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Germany And Japan Are Planning On Creating The Biggest Free Trade Zone In The World, That Would Control One-Fourth Of The Global Economy. This Is All Happening As Germany And Japan Are Conducting Major Measures To Advance Their Militaries

By Theodore Shoebat Germany and Japan are right now planning on creating the biggest free-trade zone and, if it is established, it would control one-fourth of the global economy. This is all happening in the midst of Germany and Japan intensely increasing its military capacities and arms manufacturing. I did a whole video: We Are […]

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First Pakistan, Now India: Hindu Terrorists Are Using ‘Anti-Conversion’ Laws To Persecute Christians

Pakistan is infamous for its “blasphemy laws” that Muslims use to legally persecute and murder Christians. Now in India, Hindu terrorists have adopted the same tactic, this time using the ‘anti-conversion laws’ to persecute Christians: Hindu nationalists are harassing Christians and other members of the religious minority in India by accusing them of attempting to […]

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Nigerian Catholic Archbishop Declares ‘If You Care About Christ Then Stop Complaining About Islam, Pick Up Your Cross And Start Evangelizing Muslims’

Archbishop Johan Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria gave an impassioned speech to the Christians of Nigeria. He noted that while recognizing the persecution that Christians suffer, Christians must accept it as part of their faith, pick up their cross, and start reaching out to convert Muslims instead of complaining about them: The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, […]

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Tens Of Thousands Cheer For President Trump As He Attacks Islamic Terrorism, Statism, And Secularism In Speech During Visit To Poland

Donald Trump made headlines recently with his first major trip to Europe in which instead of visiting the nations of Western Europe, which is the customary practice of American president, he chose first to visit the Eastern European nation of Poland, where he has since been given a warm welcome. In his speech, he said […]

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Euthanasia In The Netherlands Is Becoming So Popular It Is Terrifying, Tremendous Amounts Of People Are Demanding To Be Killed By The Government. Euthanasia Is Skyrocketing

By Theodore Shoebat Euthanasia in the Netherlands is becoming disturbingly popular, so much so it is terrifying. As a recent report reveals: An advertisement taken out in a major newspaper in the Netherlands by more than 200 Dutch doctors begins, “[Assisted suicide] for someone who cannot confirm he wants to die? No, we will not do that. […]

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Sudanese Christian Gives This Warning To The World Out About Sudan: “The Government In Sudan Wants To Islamize The Whole Population And They Want To Finish Off Christianity”

By Theodore Shoebat A Sudanese Christians gave a warning to the world about Sudan, saying: “The government in Sudan wants to Islamize the whole population and they want to finish off Christianity”, as we read in one report: Sometimes the greatest patriots don’t even live in their own countries. Take Pastor Strong, a Sudanese believer with […]

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