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Man Takes His Own Four Year Old Son And Enslaves Him, He Locks Him Into A Room, Chains Him Like An Animal, Burns Him With Cigarettes And Sadistically Tortures Him

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Mexico City took his own four year old son and enslaved him. He locked him a room, chained him like an animal, burnt him with cigarettes and sadistically tortured him.   I did a whole video on this and how it reflects the society that we are in: Christianity […]

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Muslims Kidnap Three Christian Missionaries

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims kidnapped three missionaries recently, and even made a video of them. Here is a photo from the video showing Australian missionary Elliot Kenneth Arthur:   According to one report: Three Christian missionaries have appeared in a video released by coalition of jihadist groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda urging their respective governments to […]

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Hundreds Of People Have been Butchered In The Central African Republic Where Muslims And Christians Are Slaughtering Each Other

By Theodore Shoebat Hundreds of people in the Central African Republic have been butchered, as Christians and Muslims kill each other in a horrific civil war that has lasted for years. As we read in one report: Armed groups in the Central African Republic have killed hundreds of civilians in an unfettered spree of bloodletting, […]

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Crazed Neighbor Takes A Gun, Waits For His Neighbor To Come Back From A Walk Then Blows His Brains Out, When Arrested He Says ‘I Did It Because I Thought His Dog Pooped In My Yard’

Not only did the deceased say repeatedly that he did not let his dogs defecate in his neighbor’s yard, but he even offered to help his neighbor clean up any dog feces that may have been left there: A family says a man is dead because of a dispute about dog droppings. Paul Wilson, 44, […]

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‘I Can’t Lie, Terrorism Is A Part Of Islam’ Major Imam Breaks Down On National Television, Tells The Truth About Islam

Mohammed Tawhidi is a famous Australian Imam who is loved and hated by Muslims for his preaching against terrorism. Recently while he was being interviewed on national television ha had a breakdown and admitted that Muslims commit terrorism because terrorism is a part of the religion: An imam in Australia broke down in tears during […]

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Police Bust Cocaine Fueled Gay Sex Orgy At The Vatican

In a shocking but not surprising story, Vatican police responding to a mere complain about noise ended up breaking up a massive, cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy at the Vatican: Vatican police have raided a cardinal’s apartment where a drug-fuelled homosexual orgy was taking place. Police entered an apartment at the former palace of the Congregation for […]

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