Archive | July 18, 2017

New Study on Shroud of Turin Leaves No Doubt And Concludes The Image To Be Genuine

By Walid Shoebat Analysis of blood stains on Turin Shroud reveals ‘severe polytrauma’ and a ‘violent death’ the new study, in the science journal Plos One revealed. Last week’s conclusions by researchers, professors and scientists now leaves less doubt on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin since the blood stains are now considered real. […]

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Catholic School In Germany Ran Like “A Concentration Camp” As Over Five Hundred Boys Were Raped And Physically Tortured By Homosexual Teachers

By Theodore Shoebat A Catholic school in Germany, the Regensburger Domspatzen, has been investigated and the findings are very disturbing: hundreds of boys were sexually and physically abused, and victims have said that the place was ran like “a concentration camp.” This is yet another story that reveals the massive sodomite infiltration in the Catholic […]

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Erdogan Of Turkey Literally Resurrects The Image Of The Ottoman Beast And Vows That All Who Defy Him Will Be Beheaded

By Walid Shoebat When we say that the Ottomans will rise again, including its image “the image of the beast,” Shariah and Islamic Beheading’ we concluded all this decades ago just by reading the Bible. And now, as we monitor the news in Turkey, just in the last few days, we find two news pieces which further confirm our proclamations. Firstly, Hayrettin […]

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The Trump Administration Orders That Iraqi Christians Be Deported Back To Iraq, Federal Judge Halts The Order And Declares That The Christians Will Be Murdered If They Go Back To Iraq

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump administration has ordered a number of Christian Iraqis to be deported for passed crimes for which they have served their time or have already been punished in other ways. A federal judge has halted the order, stating that Christians will be put in danger if they are forced back to […]

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