own mother and tried to get away with it. Such a sad and sick generation. Here is the report: The mother of a previously reported missing and endangered 7-year-old boy has been arrested in […]

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New Evidence Reveals That The US Government Was Involved In Major Massacre In Mexico In Which Cartels Kidnapped And Butchered Eighty Families

By Theodore Shoebat New evidence reveals that the US government played a role in a major massacre in Allende, a city in the Mexican state of Coahuila, in which hundreds of people were kidnapped and butchered. According to one account of the massacre: At that time, dozens of gunmen arrived at Allende and Nava in search […]

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Islamic Terrorists Stop Car Full Of Christians, They Ask A Man To Convert To Islam, He Refuses, The Terrorists Force His Son To Watch Them Murder His Own Father. The Jihadists Then Slaughter Everyone In The Car

By Theodore Shoebat In May of this year, the Islamic State massacred 29 Christians as they were driving to a monastery. Now new details about the horrors of this slaughter are being reported. There was a Christian boy who was forced to watch his own father being executed before the terrorists slaughtered everyone else in […]

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European Court Orders That A Terminally Baby Be Put To Death, The Parents Say They Can Take The Child To America To Be Cured But The Court Orders That The Child Must Die

By Theodore Shoebat A European court has ordered that a terminally ill baby be put to death. The parents want to take the child to America to get a shot that could cure him, but the court has ordered that the child has to have his plug pulled. This is a desensitization to eugenics. According […]

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