Archive | July 11, 2017

The Government Of China Bans All Homosexual Propaganda In Order To Protect The Moral Health Of Its Society

By Theodore Shoebat The government of China has banned all homosexual propaganda in order to protect the moral health of its society. I did a whole video on this: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To Get Our New Book […]

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Major Christian University Refuses $3 Million From Christian Convention Over Homosexuality, Says They Would Rather Support The LGBT

Samford University, a major “Christian” university has just refused $3 million in funding from the Alabama Baptist Convention because of the university’s support of the LGBT, according to a recent report: Samford University, a top-ranked private Christian University in Birmingham, Alabama, announced Friday that it will not accept an expected annual $3 million funding allocation […]

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‘Europeans Are Aborting Themselves Out Of Existence And Replacing Themselves With Muslims And Migrants’ Catholic Archbishop Warns Europe May Disappear

For years now, Muslims have been allowed by the millions into Europe. As their presence as increased, and in combination with the high abortion rates in Europe, the continent is breaking apart. In a warning from the Catholic Archbishop of Strasbourg, he has said that if trends continue as they are, it is entirely possible […]

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Macron, President Of France, Says: ‘African Women Are Having Too Many Children.’

By Theodore Shoebat President Macron of France revealed his eugenist and Nazi beliefs, saying that African women are having too many children. According to one report: French president Emmanuel Macron angered fans with his weekend speech at the G20 Summit that suggested Africa has “civilizational” problems which might be related to women having “7 or 8” kids. […]

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